Hi BFL admin,

This is just a query and observation. I have been impressed with the BFL challenge program for some years now, just only recently having actually gotten around to starting my first challenge.

I have been telling all and sundry here in London about the BFL concept and droning on at people the best that I can with the information the book, site and dvd's give. I am dismayed really when I see their eyes glaze over and them coming out with all of the negative replies, I guess it feels like a Jehova Witness does on one's front door step ;o) (appologies to any witnesses that are reading this.)

However, when I get to press further more interest is shown and the one answer that does get repeated is the name, Body For Life, for as fabulous a concept that it is many that I come across are put off by the name and the pictures of the well defined and successful winners of the challenges. Coments are generally made that if it had a title more akin to what everyday people want to achieve then they woould be interested.

Now, I don't profess to have the answers, but are there any thoughts or considerations that could be applied so as to make te challenges appeal to a wider audience? I do not find that there is anything wrong with the BFL and I am not only impressed by the images of the transformations but also the encouragement that they give.

There are others that do not wish to go for the ultimate in transformations though, they are happy with working on their basic fitness, learning to eat more healthily. Of these I am sure that many would then go on to do the full BFL challenges.