Starting 2-14-2011: who's with me?

  • Had an ok first up cardio, legs felt like jelly for a few hours after getting off treadmill, looking forward to striking it up a notch or 2 next cardio. Destined and determined to achieve great results. Hope yall have great LBW tomorrow.

  • Thanks for the support girlwonder!!  I'm anxious to feel better.  Hoewever doing well with my meals and exercise!

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  • rodie-

    My legs felt like jelly today too from cardio! Glad I'm not alone ;) Sadly, I'm about to take a nap before yoga tonight. I imagine the stretching will feel good. How's your eating going? You are staying super focused thus far. Is this your first challenge?

    Have an awesome workout tomorrow.

    Be well,


  • This is my second challenge, but only got to week 10 on first, had a family emergency had to move state pretty much immediately to take over custody of grandbaby, do have old pics on my profile of last effort though, eating going really well, learnt my portion sizes on last challenge were to big.

    Im totally focussed cause i realise the battle is really in the mind. when you say you cant,  you cant, and we can, remain postive and you will do well,

    stay focussed, eat well, and be injury free


  • A stressfull day is making getting my cardio in a chore. I know a good workout will make me feel better.


  • girlwonder,

    I don't think that you can break it up into two meals during the weekend. For one, it would be really hard to stop at one meal, and two, your body will keep the calories overnight. Even one free days hinders progress A LITTLE, but it's totally necessary and it is really rewarding.

    I made myself sick on my last challenge with the free days. I would literally eat so much, that I would be sick. But, I think that if I can create more of a variety of food throughout the week, the weekends won't be so bad for me.

    I am certainly no professional and not the best person to get advice from. I have tweaked the diet to go along with my vegetarian standards. The first challenge, although successful, was not quite the achievement I expected it to be because I didn't follow the workout regs very well, specifically the HIIT cardio. Now I see that to gain the full benefit, you have to follow the program as closely as you can.

    Just my humble opinion....


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Hey hey, glad to hear you got your HIIT in. Me too. I had to invest in a stop watch. Yeah, I usually jog for about forty mintues or do a little step aerobics, but the HIIT tears me up- there's no comparison. I certainly hit my 10 today.

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • There are six meals throughout the day. I usually try to have a whole grain with three, two with fruits, and one as a protein bar (i guess that counts as whole grains...) I, too, always crave carbs bc I have hypothyroid. Don't let yourself get sick. If you feel like you need more than three servings of whole grains a day, you might want to get tested for hypoglycemia or hypothyroid.

    Just my opinion...


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Got in a morning run with my shipmates on the tug boat. We will be underway for the next few days. In many ways it will be easier than being home. The cook stocked up on healthy choices and I won't be as idle as I am at home. The bigger challenge is drinking water and not 7 pots of coffee per day.

    I am going to do my strength workouts on the TRX suspension system we have.

    I will keep you posted. Hope you all have a great  day.


  • Started today 2/16, so close enough!  Look forward to the challange!

  • Good morning team! I am still trying to get breakfast down the hatch. Surprisingly I am less sore than I thought I would be today after running intervals yesterday. I also am drinking the EAS Pro Science Reload and think it really is doing the job.

    Ryan- believe it or not, I can only drink 1 cup of coffee since I started. I think between all the water and protein, I'm too full to handle more liquid. I used to drink anywhere from 2-4 cups a day. Weird.

    Today I'm going to do some morning yoga and pilates to stretch me out really good. Then I'm going running outdoors in the afternoon since the snow is finally melting here in Ohio :) Believe it or not, the sun is out too!

    Have a great day of being focused and giving it your all!

    Be well,


  • Hello all,  I just ordered some reload, so glad to hear it helps.  Just had lunch, and was surprised how much fat and calories there is in "light" ranch dressing!  Guess I need to get one of those fat free spray dressings, anyone have suggestions?  Missed working out this morning, but look forward to a good UBWO this evening!

    Have a great day!

  • Got my morning extra cardio in on my elliptical. Tonight will be my lower body workout. I'm keeping up with my HIIT exercises but want to add in a few extra light cardio sessions a week. Does anyone else add a little extra cardio for fat loss or is everyone sticking strictly to 3X 20 minute HIIT sessions a week?

  • I started on the 14th as well!  This is actually my third time "starting" BFL.  I usually do really well for the first month and then I just "fall off the wagon" and never jump back on!  I'd love to have some extra support!


  • New World Man,

    I use Wishbone Salad Spritzers (I prefer the bal. vinegar) and use it for both salads and marinades. They are low fat and low calorie.

    Good for you for getting back on track with workouts tonight! With the Reload, I use it as recommended, 3x per day everyday. Needless to say I have an entire bulk supply to last me through these 12 weeks. It was expensive but play around for the right amount your body needs. I tend to lift heavy and am trying to bulk up in muscle so anything to cut back on soreness is a godsend right now.

    Have a stellar workout :)

    Be well,