training for explosive strength/power

  • Hi,

    I read there are 3 kind of muscle fibers. Slow twitching fiber (good for endurance), average/normal twitching fiber and fast twitching fiber (explosive).

    Is there a way to specifically train the fast twitching fibers? Cause when I'm gonna train my legs, I don't want to train my legs to be able to hold as much weight as possible. I want to train my legs to get my own weight as high up in the air as possible, I want to improve my jump height. And that can't be done with just any kind of strength, that can only be done with explosive strength.

    Should I do the same exercises as everybody else, but just faster? Or are there other exercises which train explosive strength instead of regular strength?



  • All the fibers will work together to help you jump higher, not just fast twitch.

    You should lift with control and attention to form.  Rushing the will only lead to injury.  The stronger your legs get, the higher you'll be able to jump.

    If you are looking for more explosive movements, try the clean and jerk.  Also, make sure to work your calfs as they'll give you the final push off the floor.

    Finally try some plyometric exercises like jumping on a bench or a box which will help build that explosiveness.

    You'll also train the fast twitch fibers when you're hitting the 10's during your cardio workout.  

    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion