Not exactly "starting from scratch"

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some advice from the "veterans." I have been obsessively reading these forums (ha) and some of the people have some amazing results. However, I notice that many were starting from being sedentary, no exercise, or starting after a period of "letting themselves go" where they just want to get back into the great shape they used to be in. Neither describes me. I want to take my current health and fitness to the next level (and...look great for my July wedding, I admit)

    I am a fairly healthy eater, and I work out regularly, although I know I eat too many carbs and I always have trouble sticking to a regular weight training routine. I am a little overweight but not overly so (I'm 26, 5'6" and 155 lbs). 

    I guess my question is, is there anyone like me out there like me who has done the program, and what types of results can I reasonably expect? I've done the carb-restricted and low-calorie thing before, and I cannot do it again if I want to function at work and keep my friends! Which is why I like the BFL program. Seems do-able since I already eat most of these foods and I already work out! I'm hoping to lose 10 or 15 lbs in scale weight and drop some body fat, but I want to make sure I set realistic goals because my body seems to really like being where it is now (I always lose weight but end up gaining to about where I am now...I want to lose it for good!). I don't want to get discouraged...

  • I was working out 4-6 days a week before I started my first challenge. Check out my profile to see. I had great results and was able to cut out the fat I had been struggling to lose.

    BFL is not a low-carb diet and is about being  balanced and frequently eating for fuel. I dropped 9 pounds of scale weight and 3% body fat in my first challenge this time last year.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I suggest you Google the 2008 Grand Champion "Emily Alvers" or check out her success story on this website.  She is your height. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I've been having those same questions! I am 27, 5'2 and I fluctuate between 128 and 132lbs. I am also really muscular, but I carry my extra weight in my belly which I know is the most unhealthy place. I'm worried that my body wants to stay at this weight because I have tried so many things and just haven't gotten past this hurdle. I'm hoping i can drop 10 more lbs of fat..

    trying to stay patient!