• Started to try BFL like 2 years ago but strayed away from it. But now im kicking myself in the face because im all outta shape and just don't like the way i feel. So starting 2/7/2011 i will be starting the challenge and hopefully can stick to it. Just wanted to know if anybody wanted to start with me and keep in touch. I'm 5'9 and like 255 should i go for lean and strong or size and strength. I will post my pics tomorrow.

  • Regardless of what you decide, you can do this!

  • Yes you can! Stop looking back and stop kicking yourself. They are both self-defeating behaviors. You're in the right place now and the future will be great. Drop that "hopefully can" business and make a commitment to completing a twelve-week challenge. Circle the last day on your calendar and cross off every day as you complete it.

    There are usually groups starting up every week and I'm sure there is one for 2/7 starters.

    I am looking forward to reading about your successful challenge.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Thanks a lot for the encouraging words, that helps a lot.

  • I just signed up yesterday and i gotta say the support you get here is amazing... surrounding yourself with like minded people can only help bring more positive change.. congrats on making the change im working on day 28 and see some progress already .... gonna take some 4 week pics and make the comparison tomorrow... BIG HEART STRONG MIND!!!!

  • ur welcome to join the thread 2-7-11 THIS IS NO DRILL.