Starting 2-14-2011: who's with me?

  • Morning all, welcome Chip.  Happy birthday Katiebug!

    Feeling a bit better, but still have the cough.  Got up early and got a great LBWO in.  Getting some cramping in my calves, I am thinking it is dehydration so trying to drink more water.  Anyone have that issue or have ideas to help?

    This weekend I saw a good quote in the paper that helped me put my past eating failures behind me, and concentrate on moving forward.  "I never saw any mud that could hold up against sunshine, when it dries up, you will have traction again!"  Hope the sun is shining where you are.


  • Welcome Chipper!

    New World Man-I would definitely drink more water.  While you sleep, your body gets dehydrated.  I know the BFL book says to drink two glasses of water right when you get up before working out.  Hopefully that helps.  If not, I would advise increasing the amount you drink during the day.

  • Still going!!!! Getting tougher because haven't seen a lot of change, yet BUT am keeping my self-promise to stick with it by the book and finish the 12 wks out.  I have seen SOME change, just not a lot.  Working out hard, trying to hit all my "10's".  Pushing myself each cardio and trying to reach a little more.  Free days aren't so crazy but definitely bring their own set of temptations.  Sugar tastes VERY sweet to me now - I had some sweet tea on my free day and it was cut in half with unsweet and it was so syrupy sweet I couldn't finish it.  

    Next week will be interesting because I am working a convention from Wed afternoon to Saturday afternoon.   It will be non-stop working with dinners in the evenings with customers and vendor reps.   I have been contemplating how I'm going to stick with the program, and determined to find a way.  I DON'T want one of my free days to be during that time - but may have to.  This meeting usually wears me slap-out.  Maybe all this training will give me more energy to keep alive :)  This is what BFL is about though, right?  Making healthy choices and sticking with our self-commitments even when life throws us curve balls.  

    I've been less visible because I'm preparing for all this work, now.   Lots to do --- Lots of homework!  Y'all stick with me and I'll keep reading the updates on my phone!

  • Happy Birthday Katie-bug!  I just saw your original post to this thread on the front page :P

    Looks like lots of people are still too.  Was away for the weekend and when I got to my hotel the gym was closed so I popped over to Walmart got some resistance bands and used my blackberry to put together an upper body workout.  Didn't hit my 10's but I did hit some 8's :P

    I didn't work out today...delayed plane last night left me exhausted for school so i'm being lazy.  Other then that...I'm hanging in and hanging on.

    god bless all!





  • Thanks for letting me join the group. I too am not seeing much loss on the scales. I was feeling discouraged until my wife took my measurements and I had lost 6% body fat in the first month. (40% to 34%). Got a lot more to go. I have stuck by the plan. I gave up beer for the challenge and I get the Joneses on the weekend. I loved my beer. I can tell I am getting stronger.

  • Well, I can say that even though my clothes aren't fitting any differently yet, I can tell a difference in my arms.  Not exaclty the area I'm looking to improve on first, but I guess it's better then nothing.  I'm starting to see a little bit of definition in my biceps and triceps, so I guess something is working...if only I wasn't seeing it in the chest area as well.


    Sharon-  Thanks for the advice to meal planning.  I tried harder this week to have meals ready to go.  I spent 4 hours Saturday preparing meals for the week ahead.  The only problem...I think I spent a little too much time taste testing everything I was cooking!  

    My free day this weekend was a little better, but still not great...I lost track of how many protein pancakes I ate while preparing other meals!  The hardest part for me is that I LOVE to cook!  It's one of my favorite things to do.  So not preparing big elaborate dishes is really a struggle for well as not eating them!  And life just seems to be missing something without cheese!

  • Man, you guys last few posts are making me hungry!  I am from Wisconsin originally, so beer and cheese is (was) one of my main food groups!

  • Back on track today- thanks all for the support and birthday greetings. I've been sick this week :( Got to the gym today and couldn't hit my ten's. Hopefully by tomorrow my body will be ready for more.

    Welcome to those who just joined our discussion! Week 5, rolling on by!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Thank Sharon! This really helps. I, too, get stuck on what the scale says at times. I invested in some calipers (GNC, $20) and they have helped me realize my FAT LOSS- not weight.

    Appreciate your support!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Hey Everybody!  I'm thinking about buying some calipers, too.  Here's another story about why we can't trust the scale right now.  I have a 3 day convention coming up this week where I have to wear a suit and I feared that i wouldn't be able to zip any of mine up and would be scrambling around to buy a new one.  This morning I tried on one of the skirts that I just knew I wouldn't be able to wear but wanted to see how far I was away from it and guess what??? IT FIT !!! I then began pulling all the suits out and trying everything on, then jeans that I haven't worn in forever, then fitted dresses, etc etc etc.  

    Needless to say, I am thrilled that I'm back into those clothes and able to breathe without feeling like i'm going to rip out a seam.  Since i don't have to buy something to get into, I think I'm going to look for some new jewelry and maybe a new pair of shoes :)  

    I'm also saying we can't trust the scale because the last time I wore these clothes I weighed about 10lbs lighter than I am now.  YIP YIP!!!!  I am so psyched thinking that here we are, almost half way through and I'm seeing some progress.   I am eager to see how it'll all turn out at the end of 12 weeks!

  • Hey CatLinder and all!

    I completely agree on the calipers (I have one on the way right now).  I was reading another blog and one of the champion says she gets here skinfold tests done every 4 weeks to keep on track.  I am definitely seeing changes in my strength and endurance.  My clothes fit better too.  

    I asked a group that is almost done when they started seeing results and this is the answer I received:

    Stasia - It is frustrating in the middle of the challenge, but getting through the first month is the hardest part of an initial challenge (I've gone through 6 formal challenges now).  The most important thing to remember is that while you are burning fat, your body is also building muscle, so from a weight number, you may be breaking even, but from an overall health perception you are winning.  I think that a paradigm shift occurs in the final month when your metabolic rate finally increases to the point that you are burning fat even at rest due to the increased muscle mass.  Best of luck to you and your crew.


    If we just stay on course we will be better off than the day we started and that is always a win.  Have a great Sunday everyone and we will be on week 6 tomorrow!  :)


  • Stasia - Thanks for sharing that message from Rick.  I get so encouraged from hearing other people's stories and experiences. I hope anyone reading this who hasn't seen any progress will be encouraged to stay the course because IT IS COMING!  Our bodies are all the same physiologically, our challenges are the only difference.   Some of us have further to journey than others.  Bill says "Focus on your progress, not perfection".  I have to find inner strength almost every workout.  Especially cardio, around the 15th minute!  I give myself a lot of pep talk and plan my playlist on my ipod to get to some "power songs" for that last stretch.  I am getting better at distracting my mind so I finish what I've planned to do.  

    Here we come, week 6 !!!  This week will be a real challenge for me beginning on Wednesday because of this convention.  I'm preparing myself mentally and am determined to make it work.  What I fear most is being so worn out from it that I don't get my workouts in.  Often times I don't get to eat lunch because it's so busy, so I'm planning on taking a cooler with shakes, bars, cottage cheese, fruit,, water etc.  This recent discovery that I've actually made some progress is stoking my determination - I don't want to go backwards!  

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

  • Hello!?! Is anybody out there?

  • That is what I was wondering Michelle!  We are over half way through and no one has celebrated yet!  I admit I have fallen off the bandwagon a bit with the eating, but I will get back on course!  The workouts are going well and I will have to up the cardio soon to prepare for a 5K, a bike race, and a swim competition within 1 1/2 months from each other.  (It's hard to fit in a good endurance workout in 20 minutes)  The 5K is to support my husband who will be doing the 10K, and the bike and swim competitions are for the Corporate Challenge in my city where company's employees compete and score points for their respected company.  

    How is everyone else doing?

  • Katiebug - I just saw that you were back on the program again.   I quit during my last attempt.  UGH - don't like the word "quit" but that is what I did.  I have been back on the program for 5 weeks now and giong strong.  So glad to see you again.  A few people on my "team" are also vegetarians and we started a vegetarian support thread.  We have been swapping recipes.  You should check it out.  Best of luck to ya!

    Nancy Jo