• Couple questions...

    Is or has anyone taken any supplements specifically CLA and creatine?  Did or does it really seem to make a difference and is it (creatine) ok for women?

    Also, does anyone have the body for life cookbook and are the recipes pretty simple and family friendly (I have a 5,4 and 2 year old)?

    Hope everyone has a great UBWO, my arms are like jello today!! Love it!


  • I am in with you all. This is C2 for me. I need a little encouragement to get going!!



  • Hello all,

    I'm starting today also.  Let's go!!


  • @Angela, I have the Eating for Life cookbook and the recipes look very family friendly. I am making them for my entire family as well. My kids are 13 and 10, a little older but sometimes pickier! The recipes in it are from a wide variety and look very simple to make, which I LOVE on my busy schedule.

    Good luck on day 1 everyone!!! I am waaayyyyy too excited! I could barely sleep last night! (Yes, I am a freak!)

    We are taking our "before" pics tonight... I am NOT looking forward to that!

  • Got my UBWO done.  felt weak, but good at the same time.

    I have an appt. to see the dr. on Thursday.  My chest and abs are so sore from coughing.  I started up the Betagen again today.  I hope it works on muscle recovery for those muscles.  And it's got lots of vitamin C, so yay!

    I weighed myself this morning.  Gained 3 lbs. over my AR week.  it's what I expected after no exercise and no eating discipline.  

  • sdoah--

    For weights, the 12/10/8/6/12 is all on the same exercise.  The last set of 12 is a different exercise for the same muscle group.  Each time you start a new set, it should get harder.  Picture an intensity scale from 1-10, 1 is just laying there, and 10 is the absolute hardest, lift beyond perceived failure. example:

    The weight amounts are just examples, everyone lifts different amounts.


    Bench Press--12 reps--30 lbs--intensity level 5  (it's like a warm up set)

    rest 1 minute

    Bench press--10 reps--35 lbs--intensity level 6  

    rest 1 minute

    Bench Press--8 reps---40 lbs--intensity level 7  (notice the weight is increasing but reps decrease)

    rest 1 minute

    Bench Press--6 reps---45 lbs--intensity level 8

    rest 1 minute

    Bench Press--12 reps--40 lbs--intensity level 9  (notice the weight dropped back down but reps increse)

    By now your muscles should be feeling pretty used up.

    no rest go directly to last set:

    DB Flyes--12 reps--30 lbs--shoot for intensity level 10.  These should feel impossible to complete.  Once you hit muscle failure, use the power of your mind to finish all reps.

    You won't hit a '10' every single time, but it's something to strive for.

  • I haven't done measurements or before pics yet. My daughter hasn't been to preschool since I started on Friday, so I haven't had much time.

    I don't do supplements other than a multivitamin, b12, cinnamon and cayenne.

    Yesterday I bought some premier nutrition rtd protein shakes at costco. 30 grams of protein per shake. Should help!

    My schedule is a little different: i'm doing back and chest on saturdays, shoulders, triceps and biceps on tuesdays and big fat butt and legs on thursdays.

    I'm going to try and do a couple of ab workouts i found on exercise on demand on mondays and fridays. I hate doing abs at the gym. I feel like when i finish sit ups on the ball, i should roll on to a smaller ball until i eventually land on the floor!

  • Okay, I'm in.  I'm starting 2/7/11.  This will be my first challenge. (I did another 2 years ago, but let things slide.)  About to leave for gym now.

  • Weighed in, measured and took my pics.  That was nothing short of totally scary ;\

    Thanks for all your post!  It's definitely motivating!  Good Luck to everyone :)

  •  Good job to you too:)  I took measurements over the weekend, i've lost everywhere.  one inch on waist, and a half to a quarter of an inch, everywhere else.  i've decided to buy myself something i need/want, every 5 pounds i lose- got some new running shoes, and had the best cardio workout on sunday.  hope the rest of your day has been good.

  • Sdoah -

    to answer your question about reps, the answer is yes, 60 reps per muscle group.  You should do 12r,10r,8r,6r,12 where r denotes a minutes rest before starting the next set of reps, and then immediately without resting do 12 reps of a different excercise for that muscle group - for example you may switch from flys to presses for the chest.

    The group here was reminded to Strive for Perfection - but, Focus on Progress 

    meaning do your best not to get down on yourself if everything didn't work out perfectly today.  Successes you had today included planning your meals the right way, eating more healthy, doing your first BFL workout of this challenge, etc.  As these successes build day to day, your body will be adapting and changing.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Hey all, EdwardR checking in on day one.  I was looking forward to a perfect day, but, my four hour job turned into an 8.5 hour job so I didn't take the extra meals I needed, and couldn't leave to get one.  I did have some protein bars and plenty of water so all was not lost.  Just finished my UBWO.  I didn't totally crank it out as I haven't worked out in awhile, but I did feel each muscle specifically as I worked out and still feel them now!

    Did my before pics last night.  Last time I did this I didn't hang my picture up to look at each day for motivation.  This time I'm using my before pic (a profile of my body) as my screen saver on my droid.  Tell ya what, my belly doesn't fit on the screen with the rest of my torso.  I found another motivator!

  • Hi, psyched to be starting my first BFL - did upper body this morning, and feel great!

  • Good morning all!

    Gosh this forum is so busy its hard keeping up with who's who...  

    I finished my cardio this morning.  I HATE cardio.  But i did it, and i did it well.  Reached minute 16/17 and was just so bored of running there, out of breath, looking at myself in the mirror that i just wanted to give up.  I think thats my excuse...  Im bored.  LOL!  But how can you be bored while running your heart out?  LOL!

    I cant wait for some decent temperatures here in Korea so i can get outside.  Ive never been hiking here and its a HUGE weekend pastime here.  I tried it once and gave up just walking up the road to the bottom of the mountain where you start the hike.  LOL!  I will finish a hike this summer and see what its all about!

    We had a 5 day weekend here last week for Lunar New Year which was great as it fell in my time off from completing my first challenge.  Yesterday was my first day back at the academy i teach at and i forgot to drink my protein shakes.  I only realised that when it reached 7:30pm and i realised im hungry.  So, last night i stayed up to 12am so that i could get another protein shake in and at least have 5 meals for the day.  I think the protein shake made me have nightmares though because i woke up at 3:30AM in a nightmare loop about the ex.  Had to phone the ex to make sure everything was ok and it really just was a dream.  So yea, im still dealing with those issues too.

    Woke up this morning with slight doms in my shoulders, triceps and chest.  Not as much as when i was training with the trainer.  Although they were starting to decrease near the end of my challenge.  A lack of doms to me means that i didnt push hard enough.  Which means Friday i have to push harder than Monday.  Tomorrow is my lower body workout.  Im nervous about this as on my last challenge i hurt my back doing squats on the Smith Machine and had to take a week off and deal with Korean speaking doctors when my Korean is strictly survival Korean.  Think ill stay away from the Smith Machine for my legs.  

    Ok, enough of a letter.  Hope you all having a great time on this workout.  Opti, where are you?  You doing ok???

  • I'm right here.  I've been posting every day (I think.)  Not used to such an active thread!  

    Day 1 of back to healthy eating, and it feels great!!  We had free tickets to wrestling tonight and I survived the concession stand!  I snuck sugar snap peas and a nutrition bar in my purse.  Hubby was eating his salty snacks, then stopped eating once he smelled my peas, and then shared my peas with me!  Yay, go me, for influence!  

    today has been the best I've felt in days, but I also had the day off of work, so that might have had something to do with it, energywise.

    Already feeling some DOMS in my triceps yes!  got my suppers planned out for the next 2 days yes!  going to try a cardio tomorrow and see how it goes.