• Oh and I decided to keep it simple and not count the carbs and proteins too much. The meals I am eating are from this site or the Eating for Life book... So until I get the hang of this, I am just going to trust those and watch the portion sizes. Later I will look at that more closely!

    Thanks for helping!

  • hey guys

    Ok, so completed my first trainerless workout.  It went well.  Some things can be better.  Others were great.  Weather is improving here in Korea.  Makes things little easier not going out in freezing temps!  Day 1 exercise done and dusted.  Another 83 to go.  I have to say that the diet part will be easier this time around.  Even in my rest week i stayed true to the eating plan...  Really has become a way of life...

  • Alright, you guys are all getting me excited!  Great to see you back Develope!!

    that is so true about the tape measure!!  I wasn't happy when I saw my pictures, but comparing waist measurements from 'before' to 'after' was a number I was happy with!

    My 'cold' or whatever it is, is driving me mad!  Racking coughs, little sleep, every afternoon this week I've been WIPED out, just fighting to stay awake where I stand.  My husband said maybe I should see a dr. in case it's not just a simple cold...  so I guess I should.  During my last challenge, I had so much energy and appetite!  And now it's the opposite I just want to scream.

    I'm still going to start tomorrow, but depending on my lungs and energy levels, I'm not sure if I will be fitting all 6 workouts in.  I'm all set for my UBWO tomorrow morning.  Still don't have all my paperwork printed or in order--or my new goals written out, yikes!  

  • I am starting my third challenge.... but I have been off and eating like crap for a year... I miss how I feel when on BFL and I think my fam does too!  I am a 28 year old mom of 3 young kids, with 2 full time jobs I work from home... I NEED THIS!

  • I'm joining you all starting today.  UBWO is done.  Best wishes to all as you begin or continue BFL today.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Jacium,

    Are you referring to where the info for the 0.7-1g protein figure came from?? If so, I believe I read it on the Hussman site...Hussmanfitness.org   The 0.7 grams of protein is for lean body weight, but it's easier to explain the 1g per pound without confusing everyone.

    LOTS of great information there! Check it out.

    Best wishes for EVERYONE's Success!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • good morning to all!

    i'm so glad to be on here, i feel this is really going to be great.  this is my 13th day of the challenge.  i've had 2 really tough days so far, as far as the eating goes, but made it through both.  i've never been in a forum, nor have i been in any groups, but i'm really excited to get to know you all.  today is my day to do upper body.  since i started on the 26th of january, a weds, i've been on a different schedule than most.  

    i am a 44 year old female, 5'7, starting weight was 182.  i am now at 177lbs.  i had never felt so out of shape, and desperate, as i did right before starting this challenge.  my goals are to have more energy, to be able to wear my size 10's again, and to make eating and exercising a part of my lifestyle.  

    wishing everyone a good day:)

  • Day 1, UBWO COMPLETE!!!  I hit some great 10s!  It hurt washing my hair this morning!  hahaha  All this water again...I forgot what it does to ya!  I'm so happy though and I feel great!  Hope you are all having a great day!


  • Just got back from cardio! I decided to weigh this morning since I started Friday. I went from 176.2 to 172.2!

    jjooddyy-great job!

  • Hi all, I'm checking in to let you know you're off to a solid start!  My workout won't happen for another 14 hours, because I am a night-lifter. 

    Debbie MO, thanks for the info on the protein content - I'll try to check it out.  This has been the subject of much discussion throughout the site and this thread as well. I noticed several of us are using the fistpalm-sized protein approach, which will keep things simple.

    You will all be learning a lot about your bodies and about yourselves over the next week, and beyond that for the 84 days.  Good Luck!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Hi

    After viwing my photo at my 55th birthday, I am looking to be the best I can be.

    I went 10 weeks on my last challange and lost 10 lbs.

    I had almost fit in my best jeans until I lost my umph to continue.

    I tried WW but can';t stand counting points and the idea that you can eat anything you want as long as you tally up the points just dosn't bmake good sense.

    I even looked into Atkins but that too was too demanding on what you can't eat.

    I ALWAYS Always find myself going back to the BFL program.

    This will be my 3rd attempt to finally complete this transformation.

    I went ahead and postwd my fatest image ever on my profile and will add the stats this morning.


  • Today is my start date as well.  A very close male friend of mine suggested this program as he had fantastic results with it about ten years ago.  We are now in a head to head challenge with each other......our end reward is a trip to New Orleans.

    I have a question about weight trainnning.  Someone mentioned earlier these numbers-- 12/10/8/6/12 - 12 sequence.  Is the goal to get 60 reps per exercise on every exercise?  In my mind I"ve been thinking 3 set of 12, which is only 36 reps.  Can anyone enlighten me on this?

  • It's 2/7/11.  Good luck to everyone starting today!


    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion

  • Hey guys, I started today as well. Been sticking to the plan so far today, although I did have a nonfat latte :/ I think I neeed to figure out how to drink plain coffee or drop it altogether.

    As my wife (CyanideFury) said earlier, we did our measurements last night. I have a few questions regarding this if anyone has a moment.

    We bought a caliper for body fat % and followed the scale for my wife. She is around 28% (I believe that was correct). For me, I am too overweight so we followed this Navy calculation I found online that does it by measurements. I was skeptical so we also did the measurements on my wife, and the percentage came out to 28%, exactly the same as the caliper.

    My came out to 37%, not surprising. What I was suprised to read is that it said I had about 120ish lbs of fat vs. 220+ lbs of lean muscle. Is this even possible?

    Anyone have comments on how accurate these measurements are and what the margin of error likely is?

    Edit: Just a quick note, I do understand that the 220+ lbs also includes the weight of my bones, organs, etc. (anything that's not fat), but it still seems a bit excessive.

  • Good afternoon everyone! I just wanted to check in! Good job to all so far who've made it a great day!! Can't wait to read what the rest of you have to say!

    I got a late start on my workout. I thought my kids would still be sleeping---they were not! So it took me a little over an hour to get my UBWO done this morning. I couldn't eat all of my breakfast, but I ate as much as I could! It's going to be hard getting used to eating 6 times a day again. I have a busy day, taking daughter to dentist and dance class today. I will take to take food on the run with me!

    Oh, just to let you know, I weighed 175 this morning. I'm hoping in 12 weeks to get down to 155! I also taped myself and will post that later. Gotta run!

    Good luck everyone! I'm proud of us all!! We can do it!

    Nicole =)