If at first you don't succede..

  • ...bang your head against a brick wall! :P LOL

    Well, that's what it feels like sometimes. :) The first time I started B4L was way back in 1999. I lasted about 2 months and lost about 45 pounds. I wasn't hungry, wasn't tired, all was going well... then I quit. I made the excuse that I couldn't afford the gym anymore, and couldn't afford all the extra food; I even remember (ashamed to say) using my young children as an excuse o.O I told people "I had to choose between feeding my kids and staying on the program, no contest." (baaad eeeevil moma)

    Thinking back now I'm not really sure what the problem was. I've had countless opportunities over the years and have re-started the program countless times but I've never finished one yet! :( I sometimes last a couple days or even couple hours and give up. It's sooooooooooo aggravating considering how well I was doing the first time. >:(

    I know I have no one to blame but myself AND I won't dwell in the past anymore (especially since I have no idea what went wrong). What keeps me trying is that I KNOW it works! Now I just have to figure out what will keep me going. In fact, I'm so coinvinced B4L can work when I talked about this with my Dr. and she said "well maybe this program isn't for you." I actually got angry at her. I thought "of course it's for me! It did work before! I know It will work!" Of course I didn't say that outloud :)

    So anyhoo, I'm posting here so that I can be accountable to someone this time.  eh hem....

    I am starting today! :) Whoo hoo! :) Week 1 Day 1 Challange...um... lets just say 2 :) Last week  I worked out 3 days (a record for me) and felt so good that I decided to make this week my official start and make it count! :) fingers crossed ;)

    Thanks for listening :)

    "Never give up, never surrender!" Galaxy Quest

  • You lost 45 pounds in that first 8 weeks??!!  And you stopped??  that is mighty-lots-of-progress!!!!!  

    I know what you mean by excuses though!  I've restarted many times and not sure why I never finished then either.  i was worried about food cost, but realized I was actually saving more money that I thought, with MYSELF not eating the junk food, thereby I didn't have to buy as much.  Just enough for the rest of the family.  Same goes with stopping thru drivethrus.  I was throwing a lot of money into that without realizing.  

    If you keep telling yourself you will finish this time, YOU WILL!!  i just finished my challenge, after doing one in 2004, then the multiple startovers after.  I beleive this forum is what kept me accountable.  Sometimes our families aren't as supportive as we would like--but everyone on this forum IS!!

    Oh and isn't it funny, sometimes when others tell us "Oh yeh that program won't work", it's like we nEEDED to hear that.  To see how loyal and defensive we are to prove them wrong and that, yes, we can sure as heck do this!

  • I'b be worried about 45 lbs in 8 weeks, rapid weight loss like that can cause gallstones ouch!

  • This is your change to be victorious, to be proud of yourself and to be the woman you desire. You have officially declared to us all that you will finish your journey and we will now hold you accountable. We will all be hear when you feel weak or tired, we will all be here when you cheat on a meal, and we will all be here when you lose weight, when you gain strength, and when you finish! Cheer to a new day, cheers to a new you!

    Keep posting your progress,


  • I am starting C2 today as well. Just finished C1 and looking to keep loving and embracing the lifestyle and hopefully yield better results this time.

    You can do this!!

  • Hasam,

    The research on gallstones is far from conclusive.  The link to "dieting" is mainly from low caloric diets. I don't think BFL falls into that category.

    Now at 45 pounds in 8 weeks that puts loss per week at 5.6 pounds per week which is well above the generally accepted max safe number of 2.5  .


    As always I suggest you talk to and listen your Doctor.  Did your Doctor have a reason that B4L was not for you?  Or did you just get all mad and put up the force shield to deflect the views of other people.

  • Thanks everyone for their support. :) I was almost done typing a pharagraph to each of you then hit the wrong button on my mouse and lost it all!!  >:(   So you get the short and sweet version instead...

    Thank you for supporting me! :)

    I doubt I'll loose that fast again, it was alot of weight from being pregnant.  

    I am listening to my doctor :)  I just get defensive about B4L

    Congrats! On finishing after failing :) You're an inspiration to me! We should start a "Second Chances" club ;)

    I did actually get gallstones LOL but that was more than 10 years after that weight loss. Either way my gall bladder has been removed so no more worries about that! :)

    Thank you again to everyone! :) [hugs]

    ok, so maybe it wasn't that short lol I'm just a babbler ;)


    "Never give up, never surrender." Galaxy Quest

  • Oh :P I forgot to mention my progress THIS week! :D

    did pretty good on eating well though with my crazy full schedule I did miss my tues workout :( gonna keep on keepin on tho :)