"No Slack"...we're doing this together! 2/21

  • I will be starting this Body For Life Challenge with my son Ben and starting on Feb 21...I'm so excited...we get to do this together. So, if there is anyone else that wants to join us on this 12 week journey, we can all give each other a little help, support and. a little accountability. Come on...Lets Go! 

    "No matter how much you weigh, who you are, or where you are in your life, you too can build a Body-For-Life"  Lorig2727

    I will be be on my second challenge after a 2 week active rest from my first. After a great first challenge I am really looking forward to see where this takes me in both mind and body. Yahooo!

  • You did an amazing job on C1.  I absolutely know you'll be making even more amazing progress.  And how fun to do this with your son.  Go for it!

  • This is from the Body For Life Challenge Guide...Great reading as you start each week...

    # Week 1

    The First Step toward Health

    Congratulations and welcome to the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge. Not only have you declared an end to poor health, you have joined the largest, most successful Body-for-LIFE® transformation group in the world! You did it! You took the first step and now it is time to achieve your goals in the next 84 days. All of the 100 previous Body-for-LIFE® Champions did two things in order to create their best body. They entered the Challenge and they completed it. You are halfway there.

    I am not going to tell you it will all be easy—it won't. I am not going to tell you that the craving for unhealthy food will go away. It doesn't and probably never will. What I will tell you and do promise you is this: now that you have entered the Challenge, follow the Body-for-LIFE® program to the letter, enjoy your free-day and stick to the program. The 84 days will end and the improvement in your health and body will be a direct result of the effort you apply. There are 10 other Champions that will send you an e-mail as the weeks go by. Each of them started the Challenge, followed the program and sent in their completed Challenge packet. Their transformation and mine were the direct results of the effort applied. Now it's your turn.

    On my wall is a quote. "Winning is not normal and those who constantly win follow an ‘abnormal’ path. The discipline, dedication and sacrifices are incomprehensible to those thousands standing outside, looking in, who are capable of joining the winning team, yet unwilling to pay the price of admission. Winners win in a fair effort, on a level playing field; because they deserve to win... they willingly pay their dues in full, time after time, after time."

    I don't know who wrote this quote, but I think they nailed it. Now it’s your chance to prove those words right. If you are on the outside looking in—capable of joining the winners circle—you are looking in the right direction. You entered the Challenge. Now do the work. You can. You will. I believe in you. Do it!

    G. Porter Freeman

    1997 Co-Grand Champion

    P.S. In 1997 I called on my coach Eric Shrieves repeatedly for advice, direction and support. Now you have all of EAS® to call on. Our number is 1-800 297-9776. Eric was there for me and we will be here for you. Call us if you need us.

  • RToons,

    Congratulations on your first challenge and starting another. We have a group that has just finished our second challenge and many will be starting again on Monday 2/21. There are also others that have joined in in different stages of their journey for support and encouragement. We have a thread called BFL Warriors that we resurrected for everyone to check into. Feel free to check it out anytime. Good luck on your next step.

  • My husband and I will be beginning our first BFL challenge on the 21st, as well.  This whole process has been so amazing and we haven't even started yet.  It's hard to believe that in twelve weeks we will be transformed!  Pray for us.  Looking forward to staying connected to everyone.  Hope we win!  :)

    T and D Calvert

    The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do - Walter Bagehot


  • Day1...Yahoooo!...

    We're on our way...Ben you did great today...sweat and all. The first time through is always a challenge just to dial in your weights. Up at 4am and into the gym by 5am. It can't get any better than this...being able to go through a life changing transformation with my son...I am truly blessed. Tomorrow's cardio time so hang on we're going to burn some fat.

     @ cuervo...I'll be stopping by on occasion to see how you warriors are doing and stealing some inspiration and motivation.

     @ T and D Calvert...Yes indeed this is going to be totally amazing...I will be more than happy to pray for the both of you. One of the things that kept me going during my first challenge is my faith and that others were watching my progress...I wanted to show them (especially my family members) that I was going to do this clear to the end. Somewhere along the way it became a part of my life...even though I have more to go, I just love being in shape.


  • Hi my name is Kris and I am starting my first today. I really need some support and encouragement! I am with you all of the way! Good luck!

  • Great Kris...this is a wonderful way for us to encourage each other. I'm very happy you're aboard...look forward to reading about your challenges and progress.


  • Randy,

    I am on week 6 day 1 and am watching YOU!!!! you did fantastic on your first challenge and I can only hope for results a fraction of what you achieved.... Still trying to MELT my BELLY JELLY off... slowly but surely...

    Good Luck to you and your son... and all the others beginning NOW

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Hi Folks!  I started my challenge on February 21, 2011 as well.  Let's do this!

  • Day 3

      Hello all, Day three and all is going well. Ben and I have been faithfully meeting at the gym at 5am and getting it together. Watching my big boy (now 30) go through what I went through 4 months ago on my first week. The only problem is...I think he's going to pass me before long. He is totally dedicated at this point of the challenge and that helps me stay focused. Keep it up Ben!...Let's push each other.

      @jpetermock...Keep hitting the weights, cardio hard and the meals clean...that's were the results come from. I'm pulling for you.

      @ Windy...You bet!...Let's do this!  Keep us posted to how things are going...It helps us all and keeps us motivated. You can do this!


  • Day6

     Week one into the books!...Way to go Ben! My workout partner has me getting up and to the gym by 5am and I've been on time each day so far...What a Challenge! :)  Great week and ready to give it all I 've got next week. How's the week going for everyone?

    Have a good weekend,


  • Day7 (Freeday)

    As I was getting ready to head off to the gym for a light aerobic session, Ben called with great news. Week 1 he lost 8lbs...Way to go Big Guy!...Wow! Makes a father so proud and a blessing. I came in with a whopping 3 lb loss.

     Well hang on because the week1 training session is over and it's time to push it to the max. Push, Push, Push.

    Randy (dad)

  • Wow!!!!  Free Day!  We made it.  Travis and I lost a total of 9 pounds our first week.  I came in with the whopping 3 and Travis the 6.  So my migraines kicked in on the 3rd day and have not left me each morning.  I know we want this, becuz instead of 5am workouts, we were doing 10pm workouts so we didn't miss.  I have had this little saying from the beginning.... "Nothing is going to go according to plan"..... in part this is true.  But the other part, the plan to stay and finish this isn't going anywhere.  Very excited to get back into tomorrow.... and I can see why the free day is sooooooo important.  I found myself getting a chicken sandwich today instead of a chili cheese hot dog..... it's already working.  I want to let Bill Philips, I see I am going to learn my "free"dom in my "free" day.  Not enough water for us, greasy food and soda..... we are looking forward to another week BFLers.  Hope everyone is doing great.  Keep going..... one day, one minute, one rep at a time.  Way to go Ben and Randy!!!!   BTW-  Wouldn't trade my morning Bible readings with my husband, we have not yet done that in all our years of marriage.  Blessings all.  Darlene

    T and D Calvert

    The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do - Walter Bagehot