Weight Lost to Muscle Gained...Need Help Figuring This Please

  • Okay...I know someone out there will be able to explain this to me because I keep confusing myself.

    I started weighing 218.7 with a Bodyfat of 38.4%; Lean Weight (muscle) 134.72# and Fat Weight 83.98#.

    At the end of Week 5...I am weighing 187.8 with a Bodyfat of 30.3%; Lean Weight (muscle) 130.9# and Fat Weight 56.9#.

    How do I figure what I have lost in pounds, what I have lost in fat pounds, and what I have gained in muscle pounds?

  • First off what is your measuring device?

    I had this right to begin with and then doubted my math skills which was the wrong thing to do.

    Total pounds lost 30.9

    Total fat pounds lost  27.08

    Total muscle pounds lost 3.82

    It's not uncommon to lose a small amount of muscle when losing that much fat, especially in 5 weeks.  Are you doing any extra cardio and/or doing cardio on the same day as weights?

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  • I have a fitness advisor and she uses a Bioelectric Impedence Bodyfat Machine that I hold straight out with my thumbs on top...I don't know the name of this device...sorry.

    I do throw some extra cardio in when I can (I love Spin class...so I try to do this 2 to 3 times per week) and I warmup every morning doing some type of cardio for 5-10 minutes.

    I do also enjoy walking the LSU Lakes which takes over an hour, fifteen minutes.  (It is 6.2 miles)

  • Does it matter?! you look great! and it seems something is working!

  • Sorry I can't help you on the math there cajun but damn! Not even half way through and that much scale weight lost... impressive!!

  • LOL thanks Island Dude but I want to make sure I am logging this stuff correctly.  I agree....it is remarkable change so far and Week 5 was my hardest week!  Week 6 will have temptation obstacles since I have a 3 day trip to Washington DC for Mardi Gras and there is alcohol and food temptations.

  • Thanks HASAM!  Just following the program :)

  • Champster09,

    I also get a printout each week when I measure and weigh-in that shows me the lean weight vs the fat weight so that is where I get all those ratios that are under my profile also.