Starting2/21/11 - anyone starting first time or again?? Help me help you!! :)

  • Hello all fellow BFLer's - I am going to start up a new BFL 12 week program tomorrow 2/21 - Here's my story in short... or long :)

     It will be actually my 2nd 'latest' start for a challenge. I started on on November 29th of 2010 and I felt great! It was quite brave to start before the Christmas Holiday and while I was not 100% I actually lost weight and gained muscle and energy through out the holidays. My challenge to the challenge came about 2 weeks ago when 'I allowed' my life to get in my way and I got off course 9 weeks in... so the past 2 weeks have been too many free days and not enough workouts.. However; I am trying not to beat myself up and realize how great I feel when I am doing the BFL program, eating clean and working out 6 days a week and hitting my 10's.

    So while I want to say I forgive myself I also; know that this is not a 12 week program and your done.. I know that this is a continuation of many 12 week programs; even after I hit my goal weight...and Thank God for that!! because it gives me such great hope that when I fall off the BFL wagon.... I can just pick it up.. sooner is better than later. I have shopped for the food, I have planned my meals and I have planned my workouts for this week. So if you want to start with me and comit to encouraging each other along the way that will be great. Oh, I also realized that b/c I didn't come back to my original thread more often I felt less part of the group and being part of a thread really  helps!  So I am praying that someone will find this and jump on the BFL challenge with me.

    I am late 40's, have 2 kids, work full time for myself, am married to a wonderful supportive husband and I realize I have a fabulous life. I just came to a point last November that I was soooooo tired all of the time, body ached, strapped on the feedbag and stopped taking care of myself. Since starting the BFL Challenge in November and even though I have had a set back my quality of life is so very much improved. I like my self, I feel better, have more energy and my clothes are fitting again, So before I get back into the old habbits, which can happen in a 'blink of an eye' if I'm not carefull...  I have had to press the STOP button and START back in the right direction. I have done way to many other programs and I know this one works better than any other one I have tried. So today is the first day of changing my mindset back to one of not being a victim but a VICTOR!!

    Please join me and may we finish this time strong, healthy, peaceful and full of Joy. Blessings to you all!! Emmy..

  • I'll be right there with you:) I'm starting tomorrow for the first time so I'm excited and nervous. I have two kids (my oldest is 10 and my youngest is 10months) so I have a lot of baby weight to lose!!! Looking forward to working to the end with you.


  • We have a group that is starting tomorrow over on the BFL Warriors thread. Feel free to join in. Many of us have been together since last August for our first challenge.

  • I am starting up again after i let a whole year to go by! what a waste! but i cant regret the past and will move forwardi. My results in the 10 weeks i did it were so amazing I let a "new boyfriend" come between me and my BFL program... Now I'm ready to go at it again. I miss how wonderful and full of energy i was and i was looking very good... So I'll be your sister on this journey. Starting on my bday tomorrow 2-21.  turning 39 and i do not want to feel the was i feel anymore and i want to be a walking picture of good health and be more than just a pretty face!  And yes with GOD all things are possible!

    Sending you all my good energy and prayers ... you do the swame for me  

  • ps. I'm Terry

  • where do i find the BFL warriors thread?

  • I'd like to be there with you too! Good Luck to us all. I am so excited.


  • I am "officially" starting this Sunday but I'm "testing out" the eating plan and the workouts next week. I spent a ton of $$ on chicken and Greek yogurt and tuna and eggs, so I'm ready to get started! I'm getting married July 2 so I'm planning March, April, and May will be my months on BFL to get myself ready to walk down the aisle with confidence!

  • I am starting for the first time tomorrow. I haven't worked out in months and have let myself pretty much eat what I have wanted with my 3 kids. Now I have to undo all of that laziness to fix my body and get ready for my June wedding in Kauai. I want to be bikini ready and need to get my bad habits under control. My worst part is finding the motivation to work out again and start eating right. I have a terrible sweet tooth and now find myself craving things like ice cream,cake,cookies,and candy. My kids have helped to get me into this bad habit. My fiance is a personal trainer-so it isn't like I don't know what I should be doing and how to work out. I know all of this-I just haven't wanted to lately. I love taking my afternoon naps and sleeping in in the morning besides. Because of all of this-I now hate the way I look and and can't stand to see myself in a swim suit. I need to do this not only for my self esteem, but for my overall health as well. I do need some support and would love to buddy up with someone else. Good luck for us both! I start back to working out tomorrow-not to mention back to the way I used to eat. Chicken breasts and green beans. Yuck-it gets old pretty quickly, but works wonders when losing weight and getting back into shape!

  • My name is Kris by the way-Let me know if I can help you. I know I am going to need it!

  • New gal here!! I am starting BFL on 2/21/2011 and so excited to see I'm not alone!!

    Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.

  • I just started BFL today (2/21), and would love to join in an active and supportive group.  This will be my second challenge, as my first hit a wall at about week 9 when I let other things in life get the better of me.  No excuses this time.

    How was day 1 for everyone?

    It felt great to be back in the gym after such a long time.

  • Had a great workout this morning. So far so good!!

    Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.

  • tmomi - Terry, I got to week 9 and now I am back again. Glad to see so many posts. I had a great day and I am back in the challenge. Happy Birthday. Today is my hubby's Birthday as well. It's a good day to start a new year! Wishing you your best year ever!!

  • Hi Kris you can do it. I know how life can get so busy and 3 kids will do that to you. I have 2 one is at home and he is 12 now but I work full time for myself so I have to stay commited to me. This is what I am choosing to do for me and when I am in the Zone of the Challeng everyone benefits in my family. When Mommy's happy... Everyone is happy :) glad to see so many posts let's make this a really positive place to come and encourge each other through our chanllenges and our sucesses. For starters I made it through day one.

    NOTE" If you make this thread a part of your favorites on your settings you can easily go to it and find it when you sign on.

    Lydia and Lusford23 Welcome - gald to hear you made it through the first day and I look forward to hearing from everyone on a regular basis! Blessings and much success to us all!!