• Great question, CyanideFury.  I've been doing this for 97 weeks and I keep asking myself the same question, and no one has ever provided me with a clear citation or reference to the 1 g/lb body weight protein amount.

    The official program guideline is a palm-sized serving of protein at each meal, along with a fist-sized serving of carbs.  I have given references in the past to the USDA food chart, and several sports consultants, none of whom recommend a 1 g protein / lb body weight figure.  If someone can provide the seminal reference, I would love to look it up.


    Here is some information from a previous post I made, along with some bonafide references:

     BFL calls for fist-sized serving of carbohydrates, and palm-size servings of protein.  I don't think there is universal agreement within the fitness community on the optimal amount of protein to consume:

    In Chicago Tribune Magazine, Oct. 24, 2010, an article "Rethinking Protein Powder" by James S. Fell  states most people don't need supplements to achieve their goals, but admits protein powder (& shakes) are a convenience.   The daily dietary reference intake (DRI) is 0.36 g. per pound of body weight, but the folks who sell supplements recommend 1.1 g/lb.  Not surprising eh?  Helps profits.  Anyway, in the article various researchers chime in; one at Northeastern Univerisity recommends  0.45 - 0.54 g/lb for people engaged in endurance training, but the DRI's are adequate for weight lifters.  A highly regarded nutrition consultant, Alan Aragon specializes in bodybuilders, physique models, pro athletes, including LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks hockey and LA Lakers.    He recommends 0.77 g/lb  for those looking to lose fat and build muscle, but only 0.63 g/lb if solely building muscle.  An article from the Journal of International Sports Nutrition showed the optimal results for weighlifting athletes was at 0.72 g/lb.  I haven't found any references going at 1.0 g/lb.  The real shocker is the statement that "researchers from McMaster Univ. in Mailton, Ontario recommended athletes consume a 60% to 65% carbohydrate diet to fuel sport performance - a figure that sends Dr. Atkins fans into apoplexy...."  I'm sure it would.  I think it's understood these would be complex carbs, as we eat.  

    Having read all this, I don't monitor protein all that closely in my diet.

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • I read that somewhere too. I believe it to be true, but am a bit skeptical when it comes to measuring and figuring out exact amounts of food. If it is something you need to do, go for it! I have to keep it as simple as possible or I know I won't follow through with it. I am going by the palm portion size when it comes to all my foods except things like nuts where a half a cup works. I have talked to several nutritionists and they have all said to keep portions about the size of your fist/palm. By all all means measure, I am not telling you not to. Just throwing ideas out there to make it as simple as possible! Good luck!

  • Yes, Bryan has a good point.   There are a lot of experienced BFLr's at the CREW and plenty of motivation there.  However, I find that the thread is so large and cumbersome as to be unwieldy and slow on my computer and also so many people are in there that I can't thoroughly track who's new and doing their first challenge, and who's not


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • starting tomorrow

    here are my before pics just taken within the last hour, im 6ft tall,300lbs, 45%bf, got alot of work to do


  • Good luck everyone on starting the 12 week challenge tomorrow!

    One Life, Live Accordingly

  • 6 pack-good luck. This program works and you can do it!

    My first BFL, I got about .5 to .75 g of protein and my muscles looked awesome after 12 weeks.

    I actually started Friday and will be weighing on Fridays. Last Friday was 176.2. Yikes! How did that happen?

  • Yeah!  Count me in on 2-7-11!!!  

    Also - saw someone asked if you could substitute lean ground beef for ground chicken or turkey.  I read somewhere that if you want to make your lean ground beef a little leaner to brown it, then place it in a strainer and pour boiling water over it.  Personally I've never tried it, but it wouldn't cost anything to try.  

    I've planned some the last week or so during time off from work during the snowstorm, so must finalize plans and do some healthy cooking to stock the fridge/freezer.  

    QUESTION:  Dr. has banned me from lifting over 20 lbs.  (Hernia, argh!)  So, for the past year I've been using a Total Gym as my resistance training.  Anybody else doing this or have any tips?

  • JPT11,

    Come and join the group here if you like - your start date is close enough to ours.  I weighed in this AM at 163.8 lbs, 0.8 lbs heavier than when I completed C1 21 months ago.  I"ll post starting pictures when I get a chance, but I also ended up "ripped" eating the 0.5 to 0.75 g protein per lb body weight.  I'm still hoping one of the BFL Champions or experienced people over at the Coffee Crew can give us the seminal reference for the 1 g / lb protein figure so many others buy into.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • I'm looking forward to starting the challenge tomorrow! My days off work this coming week are actually Monday and Tuesday, so I won't get up too early! But early enough to complete my worksout before my 3 and 4 year old daughters wake up.

    I am going to use a measuring tape tonight. The last time I was trying to work out and lose weight---I didn't lose much weight, BUT after I taped myself, I discovered I lost 17-1/4" off my body! So if you weren't planning on taping yourself, DO! You might be amazed at how much your body is changing, even though the scale doesn't say so. I also try not to be obsessed with the scale. Taping helps! =)

    I look forward to being a better, healthier role model for my kids! I took my before pictures the other night and was just floored! I can't believe how much I've let myself go. But I know in 12 weeks, things will be better! Thank you all for the support and I can't wait to start hearing about your successes as well!

  • Hey everybody don't forget to take before pictures and do some measurements!

    It is huge motivation!

  • Hi there!  I'm starting tomorrow as well.  I was just on the BFL website to print out some information to post on my fridge and decided to check out the forums- glad I did!

    I'm 38 and have gained about 40lbs in the last 3 years.  My theme for 2011 is Healthy, Strong and Confident, and this is a big step towards that.  I weighed myself at 190lbs today for my starting numbers, and hope to have a nice result by my 39th birthday on 5/6.  I'd love to get down to 160 by then, but think i should probably not set that goal, but instead just do the program with my whole self and see where it goes.  I feel like having a goal of 160 and then not reaching it could set myself up for failure in my mind.  

    My main reason in joining this group is that I'm great about starting things... but then end up quitting several weeks in.  I'm not very self disciplined, but I know THE RESULTS ARE WORTH THE WORK!  Lets help each other stay on track!


  • I cant wait to hear how everyone does tomorrow!

  • Good morning guys

    Heading out to do my first upper body workout of challenge 2.  Right through my first challenge I had a personal trainer with me for my weight workouts.  Challenge 2 im doing by myself.  Time to take what i learned and use it.  Thought it best to sign up for a group before i head out.  

    Talk to you all a bit later and let you know how it went.  Good luck!

  • Starting first thing in the morning here. Glad I am not the only one and that we have some support here to help follow through the tough times. Let you know how I make out by the end of day tomorrow.

    6packmission...I am with you

  • My husband and I both did our measurements this evening. We arent taking pics until tomorrow. I've looked at some Success Stories to see how other ladies have fared that are of similar size and shape. (5"4", 130lbs) to aid in my goal making. I noticed that my original goals fell under the "Dream" category and I had to make them more specific.

    I am getting very excited about tomorrow!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!!!