Start Date Feb 28th. Destination Summer!

  • TGIF Group!

    Nancy, I am somewhat jealous of you. I had the best intentions of doing my workouts in the AM and just failed miserably. Which is kinda odd as for most of my 20's I started work quite early and was usually up and out of the house before 6am.

    Had a fantastic run yesterday. Blew away my previous best distance for my HIIT and then decided to really push it and see where I could end up for a full 5k. Came in at 27:42.

    Forgoing my free day today after being away all last weekend. Going to keep my eating clean and as it seems spring is finally here and the sun is shining, going to go for the first bike ride of the year. Really looking forward to that. It's been a loooooong winter.

    Have a great day today group! Almost 1/2 way done!

  • Good Morning Group!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and finished week 6 strong! Hard to believe we are now 1/2 way through  our challenge already.

    Week 7 has started pretty good for me. My wrist has not improved much so it is limiting how hard I can push my UBWOs and how much weight I can lift. Especially biceps as the curling motion is particularly difficult. Heading in today for an xray as my doc doesn't think it's tendonitis. He is also sending me for a blood test, which I am looking forward to the results of to see my cholesterol levels. He started to suggest I take two weeks min off from weight training, but knowing that isn't going to happen right now, just said take it a little easier with certain exercises.

    It was great to see my Doctor's reaction to my results over the last 8 months. He is somewhat blown away with the change in my physique and body composition. He asked if I would give him permission to use my before and after pics when this cycle is done to share with his other overweight/obese patients. To show them they don't need fad diets or pills but that healthy eating and hard work at the gym can give them the results they need.

    Have a great day today everyone! Give this week your best effort!

    Set the tone for the second 1/2 half of the challenge now!

  • Bill, sorry to hear that you are still having trouble with your wrist.  I hope it all works out for you.  But how awesome is it that your doctor wants to use your before and after pictures to motivate others!!!  I am still trying to convince Paul that he doesn't need diet pills to help him with his challenge.  He isn't really doing the challenge with me, but he is gradually changing his eating habits each week.

    I am so excited!  Tomorrow is my official start to week 7.  And you all know that I have been very unmotivated to get to the gym.  Well, this morning I decided to weigh in and do my measurements.  I was hoping for a little motivation.  I got it in a big way.  I am down 9 pounds and 5.5 inches.  I am stoked!!!  If that can happen with little to no exercise and a less than perfect diet - I told myself "Imagine what can happen when I do workout and am strict with my diet!"  Oh - it is on!!!  IT IS SO ON!!!  I will be in that gym at 5:30 tomorrow morning and I will reach my goals because I know it can be done!!!  I am finally out of my funk.  Love to you all for sticking with me and motivating me!!!!  HAPPY MONDAY!!!  :)

  • I went to the gym this morning.  YAY me!!!!  :)  

    Have a great day all!

  • Good Morning Group.

    WTG Nancy and congrats on the 9lbs and inches lost! Use  that to fire up the motivation for the last 1/2 of our journey!

    It was an awesome feeling when my Doc asked me. To use his words he wanted to use my example specifically because I did it the right way, over time. That I didn't go from fat middle age guy to some adonis over night like the ads show to rope in people desperate to shed pounds.  To show people that the expectations given by fad diets and pills to lose 30lbs a month or whatever are not the way to go. But that hard work and discipline over time is a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off.

    Anyways, had a great LBWO yesterday and also learned a valuable lesson. Going for a 15k bike ride 1hr after lower body is a killer on the old legs that I won't be repeating any time soon ;).

  • Nancy, I love it! You're rocking and getting over a funk feels awesome, huh?

    I'm sorta still in mine, workouts are going well but still not totally happy with my results so far. The GOOD news is I'm down 3% in body fat, which is mostly due to the muscle I've gained in my arms. But I'm really looking to be more lean right now, so I'm actually debating a BFL hiatus for May and June and instead doing the 60 day Insanity workout program, with some lifting added in to make sure I don't lose the strength I have.

    I'd stick with the BFL eating plan, but I think a more cardio-intense program might benefit me better in the short term. Part of me doesn't want to "quit" but I also have to do what feels right, and the idea of committing to Insanity (hehe) sounds like it'd be fun. Then after my wedding I can finish the last month of BFL or start a new challenge.

    So much to consider!

  • Hi all!

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Had the best intentions for the weekend and managed to slip by skipping my WO on Saturday with the rationalization that I'd be running a 5K Sunday on Free Day. Had a margarita with Saturday night's dinner that DID ME IN! I seriously think my body freaked out after not drinking alcohol in over 6 weeks (and sugary strong alcohol at that!) so my plans for a good 5K pace went out the window on Sunday. Then I managed to drown my hangover woes with a ton of crappy food on Sunday. My eating had been great yesterday and today but I've yet to get in a WO due to work and exams. Hopefully I'll get there around 8pm tonight after class.

    I don't know what's with me lately, but my motivation is seriously waning (probably due to lack of visible results) and I'm getting tired of all of the food prep/planning. Sometimes I feel ready to throw in the towel or try a different weight loss strategy (I've been really looking into the Tracy Anderson WOs). I'm hoping that I'll get out of this funk soon--I think I just need a really sweaty WO (since i haven't had one since Friday, UGH)

    Take care guys,


  • Girls - this is the middle of the challenge - this is prime time for people to start jumping ship.  Don't do it!  For some reason, I went through my "funk" a bit early.  But I know you girls are just a day or two out from breaking through this and really finishing strong.

    A - you learned a lot this weekend about how to prepare for your runs and what drowning your woes really feels like in the end.  Take it for what it is - a lesson learned.  Then move forward and kick @$$ in your next race!  I know you can finish strong and I KNOW you will be happy with your results.  Dig in girl!

    STBMJ - down 3% body fat is awesome!  Congrats!  I understand the whole girl thing about wanting to be skinny for our weddings.  But do you want to be skinny or do you want to be toned with less body fat???   Doing more cardio and eating more carbs to keep up with the cardio is a sure fire way to keep the body fat you have.  Sure, you may get skinny, but that is all.  I encourage you to dig in also.  Work harder.  Eat cleaner.  We are so close to the end!  

    I will say that I think I will need a second challenge to get to the results I am seeking.  But I am okay with that.  Then I think I train for the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  My plan after that is to do the insanity workouts as another way to challenge myself.  Keep moving - keep growing!

    Have a great day!

  • Well said Nancy. A and Soontobe, you gotta do what feels right, but I know this program works if you give it 100% commitment. If you are up to it I would challenge yourselves to continue on by the book 100%. Follow the work out plan exactly with no deviations and eat clean for 2 more weeks and see what happens.No matter what the results end up being for you, honoring that self promise to do this 12 week challenge will give you the confidence to keep chasing your fitness goals. IMO finishing what you start is the most important goal of this challenge. Even if you don't get all the results you want, being able to say you stuck with it and gave it your all is result not to be over looked.

    Like I mentioned early on, I am a BFL purist when I am in a challenge. I follow the workouts religiously and do not substitute with something else like a Pump class or Zumba for cardio. Just by the book, lift weights and do my HIIT. Pushing myself as hard as I can every workout.By sticking to the workouts and tracking every one I can plan and see my improvements in how much I lift and how far I can run.  

    Nancy, nothing wrong with needing a second or even third 12 week challenge. I'm in my second now and will evaluate it after wards but may do another one starting in June. For myself after 1.5 challenges now, it truly has become a lifestyle. Normal is eating clean and hitting the gym 6x a week.

    It's all about constantly setting and evaluating your goals, then finding new goals to chase. I've seen many a thread started here along the lines of "I did BFL 5 years ago but back where I started". The only way to make this fitness journey for life is to constantly be setting those new goals after a challenge. Maybe it's to compete in a 5k or 10k or a fitness competition. Or setting goals in gaining strength. It doesn't even mean staying with BFL and constantly doing challenges. It may a goal to explore other training methods.

    Whatever it is, having fitness goals beyond this 12 weeks it what will keep a person from reverting back to how we were when we started. And that, to me, is the most important goal of all!

  • Good morning all!

    I was so tired at 5:30, but I forced myself to the gym.  Had  good workout.  As I was leaving I said "good night" to the girl at the front desk.  She had to remind me it was "good day".  Hahahaha  Seems I made it through my workout, but I was still half asleep!

    My calories have dipped really low the past two days.  That could be the problem.  

    Have a great day!

  • How is everyone doing?  I hope you all have a great weekend.  :)

  • Hello,

    I started my BFL Challenge on 2/28 also.  I feel like I have made progress but in the last few days I feel like I have hit a plateau and also have been craving sugar and feeling hungry way before I'm supposed to even be eating. I'm getting discourage and just wondering if you have any suggestions.

    Thanks so much~

  • Usually my first question if you are feeling hungry in between meals is are you eating enough? While you have to create a caloric deficit to loss weight, it can't be to drastic.

  • I kept track of my calories for a bit and was around 1400 a day. Which I think if I calculated it right is right around where I'm supposed to be including workouts?

    Thinking I'm just in a funk. :)

  • I'm going to assume you're female with the user name cristib. 1400-1600 is probably pretty close to where you should be.

    I would head to Hussman and use the calculator there to find check your BMR and where your calories should be for a good but crazy deficit.

    To get a more full feeling I try and add lots of veggies or salad to my meals. I also eat more protein than strictly recommended in the book. My macros break down to 50% protein 30%carbs 20%fat. I find the extra protein gives me that full feeling longer and gives me a faster recovery time from the weight sessions.

    Could be just a funk as well. I have found weeks 6 through 8 some of the toughest for me in both challenges. The body is a bit beat up from the workouts. The mind is a bit fatigued from keeping the will power strong fighting off the cravings and getting to the gym and the end still seems far away. Then after taking my 8 week pics, seeing the changes and realizing its only 4 weeks left I got my steam back to push it hard through the end.