Work lunch options?

  • Hello,


    I have been lurching these forums for a while now... I need some new things to add to my lunches, any ideas? I use these so far. I have seen some other options posted like turkey slices but I just dont get enough protein out of them.


    Oh yea I have lost quite a few pounds of fat already after 2 weeks.


    I will have 2 of these out of my 3 I eat at work

    Cottage cheese + berries or canned maneraines (getting sick of berries) for carb

    Greek yogurt with protein power + berries

    Boiled eggs + protein shake + carb, usually apple

    Power protein but usually have for breakfast instead, again with BERRIES


    Dinner leftovers frozen

    Turkey and sweet potato sheppards pie

    Turkey Meatloaf + baby carrotes or apple for carb



    The carb is usually the one thats more tough for me as I can just add protein to anything really. 

  • I have the opposite problem!!  I have all these carbs I want to eat, but get sick of the protein choices fast!  I see you don't have any grains posted.

    How about whole grain Wasa crackers with a can of tuna?  or chopped chicken?

    Rice cake with.... something?

    Whole wheat bread/bun/pasta with.... something?

    quinoa with leftover meatloaf or last night's protein?

    When I shop for crackers I look for the most basic and legible ingredients I can find, no fillers.

    I have portions of risotto, noodles, organic mac & cheese in my freezer that I pair up with seasoned cooked meat, like taco chicken, beef tips, roasted chicken,etc...

  • frozen mango chunks are a good substitute for all the berries at least for the shakes.