No Cash Prize This Year? Thoughts?

  • I posted this elsewhere but it was hidden in another topic.  I wanted to get a feel for everyone's opinion.  Now, be honest.  We ALL know the end result for completing a 12 week program and it's benefits so yes, one can be grateful for that incentive, but what is your first, gut reaction to the non-cash prize this year?  My thoughts:


    EAS hasn't really cared about the BFL challenge in a while, but it is absolutely ridiculous that they do away with a cash prize.  What a joke.  Bigger picture?  Absolutely.  But to come out in the middle of February (when some challenges started with the notion that a cash prize would be involved) with the new terms fits the M.O. of how Abbott has been treating this 'contest'.  They used to congratulate the winners in person.  They used to offer a larger prize.  They used to actually utilize the winners through a platform be it speaking engagements or online via articles or question/answer sessions.  The only time a champion is on here is when they're kind enough to 'give back' to the community.  They used to also let the top 5 in each age category know that they were being considered as the champion, do a phone interview, have them send in updated pictures to make sure the weight wasn't gained back, etc.  From what I've seen/heard/know, they don't even tell the winners until a day or even hours before they post it on this site.  

    It's obvious Abbott is more interested in retaining celebrity athletes as spokespeople and that's where the $$ is going.  For me, having an everyday champion speaks more to their products than someone who must be physically fit for their job (of which they're paid an erroneous amount of money) and have a team of personal trainers and nutritionists.  If they want the general public to purchase their products, then don't treat this contest like a step child and embrace the power of what the everyday man/woman can accomplish through the utilization and implementation of both EAS products and programs.

    I forsee this being the last year of this 'contest' before it's totally phased out.  Too bad, as this program has reached a number of people to improve upon themselves and those around them.

  • I understand your reaction Subaru.  I get it, really......BUT..... I'd be careful about expressing it here.  You are after all on a FREE site provided by Abbot.  I'm thankful for the site and don't want it to disappear.

  • My honest gut reaction - I never intended to send in a package for the contest.  For me it is all about a better, happier, healthier life.  Considering the hundreds or maybe thousands of entries submitted each year (and maybe this is the pessimistic side of me), I never even considered I would be one of the very few selected.  For me, it is all about challenging myself and using the truly incredible transformations like lorig2727, BDMom and akmama08 as a strong motivator.  When I started BFL, it had absolutely nothing to do with prize money.  I did not say "let me look for an exercise program that has prizes attached for motivation.”  Personally, I do not think I should be rewarded for something that I should be doing in the first place.  The meal plan (guidance) is easy and the exercise program is easy to follow.  AND I have this wonderful forum, a daily tremendous source of support and encouragement.  Just my two cents, but it probably does not hold much weight given that I was never going to officially enter the challenge.

  • Bonwitty -

    I'd hope that the good people of Abbott and the powers that be would like to tap into what their consumers are thinking :)  It's a safe forum full of support, but a little debate and free thinking can only bring about open discussion if done so with respect to both sides.  Thanks for the warning! (I hope the site won't disappear)

  • When I saw the prizes this year I, too, was disappointed.  Here I wanted this the be the year that I finally do and and perhaps win some cash to boot and there is no cash.  I wondered "Do they not have enough money?  What is the deal?"  Thank you, Subaru88, for your insightful and candid reaction.

  • "Who moved my cheese?" That's kind of how I'm feeling here. Having followed BFL ever since it's beginning and having had a couple of successful challenges, BFL is special to me. The Challenge, in it's "hayday" was AMAZING!!! The sheer excitement of being named a Champion, and wondering if Porter was going to show up on your doorstep, or helicopters flying overhead...Bill pulled out all the stops and made the contest something that really was exciting and gave people a reason (100,000) reasons in some years to transform their bodies. Yes, it's a superficial reason to enter a contest, but it was enough to cause many people to want to change their life for the better. In the process though they discovered that it was more than just a contest, they actually did transform, and more than just their bodies. They transformed their entire person.

    Today, the BFL Challenge feels more "corporate" Now, when you win, you get a phone call, a gift certificate and some fancy dumbells.

    Perhaps I'm wrong here and Abbott has a grand vision for BFL that is really amazing. If so, I would like to see the marketing people put it out there. As of right now, it seems more like it's just kind of on cruise control, riding on the glory of bygone days.That won't last forever though and it's demise is inevitable. 



  • It really does sound like the "winner announcements" were amazing in scope and anticipation in the early years................and I especially liked the fact that they let the top contenders in each category know they were still in the running.

    As far as this years contest....would the cash prize be fun?  Absolutely!!!!!  Is it something Abbott "owes" to us, just because that's what they have done in the past?  I don't think so!  When you look at it objectively, they don't charge us to participate in the contest, they don't charge for the use of these wonderful message boards, and they offer free phone support; when you look at it that way, the giving is all flowing just one direction.  (Okay, so we have to buy one EAS product - not a big deal!)

    I do agree it is unfortunate the new "rules" weren't publicized when the new round of contests started, because the cash prize is obviously what prompts many to enter,  but no one is forcing any of us to continue on if we don't like it.  

    I would guess that the fact they were laying off people at the time the new contest rolled out had something to do with the abolition of cash prizes; maybe handing out a couple salaries worth of cash prizes to strangers while having to lay off good employees was not good for morale, and so the cash prizes were cut.   Hopefully they will figure out some way for the winners to not have to pay out of pocket for the taxes on the store credit,  and give them a nice long time to use the credit up!  

  • Sure, I'm bummed that there's no cash prize. Maybe I would win, maybe I wouldn't. Still going to stick to the program, but now I just know there is no possibility of winning the cash so it's a little less exciting. What I did notice was as soon as I found out the prize wasn't something I was interested, it made me more committed to follow the program as prescribed without trying to "tweak" it to get better/faster results. This is probably a good thing as my "tweaks" in past challenges meant more cardio and fewer calories and usually ended up in burn out. Now, I feel like I can just follow the program as is and let my body make progress at it's on pace without the pressure to win the competition and make my body go from thick to fitness model thin in 12 weeks. If it takes a little longer doing it the way the book says, I'm okay with it now. Maybe that's a good thing.

  • One way to look at this:  BFL is one of the FEW programs that give you virtually EVERYTHING you need to transform yourself FREE on the website!  All other programs I looked into prior to starting BFL, and the primary reason I chose BFL over the others, required purchasing all the information up front!  Their websites were nothing more than "teasers" and "info-mercials" with little to actually assure you that they could deliver the goods.

    By contrast, BFL gives you everything you need to know along with tips, advice, a forum, spreadsheets and everything.  You can virtually take the info from the web and totally remake your life and your body and EAS or Abbott never profits one red cent from it!  That is....if you don't want to enter the CONTEST.  There's the rub, right there!  If you want something more than a fit body and all the perks that go with that, then there might be reason to get upset.

    Even if you enter the "contest", all they ask in investment is that you use one EAS product during the challenge.  And if you win, you DO get some stuff.  But let's be honest here...can they really give me anything that will eclipse my new body???  REALLY???  Not for me, folks.  I came here for "the vehicle that carries my brain around" and to transform it into something that I am not ashamed of anymore.  If someone hands me the keys to that kingdom, with no price attached to it, I am in awe and forever grateful!  I am getting everything I ever dreamed for my physical body, and then some.  So anything monetary I might happen to get in addition to what I see in the mirror, IS GRAVY MY FRIENDS!!!

    Be blessed each day your eyes open to behold a new sunrise!  Thank GOD ALMIGHTY for giving you a healthy body you can exercise with!

    Blessings <><


  • @Subaru88  Do u think it could be the effect of the Biggest Loser and other  popular shows in this big big fitness genre.......

  • we based in New Zealand so we not even elligable to enter.


    So what?

    cash prize? if thats whats going to motivate you then you missing the boat by a long long way.

    i use Myoplex, will never get reimbursed from it, dont care.

    This website, the BFL book and the new book, have transformed my life. i dont need a cash prize to realise just how fortunate i have been to be able to find this and do it.

    I get that it used to be a biiger deal with bill and porter, and i think we would all love to have porter give us a call to say well done and we getting a jacket etc.

    Id rather just be fitter, thinner happier and live longer.



  • i totally agree and im not happy about there not being a cash prize......lame......i was so hoping to b that winner;)     and still too if they want recognition they need common ppl to win!!!! not celeb support.

  • Here's some food for thought: Knowing that there won't be a cash prize, will many of you still go out and get a good tan and perhaps consider having a professional photo shoot done?