Starting 2-14-2011: who's with me?

  • Thanks Marathonmama!  I'll do what you say and go for it!





  • Great job Mishy, and cool pictures.  I had a bad weekend....workouts were good, but ate poorly.  Too many family outings and not enough will power at resturants!  I have done this in the past and then just started the contest over (which became a repeating thing )-: ).  So, this time I am just going to stay on the same path and chaulk it up as a learning experience and a mistake I have to work harder now to make up.  Any suggestions on how to better deal with those temptaions is welcome!

    KCJohn,  Fat Secret is a great tool, glad to hear others are using it too.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hello all!

    I'm ecstatic that we're all on the ball- let's have another great week! I hope everyone enoyed their free day and didn't overdo it!

    Getting ready for my LBWO this morning. For me, this is the hardest workout bc my quads and hams are the fattiest part of my body. I haven't "upped" my weight on them since the last challenge I completed :(  no worries, though, I'm ready to roll! :)

    Anyone make a new discovery with VEGETARIAN PROTEIN? Let me know, please!!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Morning Peeps!

    NewWorld...just keep going.  You are right not to start's a journey not just a beginning ;)

    KatieBug...I have the same problem...carry my weight in my legs.  Of the 70lbs I have to lose I'm sure that 60 of them are on my thighs.  

    So I'm finally walking without pain again.  The hike really was a great workout for my legs!  I did UPWO yesterday.  I could still barely get in and out of chair so I thought it was best not to strain them again so soon.  I probably couldn't even got my feet up to do the leg press anyway :P

    Cardio today...yay!  Not cuz I like cardio but because it's a short workout :P

    God's blessings to everyone for a wonderful day!






  • Hi Everyone,

    I had a rough weekend on the food front as well. I ate out more than I should (I actually was in a city with veggie restaurants) so it felt nice to take a break from cooking. Oddly enough, I'm finding I'm a total grouch when I don't eat every few hours. How quickly the rides have turned. Instead of feeling guilty about it, I'm just picking up where I left off and giving it 110% again today.

    I'm headed to the gym in about an hour for weight training and while I'm dreading it, I know it will melt away any tension I have once I get going. It's still an unfamiliar feeling to take care of me first.

    As far as veggie protein, I made a killer chili for dinner last night with black beans, lentil, quinoa, tomatoes, hot sauce and TVP in it. I forgot how easy and delicious TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) really is. The best part is there are enough leftovers for a few days. I did get the chance to stock up on a vegan raw protein powder (I don't want all of my shakes to be Whey) as well as Nutritional Yeast for extra protein to add to food as well. I feel great about food for the week and am trying to get on the bus with the same attitude for my workouts.

    Mishy- I love the pics. and your timeline at the bottom of your posts :)

    Have a productive day all!

    Be well,


  • Good morning team!!

    Been busy and didn`t get a chance to write but did read everyones advices, stories and encouragement.  Love it!!  So fun to get information and get inspired or encourged.  So far so good...Funny how I did no exercise before and now I feel like I`m not doing enough.  Eating was good this weekend.  Had popcorn and chocolat bar with a diet soda at the movies for my free day....

    Fighting off a cold and didn`t get up this morning for my cardio but will do it right after work.  

    Have a great day!!

    We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.  ~Luciano de Crescenzo

  • Had great workouts this weekend but I also over did it with the eating on my Free Day. It really turned into Free evening. I ate fine all day saturday until after lunch and literally stuffed myself with desserts. The Sunday my schedule was back to normal and then again evening time hit I went and did the same thing. It was like a sugar craving I couldn't fill. I just need to realize that no matter how much sweet food I eat it isn't going to satisfy the craving so I need to control it and stop at one on my Free Day. Well moving on and looking forward to my HIIT workout tonight after work. Couldn't get it in this morning as I had a guest who was staying in our living room.

  • Back on it today, looking forward to a great UBWO tonight!  Sounds like many of us fought those overeating demons the past couple days!  Great to hear we are all positive and supportive about sticking with it.  I think keeping a group together like this will help us be successful down the road.  Let's keep it up!   One thing that helped me in the past (and I need to remember daily) is why would I work out so hard only to ruin it by eating bad?   That piece of pizza (or cake!) can wait until my free meal when it will be a reward for great week and even taste better!  The mental game is big for me.

    Romans 12:2  "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind"


  • I've been extra hungry last few days...not sure if it's the 5 hour hike or the little bit of chocolate I had on sunday (my free day) but my cravings have been ridiculous and I can't seem to get satisfied with what I was eating last week.  Not sure if I should up my intake a bit or not.  I'm following the BFL amounts very closely and am also logging my food with weight watchers as I had joined that at the end of December.  Any thoughts if I should up my intake a bit? that verse...could be the theme of my last 6 months :)





  • From what I read, if you are still hungury try some extra protein and water.  When I am at work, I eat a handful of natural almonds (no salt or anything).  Be careful, they good for you but high in fat/calories!  Fat free cottage cheese is also a good filling snack.  

    I also consintrate on drinking a lot of water.  I will try and eat an apple before lunch to help fill me up.

    Planning on getting back to my morning (5am) workouts tomorrow....wish me luck!


  • I realize you all are already over a week into the Challenge, but would you mind if I joined you? I also began on 2/14/11 but didn't get around to registering until tonight. I've done the Challenge twice before (2005 and 2010) and seemed to have found myself WAY off the wagon over the holidays!

  • New World...I think it's the water now that you mention is I have been slack the last couple of days.

    Michelle Welcome!  How are you progressing?

    So is it a me thing, a girl thing, a BFL thing?  I have about 70lbs to lose...have lost 20 before I started BFL and I seem to be gaining a lb here and a lb there.  Is it the muscle building or what?  I am losing inches but I really don't want to look at the scale and see the number going up!  Help!





  • I'm doing well...managed to lose 6lbs the first week, only about 35 to go! Ate clean and didn't miss a workout last week, but I did go a little overboard on my free day and I definitely paid for it. It's amazing how quickly we forget how uncomfortable overeating makes us. :)

    It's definitely not just you, Mishy! You are building muscle so you should look at it as a good thing. I remember during my first challenge I kept putting weight on the entire first four weeks and it nearly pushed me to quit. I stuck with it and the weight just started fallling off over the last 8 weeks. So, be patient and in a couple weeks you'll start to see that number on the scale fall! I would also suggest a scale that measures body fat percentage if you don't already have one. Sometimes seeing that number go down can be just as satisfying!

    Have a great day!

  • looking forward to hitting it hard today, plan plan plan, and remember its all in the mind,

    winners never quit and quitters never win

  • Welcome michelled!  The more the better......good to keep each other motivated and on track.  Great UBWO this morning!  It really starts the day out great to get that workout in.

    I agree with michelld, you may gain a bit to start, but later it comes off faster.  I have also heard that if you do not see a lot of "outer" change, you must remember that there is much "internal" fat around our organs that comes off first.  Less fat + more muscle = some weight gain, but much better!

    Rodie, defineatly a mind game for me!  

    Have a great day everyone!