Start date 7th Feb, 2011

  • Hey guys,

    New to this community centre... I hope to use this as part of my motivation to COMPLETE this challenge (which I have attempted to do SEVERAL times).

    I am 24 years old, have an awesome boyfriend, and great family. The one thing I am missing is having the body to reflect the intense training i particapte in (my LOVE of food holds me back). The reason why I want to complete this challenge and lose the weight I have gained is because I will be a qualified nutritionist in June 2011.... I need to look the part and the only thing holding me back is ME!!!

    A bit of my background... When i was 19 i completed a body for life challenge... not sure eaxctly how much i lost but i was 64kg.

     When i was 20, i decided to complete a bodybuilding competition (July 2007). This included VERY strict dieting and training like a maniac... my life revolved around eating, training and sleeping!  I was VERY obessed. I weighed 52kg on competition date. 


    After the comp, i gained 10kg in the first week... and my weight went up to 64kg! For the next two years I was yoying between 56kg-64kg... trying to to get back on stage- but i couldnt control my binging episodes.

    It's now 2011, i weigh 80kg and i'm more then ready to drop the 15kg i have gained, be more secure with myself and my relationship and be confident with my nutrition knowledge. I have chosen the B4L because it was the first balanced program I used which gave me excellent results without being so anti-social.

    Wish me luck, Day 1 is completed... I AM DOING THIS, I WILL DO THIS...

  • Welcome back!  I'm starting today as well.  I'm sure you will get where you want to be in no time.  You know the deal and we're all here to encourage you. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • WarriorMaiden...YES you WILL do this!!! Keep coming to the forum and it will help you stay on track!! Get after it now!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hey Sharon,

    I'm glad we are starting together- i have read your transformation- well done!!!

  • Thanks Deb,

    I will be using this tool... how long have you been a member?

    You have done really well too- you know how it feels when you are surrounded by 'fit, healthy looking people' and you know you know better- It's time for us to shine!

    I will be using this site as support... how much weight did you lose on your fist challange?

    I am doing the B4L food how ever i'm tweaking the training cos i do something called "Heavy Haulers" (google it and watch the video- I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I'm sick of being in a gym. I also take cycle classes twice a week... my training is not a problem-

    I have been off coffee for 3 weeks now- I'm a stress head and definetly do not need it extra stimulation to my alreay over worked mind ;) However I am using garlic caps, fish oils, supergreens food, vitamin D (it's summer but we still do not have sun :(.. ) Zinc, an antiox caps and herb mix for my adrenals

    I just instructed a cycle class (which is part of my cardio day) and burnt 500 cals, heart rate averaged at 165 (this is low today cos I was my class was full and I spent 1/4 of the time motivating the class off my bike). I will be going for a walk with a friend (she needs some motivation) or maybe complete the 1000's stairs (a massive walk that alot of bodybuilders do cos it just burns your butt...) later on today. It is my day off today... wohooo

    OK enough typing...

    Goodluck guys xo

  • Thanks WarriorMaiden.  One day I'd like to do what you have already done, complete in a fitness competition.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Sharon, you def have the figure for it- and the mind set... and most importantly- the maturity!

    I was a bit young and really rebounded badly... but it defintely doesn't have to be like that :)

  • Thanks  WarriorMaiden86.  Just know that that photo on my profile was not a total 12 week change.  That took me 3-4 challenges to get that small.  I've gained about 10lbs since then (holidays). I'm in another challenge as of today.  Challenge #7 for me. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Fascinating story, Warrier Maiden!

    How true a love of food can hold us back. And cover up our good work! I have worked out hard with a former bodybuilder for six years now. I suspect that I have awesome abs. Unfortunately 12-15 excess pounds and an "apple" body keep them well hidden. This challenge will be an unveiling for me as well as you.

    Here's to revealing what we have hidden underneath in a sane and social way!


  • So, day 1 was a success! Great workout at 5am (I LOVE morning workouts), ate everything when I was supposed to mostly when I was supposed to. I had oatmeal with Myoplex protein for breakfast and it seemed like A LOT of food! My husband thought so too, but we ate it. Dinner was an herb chicken from this site, with sweet potato and a salad. It was yummy!

    I only do 5 meals a day because I am not awake to eat that last one.

    I was going off a lot of adrenalin today from the excitement of starting this! Let's hope that lasts a long time!

    Tomorrow is a new day to be successful as well! Good luck everyone!!!

    Oh but I have a question. In the Eating For Life book, there are all those smoothies in the back. Are those supposed to be for meals or the in between snacks?


  • Julie, technically there are no snacks with BFL, everything is a meal.  The shakes in the EFL book should be considered a meal.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hey sharon, Yes i saw ur pics etc and worked out that you have done a few... but that’s still an amazing effort!! Well done! Did you start it today??? What are ur goals this time around?

    Karen...Your right about true love... What part of the challenge r u up to?? I cant wait to see you progress- and you will be shocked to see what is under all that body fat!!!- something i cannot wait to see... it’s been too long now! Im very hungry for it

  • Thanks WarriorMaiden.  Yes I did start on Monday.  My goals are still pretty much the same.  Decrease bodyfat and get the muscle definition back. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi WM

    Today is day 1. I''m right behind ya! :)


  • yay this is livin!!!! i'm so glad we are doing it together...

    How is everyone else feeling???

    It's only day 3 and i'm being impatient- I keep wanting to do double sessions- but.... i'm not, well maybe not till week 8 or so!!!!

    I have a few occasions on i march- which is 5 weeks away... and i would love to look hot in this dress i bought a few weeks ago... I guess it may have something to do with my partner's ex will be there (immature huh?) lol

    ahh well

    the weekend is not far behind us...

    do you guys have a cheat meal or day??

    im not sure wether to eat breakfast out or dinner out on the weekend.... hmmmm