Challenge Buddy?

  • I am starting my third week today and am looking for a challenge buddy.  Someone who started about the same time as myself, though gender, weight, age makes no matter.  We all need someone for support, and just wanting someone to bounce ideas, thoughts, encouragements, frustrations and successes with.  My friends and coworkers are already a bit tired of listening to me, as I tend to get a bit obsessive.  It's the only way i can be successful.  So if anyone out there is around week 3 please let me know, and we can celebrate day 84 together!!

  • Hello!

    I am have been looking for a challenge buddy as well!

    I started on Jan. 31.

    So that might be around the same time I did!

    I am looking for support and encouragement but also would like to give it!

  • Let's do this!  I am headed to the gym right now for lower body weights.  Unfortunately my gym is closed on saturdays, and only open on sundays 1 to 5, so have to go at odd times on weekends.  How do you feel going into week 3?

  • could i be a third here?  i started on jan 26th, would love to join in with you.  i've been obsessive as well.

  • Absolutely, jjooddyy, welcome aboard.  I am still learning the site and how to post to folks so bear with me please.  Just got back from the gym and my lbwo, then I did a half mile of swimming.  Not a hiit, just regular lap swimming.  I am doing that on top of the 20 minute HIITs.  

  • great, thanks!  i'm not the best at this forum thing either, i just got a profile pic up today.  i took today off, not on the eating though.  will be doing my lbwo in the morning.  i have taken my beginning pics, but am not posting them, no way, not until i see a huge difference, lol.  so glad to have some friends on the same page... i was on two other threads, where i was either a few weeks behind, or a few weeks ahead, so this will be great:)

  • I feel the same way about my pics.  I want to be successful first or it would be like putting on a bikini and going to a crowded beach now.  Eww.  I take my free day on saturdays because my gym is closed, so it makes sense.  How are you two doing on your HIIT training.  Right now I am better at the weights than that part.

  • lol firesong... good scenario:)  i've been doing well with my cardio, hitting 9's always, and usually i get my 10 in.  i either do the treadmill, or the elliptical trainer- trying to do it by the book, increasing speed until i get to a 9/10, then coming back down, repeat.  i try to do my 20 mins perfect, then i feel free to do my other usual things, like playing tennis, going for a walk, and i like to jog although, i haven't jogged since starting the program.  at first i was really sore from lifting, but lately i haven't been very sore afterwards- makes me concerned i'm not hitting my 10, even though while i'm lifting i feel i'm giving it my all.

    this is going to be great!  hope your day is a good one.  i'm trying to figure out how to add you as a friend.  we have lots in common.  looking forward to getting to know you, and others on this fun, but challenging journey.

  • jjooddyy, click on my name and it will take you to my profile and then in the upper right corner there is a button that says 'add as a friend'.   I went to zumba class tonight, usually do two back to back on mon and wed evenings, but tonight I had to make sure I did the 20 minute HIIT so left the class and went to the treadmill.  I know I hit 9's on all intervals, and may have come close to a 10 on the last one.  My legs sure hurt now.  My legs don't hurt much now after the weights and I feel like I am doing pretty good, but am making notes on where I can increase next time.  

    mads1393 and jjooddyy, Happy Valentines Day.  Hope you were given flowers instead of candy.  Have a good tuesday.  Talk to you later

  • good morning girls!  

    hope you both had a great valentine's day.  i made it through without any slips, thank goodness!  if i make it through this day, i will have made it 3 weeks.  i'm going to take measurements tomorrow, will post.

    firesong, i did get you added... for some reason there wasn't an 'add friend' on your profile- i guess to accept a request, it is different.  lol, i have no idea how i finally got you added, but it finally happened:)

    i spoke too soon about the soreness from lifting, i can barely walk this morning- from my glutes to my foots, ouch!!!  i don't know why sometimes i can't even tell i did anything, and on other days, i'm so sore, i feel i have the flu.  i always worry about my cardio after a lbwo... worry my legs won't be able to get me through.   i may do the elliptical, seems safer, ha!  visual of me on treadmill, trying to get to a 10, with my legs feeling like noodles- scary.

    i need to prepare more foods today.  i've been keeping my carbs and proteins cooked, and in fridge, ready to go.  today, i'm going to bake some chicken breast- i marinate them in fat free italian dressing, after pounding them down, and measuring out my proportions. i have some whole wheat flat noodles, i'm going to cook the whole bag, so i can throw them into a stir fry, soup, or just use them as a side.  yesterday, i went way too long without eating, only because i wasn't prepared- could have been a huge disaster, this is DANGER for me, so i have to get prepared today.

    wishing you a great day today!

  • hello jjooddyy and firesong!

    i only discovered today how the whole forum thing works and only saw this conversation today as well!

    im hope you ladies are having a good week so far!

    i have been staying on track. im running out of my good foods so i must stock up tomorrow!

    i am about to do my cardio.

    i am sometimes skeptical about the amount of cardio and feel like i should do more because im not really seeing results so im getting worried!

    but all i can do is try my best everyday and stay with the program!

    i should get some pictures up soon but i haven't gotten the confidence to do it yet.

    talk to you both soon :)

  • hi girls:)

    today is week 3, day 1 for me.  i weighed, have lost 9lbs since starting, haven't measured yet, but hoping for some changes.

    mads1393- i know how you feel about the cardio, i've had to really cut down, by only doing 20 mins, it's really working for me.  also, have a few girlfriends who have done this program, and it really works... the way it's written.  i've had to really change my eating as well, all of this is opposite of what i've had ingrained in my mind for the past couple of years.  i was running long, playing lots of tennis, even spin cycling, but eating without any structure- i got fat, fat, fat!  it's funny now, i go to the gym, am in and out- the other girls are doing the same thing as usual, and i seem to be getting fitter faster, lol.  also, i'm now having a hard time eating all of the food/meals that i'm suppose to- this is probably why i've gotten a few more pounds off, but not sure they will stay off- it's not the right way to do this... i've been super sad over having to give up a puppy i rescued.  so, i'm just saying, i expect the weight loss is due to sadness, and will even back out later.

    i've got ubwo to do today.  my calves are still sore from monday.  do you girls have any favorite ab exercises?  

    hope you're both doing well.

  • Hi!

    I am starting today and I hope I can join you all ! Have a great day :)

  • hi!

    im on week two and would love to share the highs and lows of this program with like minded people :)

  • Hello there! I'm on week 2 as well, and would like to join your thread. :)

    "Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit." 3 John 2 (New Living Translation)