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  • YAY unicycle!  way to go!  Keep up the good work!

    Happy Tuesday All!  Hope everyone is still going strong!  :)

  • hi everyone!!

    just wanted to thank you all for your well wishes and prayers on the passing of my nana! these past few days have been rough challenge wise but i managed to only miss one workout. eating has been a harder challenge, but i'm just focused on getting back on plan tomorrow. i have meals 1-4 planned and packed up since i'm going right from the work to class. alarm is set for 5:10am to get to the gym before work.

    i can't believe we're halfway through week 4! has anyone weighed in and measured yet besides bill? i didn't take beginning measurements but i do have a start weight and pictures. i think i'm going to weigh in and take week 4 pictures on saturday to see if there's been any progress, i've already noticed a change with my clothes, so that's reassuring but other than that i can't really see any difference yet.

    hope everyone is well--this board has been quiet! i need updates!! :)

    i'll check back in tomorrow afternoon!


  • Good morning A!  Glad to have you back.  Can't wait to hear about your results on Saturday.  I know they will be great!

    Hope everyone else is having an awesome Wednesday as well!!!  :)

    I have been doing well with eating (not great, but good).  I haven't exercised in a few days due to this illness that I can't seem to shake.  My son is still sick too.  I don't think the antibiotics are working for whatever it is that we have.  So my energy is down and I am unable to wake my butt up in the mornings.  BUT - I am still moving forward!  :)  If my energy isn't back by the end of the week, I may need to go see the doctor.  

    It's rainy and cold here today.  I hope the rest of you are in the sunshine where ever you are.  As for me - I am making my own sunshine!  have a blessed day all!!!!  

  • Hi all!

    aml04143, good for you for seeing this through! That shows a lot about your character that you don't fold when things get tough. As for your question, I weigh in weekly and I'm down about 2 lbs. Wish is was more but I can definitely tell it's working by the way I look and feel, and my strength is improving, so I'll take it! I did measurements on 3/8 so I'll do them again on 4/8. That'll be the true reveal!

    I'm off for my LBWO and then I have an appointment with a chiropractor! I know i need to go but I'm nervous about it, I've never been before. Today is my free day eating wise, so my honey and I are going out to eat tonight. I love restaurants, so I'm excited about that.

    Have a great day everyone!!

  • Morning Everyone!

    Hope y'all are having a fantastic day. Things are chugging along. Workouts have all been good this week and no issue on the food front,

    As we are coming up on the end of the first 4 weeks, I would encourage everyone to look at shaking up their weight training exercises. You body will adapt if you don't shake things up.

    Here is a link to a site I use to plan out my workouts. Lots of great exercises, with videos to show the correct form. One thing to look for, when you click on a specific exercise there is a run down as follows for each:

    Primary Muscle

    Secondary Muscle

    Equipment Needed


    With each muscle group we pick two exercises. One we do the 5 sets 12,10,8,6,12 then switch to the second exercise for the last set of 12.  Under the Mechanics section they will list each exercise as either compound or isolation. Because of the way the BFL routine is set out, to maximize the work your muscles are getting you should pick compound exercises for the first exercise in each muscle group and leave isolation for the second exercise or avoid altogether.

    The exception to that is the biceps for two reasons. First being almost every bicep exercise, such as any type of curl, is an isolation exercise. Secondly, your biceps will be getting some work in pretty much every other exercise for every other muscle group in the UBWO.

    I also encourage any of you who have avoided them so far to really look at getting off the machines and familiarizing yourself with free weights.  Free weights vs machines is one of those ongoing debates in fitness. I am not hard core on either side. I use both, sometimes depending on what is available when the gym is busy. That said, I prefer free weights for a couple reasons:

    More natural range of motion

    Engaging the joint stabilizer muscles

    Uses more muscle groups in each exercise.

    This ties into the compound vs isolation exercises. Machines tend to be isolation type exercises with the machine handling the stability and balance of the weights. Free weights, because it is up to you to stabilize and balance the weight, get the secondary muscles much more involved thus becoming compound exercises.


    So here is the link:

    and here is another one explaining compound vs isolation:

    and here is a short article on free weights vs machines

    Have a great day!

  • hi guys!

    @bill--thanks for the website! i will definitely use that to mix up my lifts. i've already moved on from HIIT on the treadmill to the stairmaster. WOW my calves get so sore :)

    @soontobe--how'd the chiropractor appt go? i also LOVE eating out (probably because i hate doing dishes!) what'd you get??

    nancyjo--hope you're feeling better soon!! you're smart not to push yourself to workout while sick, that would probably just make it take that much longer to recoup!

    hitting the gym after work today--hoping to get a mish-mosh of stuff in. most likely a quick HIIT (10ish minutes) to warm up and a LBWO as well as a serious AB session. i started taking CLA last saturday and haven't noticed too much, maybe a little less bloat? i'm hoping to use the HIITs to burn that spare tire off and see some results this saturday!

    have a great day everyone!

  • BCbill: I am looking forward to switching up my workouts! It's time, for sure. I think keeping the body guessing is the best thing. I also want to get back into doing Insanity DVDs for my HIIT because it gets those 10s like nothing else!

    aml04143: OMG so we tried a new place (for us) and I got this vegetarian sampler including Indian corn pudding, baked butternut squash with bourbon-pecan butter, honey roasted garlic, crispy tofu with mole, salad, and some other stuff I didn't eat. We also split this nacho appetizer (they made half for me with no cheese, since I'm not a fan) and that was delish too. It was TOTALLY worth it for the date night and the food was amazing but dang, I feel like total sh*t today. There has got to be a middle ground! My next free day is Tuesday because we're doing our tasting with our wedding caterer. I'd rather they be spaced farther apart but what can ya do. I know it's going to be really hard to stick to the plan as more wedding stuff comes up, but at the same time the big day IS coming so that's even more of a reason to stick to the plan! I feel like my free days are too "free" but I also feel like I'm not binging, which is important to me.

    Chiro appointment went well, I'm going back tomorrow to go over the x-rays and set up a treatment plan. I'm secretly hoping my struggles to lose weight are partly related to my alignment issues and once everything's back to where it's supposed to be, my body will release some of the "padding" it's holding on to. Ha!

  • Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!  :)

    I was able to wake up early this morning.  Still didn't feel ready for the gym, but my son Jacob and I both slept well.  So I think we are starting to kick this illness.  I plan to hit the gym hard tomorrow morning and really tighten up my diet.  I feel energized today and motivated again!  YAY!!!  I'm so excited to be feeling like myself again!  I will do my measurements and weight on Tuesday (which my end of week 4).  I don't plan to take another free day until Saturday, April 2nd.  i don't think I have had drastic results yet, but I do think things are happening and that is enough motivation for me considering I haven't really been working out.  

    Good luck everyone!  Can't wait to start seeing some results posted after the first 4 weeks!  Have the best weekend ever y'all!!!!!

  • Good Morning Everyone!

    Well that's the first month in the books for me. Time sure flies. Finished strong with a good run yesterday. Didn't really feel much like it before I got started and half way through my mind was playing it's old tricks, but pushed through and finished right on my best distance.

    @nancy, regarding drastic results, I want to share with you the paper towel theory

    The Paper Towel Theory

    As it turns out, you can get fairly good estimates of your bodyfat composition simply from a single skinfold, or by passing a tiny electrical current through your foot, ankle or hands. What this really means is that fat is distributed fairly precisely on the body. And while it's true that some people have larger fat deposits on some parts of their body than others, it's also true that percentage-wise, the fat on your body comes off fairly evenly.

    That's important to remember when you measure your progress. See, one of the first places you're probably looking for fat loss is on those areas of your body that you think are "too fat." But in fact, that's the last place you should look, because I can guarantee that those areas are still going to look "too fat" for a little while.

    Think of it this way. If you have a roll of paper towels (or a cassette tape), and you start to unravel it, you can get a good amount off of the roll before you really see a visible change. But as you get further down that roll, even taking off a little more is very apparent.

    The same is true with your body. The first place you're going to see greater definition is at those areas where the fat deposits are relatively thin already. For most people, this is around the shoulders and clavicles (the two long bones that run just under your neck, connecting your two shoulders to the breast plate).

    Another reason why this is important is that advertisers often prey on the belief that fat can be "spot-reduced." All the twisty ab-crunchers on the market are perfect examples. Basically, these companies get a fitness model that has followed months or years of weight training, aerobics, and proper nutrition, and have them roll back and forth in one of these things, as if they actually got in shape that way.

    Or look at all the books promising to help you lose fat "for your type" - pear shaped, apple shaped, dodecahedron shaped - you name it. It's true, for example, that people who are insulin resistant tend to store more fat in the midsection, and that women tend to store more fat in the thigh area. But so what? If you lose the fat, it comes off EVERYWHERE. If a problem area looks "too fat", training that area with exercise may very well improve the definition of the underlying muscles and the overall form of that area. But it will not accelerate fat loss relative to other parts of your body.

    If the body didn't lose fat uniformly, we'd all wobble around like Weebles because our relatively fixed bone and muscle structure wouldn't be able to tolerate the variation. The best way to change the size of your body is through caloric deficits. The best way to change the shape is through resistance training. The one thing you need to achieve a total physique and fitness transformation is to do EVERYTHING - aerobics, intervals, resistance training, cross-training (physiologist Covert Bailey calls these the "four food groups of exercise"), small frequent meals, high-quality protein and carbohydrates, low-glycemic nutrition, proper supplementation, water, and rest. As Shawn Phillips says, "the one thing, is everything."

    So again, if you're looking for results in the mirror, look for the first signs of improved definition at those areas where muscle is relatively close to the surface. For most people, this is the upper chest and shoulder area. After two weeks, you probably won't see enormous visible changes elsewhere. But those changes are happening anyway.

    You should definitely be keeping track of how your clothes feel. Go to the closet and pick out an outfit that's just a little too tight. Put it aside. You'll want to try it on occasionally. Waist measurements can also capture fat loss that isn't necessarily evident in the mirror.


    Try and keep this in mind when evaluating your first month's progress. I still try and keep these words of wisdom when I take stock of how things are progressing. For me, my stomach is still the one place that seems to be taking the longest to see changes and it gets me down sometimes that even almost 40lbs later I still have a bit of a gut and love handles. But then I look at my face, shoulders,legs etc and see such dramatic changes in those areas. My gut/love handles were my "trouble spot" and continue to be the last place to see changes.

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Finish the month strong, give it all you got!

  • just took my measurements. and was pleasantly surprised!


    beginning of week one

    weight: 60kg

    body fat: 21.7%

    waist: 74cm

    hips: 94cm

    thighs: 58cm


    end of week four

    weight: 58kg

    body fat: 19.4%

    waist: 69cm

    hips: 88cm

    thighs: 56cm



  • @unicycle--awesome job! those are some great stats!

    @soontobe--sounds like an amazing meal! glad to hear the appt went well, here's hoping you're aligned soon! :)

    @nancyjo--glad to hear you and jacob are feeling better!

    well today is my "free day" but since my exercise and eating was off last week due to the funeral services, i'm not sure how free i'll go. my body is sore today, but i didn't get a workout in last tuesday so i'm considering a quick hybrid HIIT today with some treadmill and stairmaster.

    i stepped on the scale this morning out of curiosity and was disappointed to see my weight really hasn't changed at all. i think i lost a pound? (i forget my starting weight!). honestly i'm kind of mad about it--i feel like i've been busting my butt and i'm still heavy! i took my "starting" pictures midway through week 1, so i'll have my boyfriend take the 4 week photos on wednesday or something. even though i'm discouraged, i'll see this challenge through to the end--what else do i have to lose besides the weight?! i do feel slightly better in my clothes so that's a positive.

    for these next 4 weeks i'm really going to hone in on my diet. i got my food scale in the mail yesterday and i'll be using that to measure out my protein and carbs (think portions of chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, etc.)

    hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! talk to you tomorrow! A

  • aml04143, I've been struggling mentally too, so you're not alone. I know I'm getting fitter, but I just feel like the results I'm getting do not match the effort I'm putting into this. I'm trying SO hard, it seems like, but the results have been minimal. And my chiropractor said that my messed up neck is affecting my thyroid, which makes me feel even more defeated! He with regular treatments I will lose some weight (and this was before I even said anything to him about weight loss) but that'll take time (oh and $$$). Ugh...

    Like you, though, I'm not giving up because that would really defeat the purpose, right? I am going to work on really hitting it in the gym and drinking even more water! I have to just trust in the process...but it's hard!

  • Good Morning all!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. Week 5 started off great for me. Very good UBWO on Saturday and a great HIIT run yesterday.  Seem to have somehow injured my right wrist. Don't remember doing it, but pretty sore most of last week. Having to tape it up for my UBWOs for extra support, but that with lots of ice in between seem to be doing the trick. Took my week 4 pics on Saturday. No huge differences yet, but seeming some.

    @Soontobe and A

    Don't let that scale weight get you down. Remember it is only a number. What you are doing now is setting the stage for what's to come. Even if you can't see it yet your body is making changes internally. If you are pushing yourself hard at the gym there is no question you are gaining muscle.

    If you browse around the board here, you will find many posts by ladies that went through the exact things you are. It seems, that for us men on the program we tend to see results earlier, but for women it can come a bit later. Essentially because it is easier for men to put on muscle quicker. If you pop into the BFL coffee crew thread and ask about the 8 week miracle, you will get plenty of feedback on it and something called the "Ladies Success Journal"

    I know it can be hard, but don't give up hope or get down on yourself. If you trust the process and stick to it, changes are a coming. Work out hard and really push yourself, eat clean and drink lots of water.

    Have a great day y'all!

  • HAPPY MONDAY!!!!  

    Start of week 5 for many - so go strong - the results will be coming!!

    @ A and STBMrsJ - remember the paper towel theory.  Don't be discouraged.  Now is the time to work EVEN HARDER because those results are just around the corner.  This is the time when many get discouraged and drop out (I know because I did that twice before).  Stick with it.  It will be so worth it!  I promise.  ;)

    I weighed in and measured this morning.  Even though I didn't work out last week and was a bit too "free" with my diet, I am still down 5 lbs from the start of the challenge and down a total of 3.5 inches overall.  I am also down 1% body fat (I'll take it!)  

    Girls (and guys) I highly recommend measuring and calculating your body fat %.  Those numbers will make you so much happier than the scale will.

    Have a happy day!!!  :)

  • Hi all!!  Hope everyone is still going strong.  Had a great workout this AM and I have really tightened up on my diet and increased my water intake.  Those were my goals for this next week and so far - so good!  I certainly feel stronger and was able to increase my weights in my workout today.  YAY ME!!!  ;)Have a great day everyone!