Starting 2-14-2011: who's with me?

  • Katiebug and Sharon Wonder,

    Thanks for the cardio response. I'll definitly check out the video. It just seems so weird only doing cardio for such a little time. I think most days though I'm not hitting those 10's so I need to work on that. I do my workouts on the elliptical at home so I need to try those out.

    Well Today is my HIIT workout and yesterday was my Lower body. The lunges with weights were killing me! But I'm surprised my legs actually don't hurt. I don't know if I'm really getting into those 9's and 10's though because I feel like I should be in a little more pain. Last weeks Lower Body hurt, should I expect it to just get easier the next day. I'm not taking any reload or anything but I am taking my protein shakes after my lower body?

    Well everyone have a strong BFL day today!

  • I usually do some extra cardio, but only after I have done the HIIT, and usually at a lower level.  I do this in the morning on an empty stomach to help burn more fat.  The other think I try and remember is that when using reload we need to make sure and be working out hard and drinking a lot of water, as the creatine works best that way.  All of this a have read from other posts or somewhere where it worked for others.  

    KCJohn, I always like it when I hurt or am sore at least a little, as I know I got a good workout :-)  This should get better as your muscles get used to it, however it you do not want to take reload, you can take Glutamine which I also read helps with muscle soreness and costs less.

    Sat in meetings all day, so just feel like going home and having a beer.  However, the fact that I got up at 5am am worked out makes me not want to waste the calories!

    Mishy, Thanks for the bible verses, my favorite is "I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me"   Phil 4:13

    Have a great evening all.

  • Phil: Also a wonderful verse!

    I just finished my work out.  I have possibility of doing them in the morning so I go right after I get off the train and do them.  Works out well and I feel while it may not be optimum for losing weight it does seem great for my body.

    Does anyone experience energy surges through the day at random moments?  Since I started working out hard I get moments to hours where I feel like I could take off and fly I'm so full of energy.  It eventually comes down but it's weird...never felt like that before.  I more felt like a slug before :P

    How was everyone else's day?





  • Yes I get those surges also....It is amazing how much better you feel when you are eating clean and excercising!  Not working out today, this is my day of active rest.  Trying so save my cheat meal for later this weekend, but we will see.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Good morning!

    I have a question about weight lifting.  I feel like when I start my reps it`s very easy.  I`m very very new at this and feel like it`s too light.  However, when I do get to my last 12 reps I do feel the burn in my arms and/or legs.  I add 5 lbs at a time.  Not sure if I`m doing this ok.   Can anyone give me some info or advice with htis?

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  • I felt the burn in my UBWO this morning!  

    I had to be to work early, but needed to get my lifting in, so I had to "double time" it.  Instead of just sitting there during my one minute rests, I worked a different muscle group and then would go back to do another set from the first muscle group and so forth.  It cut my gym time down so I could get to work on time.  

    I can really feel the burn, especially in my chest, triceps and biceps.  I don't plan on doing this every time, but for the experienced lifters out there, does this adversley affect my results?


  • xMichellex,  Well, I am not 100% sure what the BFL program would say, but the intensity for the first few reps is not as big according to the book.  However, I like to use a little larger weight to get some kind of burn.  The guideline I use is that if I get done with the first 12 and think I could have done 4 more, I am not using enough weight.  Now when I get to the last set, I want to be where I can not do any more.  Not always that cut and dried, but I just try and get somewhere close.  Hope that helps....

    Newphy, I really do not know, however I have heard mixing up your workouts (different exercises, reps, sets, rest time) is good as your body gets used to doing the same thing.  So, I would think it is good!


  • Good to hear that the newbies have not given up after the first few days. I'm glad that everyone is feeling better about exercise. Yes, it does help you to feel better throughout the day and it's fabulous feeling to eat clean and feel great!

    Got my UBWO in today-felt wonderful! I, too, am not used to cutting out the daily 45-minute cardio. HIIT is much harder for me!!

    Keep it up, all and I hope for a successful 12 weeks!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Had a great HIIT workout yesterday. Watching the BFL video that was linked earlier helped. I had been setting up my elliptical with automatic intervals but each interval was between 3 minutes so my timing was always off. Last night I set it to manual which automatically has the bar change after every minute so it helped with counting my high points. I think I'll add a climb to it a little because when I was trying to hit my 10 I tought I was going to fly off my Ellipitical because how fast I was going. I need a little more resistance.

    I have a Free Day question. Do you all keep Free Days to be non workout days also? or do you ever have a workout day that's a Free Day on food?

  • My free days are complete free days with no workout and a  free meal or two.

    Here was my plan exactly for the Elliptical from my start at Day 1.  The second chart is where I ended up by Challenge 3 (I think).  I switched up and tried the treadmill and stepmill after challenge 3 and now I'm back to the elliptical (second chart).  Hope this helps.

    Exercise   PLAN
    Minute by Minute Intensity Level
    Precor Elliptical Machine     Incline = 5                              1 5
    2 5
    3 6
    4 7
    5 8
    6 9
    7 6
    8 7
    9 8
    10 9
    11 6
    12 7
    13 8
    14 9
    15 6
    16 7
    17 8
    High Point 18 9
    19 10
      20 5
    Exercise   ACTUAL
    Minute by Minute Intensity Level
    Elliptical  Incline at 12 1 7
    2 7
    3 8
    4 9
    5 10
    6 11
    7 8
    8 9
    9 10
    10 11
    11 8
    12 9
    13 10
    14 11
    15 8
    16 9
    17 10
    High Point 18 11
    19 12
      20 7

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Michelle...the way I plan my lifting is if by the end of the set I could be doing more I put that in my notes for next time. (to add more weight right from the beginning).  I find my first 12 and 10 quite easy but my last 12 like I'm going to die :P  If I don't feel like I can't make it then I'm not hitting my 10's.  But if I manage to to all 12 even when I feel like dying that when I have to make a decision if that was a 10 and will it be a 10 for next time too ;)  

    John, I use the incline on the treadmill more then I do the speed button. I have bad knees and can't run but I can climb so I and hard when I'm trying for my 10.  And for anyone out there who are trying to build your glutes...climbing hills are ideal ;)

    I personally had a amazing UBWO today.  Hit some 10's I didn't think I was going to make but manage to finish the set.  Also surpassed a set that was hard before and is ready for new weights!

    I love this program so much!  I have never felt happier with how I am treating my body!

    Question...can you freeze the protein shakes if they have no dairy.  Does anyone know if it breaks down any of the nutrients?

    Blessings!  Mishy





  • KCJohn,  I use my free day more as a free meal, and I just do it whenever (on a workout day or not).  It usually depends on what is going on that week....if my family goes out for dinner and it is somewhere good (mexican, pizza for me), I will go ahead and use it.

    Great UBWO today, feeling a good pump from the creatine in the reload.  Temp in Indiana is finally decent, so plan on getting out for a walk!

    Not sure about the freesing shakes thing.

    I know the program for eating is not really about counting calories, but I am using a really cool tool I want to tell you about.  It is called  You can download an app to your phone (I am using a driodX), and it has a bar code scanner.  It is also easy to search for foods.  I am AMAZED at some of my normal daily meals.  I track calories, protein, carbs, fat and sodium.  Even if you just do it for a couple days, you learn alot.  Like did you know that there are over 1,000 mg of sodium in a 6 inch subway?  I think the guideline is 2,500, so that is almost half!

    Have a great day all.

  • New World Man- I use the fatsecret calorie counter on my droid also and it is really great. This was the first full week I tried and listed every single thing I ate and I was shocked how quickly those calories add up. So what I started to do by the end of the week was the night before I would plug in what I planned to eat for breakfast snack and lunch during the workday. This helped me see where I should give or take from so that my calories wouldn't jump so high as the first few days I was eating about 2000 calories which is way to high for my weightloss goals.

    I also had a great UBWO yesterday. I definitely feel the burn today! I decided to make today my free day and while I've probably went way over board on my Free Day I feel good about my week and looking forward to each workout

  • Went on a 5 hour hike yesterday. 8 km (5 miles), Elevation Gain 1900 ft.  Can't believe I did it!  Was rough terrain, climbing over rock slides and walking through icy rock formations.  7 weeks ago I would have had to give up and turn back.  With the support of some great people and my inhaler (for asthma) I did it!  I'm really proud and love that I pushed myself so hard! I'm stiff today but still so happy :P

    I'm wondering though...I'm today is my off day and I'm supposed to do LBWO on Monday.  Do you think I should do upper body instead because I am so sore or just continue on per normal?






  • Mishy,

    Great job! It is stories like this that get me excited...people being able to enjoy healthy activities for the first time (or first time in a long time) because of getting healthy. Just looking good and losing fat is a plus, but when you can really start enjoying life because of the healthy changes, I get excited. I would stick with your scheduled program for a couple reasons. First, you are going to have a good day to recover today, so you should besome what recovered for your next workout, and second, you don't want to lose the momentum you have going with your program by changing things around. Remember your UB is still recovering from your last workout, so working it to soon (by switching Upper and lower on Monday) will cut into recovery there as well.  Hiking works more of your slow twitch (endurance: think long slow jog) muscle fibers and weight lifting works more of your fast twitch (explosive like sprinting) type of of fibers, so don't be to worried about it. You wouldn't want to do a long hike and then a weight workout the next day all the time, but I think in this case, switching things up may hurt more than sticking with your program as planned.