I'm Starving!

  • I have been eating pretty much everything and anything I have wanted the last few months. Today is my first day at eating healthy meals and snacks again. The problem-I just ate my lunch and my stomach is already grumbling again an hour later. What can I do to make myself feel full longer so I am not wanting to run to the kitchen for another helping of something. Plus all I can think about is my kids Oreo cookies-Help!!! I can't fail at this before I have even really started!



  • Haha! Hang in there Kris. I know the feeling. Your body is going through withdraw from all the junk. It happens to me every time I try to clean up my diet after eating nothing but junk for awhile. As long as you are really eating the right amount for you body, you should feel better within a few days to a week. Your stomach is used to being stretched out...I know mine was! Now, I feel "full" after eating much smaller amounts of food. In the meantime, make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water. It's good for you and will help you feel full. Also, add a portion of vegetables to your meal. Again, good for you and helps you feel full. The fiber will help you stay full longer as well. As for the cravings, you may just have to grin and bear it for the first few days. It usually takes me 3 days and then after that, the cravings are pretty much gone...and I am the world's biggest sugar addict when I'm not eating clean! Good luck and stay strong! You CAN do this!

  • Congrats to you for taking the first step!  I always try to drink a full 8 oz glass of water before I eat to trick my body into thinking it's fuller.  Also, eat slow.  Your brain doesn't register that your stomach is 'full' right away, so give it some time!

    Your first couple of days of detox are the hardest.  Think of it day by day or even hour by hour if you must.  Once you cleanse your body of things like oreos, you'll find that they're not missed.

    Good Luck to you!

  • water water and more water lol warning though will also lead to more bathroom breaks .... you can do it hang in there..

  • Thanks-I just drank a glass of water and it actually is helping. I  don't feel as hungry now. Plus I did the dishes and am not going to get ready to take my kids shopping so my mind will be thinking of something besides raiding the cupboards! I did my first workout today too-I thought I was going to throw up! I am so out of shape! I am so glad I am doing this though!

  • Hi Kris -

    Watch out for diet pop as well..........something about it makes me crazy hungry, same with sweetened lo-cal waters like Propel.  Something about the sweet taste makes my body want more sugar!


  • Wow Kris, way to go for it!! Water definitely helps as does keeping oneself busy between meals like you are doing... I was a huge portion eater and sugar fiend when I started B4L four weeks ago. Now the hours/days fly by! Eventually you'll look at the clock and go "Wow, snack time already?" Your metabolism will adjust to your new eating habits and your body will be thankful that you are eating so often to prevent blood sugar crashes and cravings.

    Are you still allowing your kids to eat a lot of junk food? I can't imagine having things like Oreos in the house on this Program; maybe it's time to get your kids eating healthier and also help reduce the risk of sneaking treats (we've all done this once or twice though, I'm sure!).

    Good luck! You are doing awesome!

  • Incorporating additional protein in your diet will fill your belly and make you feel full. Additionally whole grains such as oatmeal and wheat will also be satisfying. Starting tomorrow count your protein level's and see if your eating 1 gram per. pound of body weight. For example, if you weight 120 pounds consume 120 grams of protein per. day. You will be surprised how much better you feel.



    P.S. A sugar craving takes 2-5 days to beat. Going cold turkey is hard but essential.

  • Make sure you never eat a carb by itself. Balance it out with a protein source.

    Go for a walk or concentrate on a chore.

    Drink a big glass of water.

    Brush and floss your teeth.

    Make up a batch of protein pudding (see the recipe section) and look forward to it as your final meal of the day.

    Divvy the kids' cookies into serving sizes in zip-lock baggies. Write their names on the baggies and put them in the freezer.

    Get a notebook and put "Free Day" on the top of the page. Write down what you want to eat on that page. On free day, if you still want it, enjoy just a bit.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Great ideas-I intend to try a lot of them! I agree-my kids shouldn't be eating junk either! They don't happen to agree and always want something to snack on. My fiance doesn't want to buy fruit for them when they are here(they live with their dad most of the time)because it is so expensive. He can get a bag of cookies for $1.50 and oranges and bananas are double that at least! Normally when the kids aren't here we keep junk out of the house for the most part. Now that I am starting this program-it will be a great idea to just not but that stuff period. I have been drinking water all afternoon and had a small protein bar for my snack. I am making chicken breasts and green beans for dinner-Yuck. Not my favorite-but I know it works to get slimmed down on. I prefer Pizza! I will just think about my little black bikini when I am eating-that should make me feel a bit better!

  • I don't drink diet pop-we do have sugar free powdered mixes that we add to pitchers of water though. Not sure how healthy they really are though-I will have to look at the label more carefully. But I agree-the sweetness makes the sugar cravings come even more!

  • kris, there is a thread on here about what to eat and recipes, which might help with that dreaded idea of "diet" food.  If you don't like chicken and green beans, find something that you do like that fits into the program.  Remember bfl is not a diet program, its about a change one can do for life.  

  • Best of Luck Kris- I started on 2-13 and went threw that withdrawl but started feeling so much better with alertness and energy in 2-3 days, they went quick! Lots of water and make sure not to skip a meal!

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  • Firesong is right, if you don't like chicken and green beans then look for something else that will work for you. The thing I found out in the book is it just gives very basic ingredients, and the recipes on here are GREAT. I still need to make the protein pudding, it looks amazing.

    If you like foods such as pizza then just adapt the dish to the program: Go to the grocery store and get a pre-made whole wheat pizza crust from the refrigeration aisle, then cover it with sugar free tomato sauce, lots of fresh veggies and some grilled chicken breast or lean ham. Skip the cheese; just load it down with delicious and healthy toppings. Then bake and enjoy! It may not be a Meat Lovers deep dish but it's still very tasty and can satiate your cravings. I am addicted to ground meat so I just sub out ground bison or 96/4 ground beef whenever I make pasta or tacos or burgers. It takes a week or two to get the hang of it but eventually it becomes like second nature to figure out how to keep eating things you really enjoy.