Tired on weight days, energized on cardio days(?)

  • I've just completed W/2 C/1 and I am so tired on weight training days, yet pretty energized on cardio days. I feel that I'm hitting just about all my 10's on my workouts. I'm wondering how long before I start to feel energized on my weight days, or if there is someting I need to adjust in my diet or w/o routine. I'm doing the BFL program to a T, with the exception of sometimes I don't get my 6th meal in. Otherwise, the only other area I can think of is more sleep, but that's about the same everyday.

    Any advise will be greatly appreciated!

  • The only advise I have, is to make sure you are switching up your weight routine so your muscles are suprised and don't become stagnant. And make sure you drink a recovery shake, or supplements, something of your choice,  30-60 min. after the workout. That has been what helps me stay energized.  I also had to quit coffee, (don't know if you drink it) makes me crash. after two weeks of just shakes and water I felt more awake and energized for workouts.

  • Tnx Amm, for sharing your thoughts! I actually started to feel the energy return about a week after I posted this concern. It helped to add a fruit in the afternoon when I started to crash. And I'm only a seasonal coffee drinker so it wasn't hard to end my coffee drinking when I started BFL.

    Best of luck to you!