• Can I just pause life for the next 10 1/2 weeks?  Been hectic here.  Something's is always getting sacrificed: either I have to cut my workout short, or I forget part of my day's lunches, or I miss family time at home.  i'm feeling the guilt of not being able to be everywhere at once, but I'm the only one putting that on myself.  Finally got caught up on all my journaling, but still don't have my goals ready.  On my next day off, I should be able to get it done.  I couldn't sleep this morning, so got my cardio done in my basement.

    The other night I was doing my LBWO, failing at deadlifts again and getting frustrated.  I was thinking of dropping them completely.  When I was done with my workout, this really fit woman that I've seen there a lot comes up to me and says, "I was watching you and it looks like you had a great workout!"  I was like 'really?" and explained my deadlift problem.  She talked me into still trying them.  Next time I will alternate deadlifts with lunges.

    We didn't go to the concert tonight, which is fine with me.  We bought some new office furniture and back is sore from moving it.  Next week i have 3 outings, i'm not sure which one to pick my free day yet.

    Cyanide--i like that shirt!

    Kurtzy--sorry about your teenager.  i was having some attitude problems with my 17-yr. old during my last challenge, and at times it was hard to focus on my workouts, I just kept dwelling on it!  But you do what you gotta do, and keep being a positive role model.  It doesn't seem like they're watching now, but subconsciously they are still watching us and how we live our life, and SOMEDAY when they're adults, they will look back on how we lived our life and it will shape their behavior.

  • Im totally freaking out!

    Got on the scale this morning.  Ive picked up 2kg since I last checked!  Dont know whats going on...  Dont tell me 3 SMALL pieces of chocolate makes me pick up 2kg.  Moving up my inbody scan to tomorrow morning.  I need to know where things are going wrong...  And if things are going wrong.  I took photos after weighing and to me my stomach and love handles look smaller than before.  I havent clipped my body hair in 3 weeks though so its all covered in hair and i cant tell definition and things.  Please hold thumbs that its just water retention after starting this program again.  Im so depressed right now.

  • Don't beat yourself up.  Try not to get on that scale it will drive you crazy and make you think all sort of things.  If you've been onpoint with your eating and exercising reaching your 10's you should be ok.

    Check Hussman Fitness for info on why this could be happening.  Here's the link (good stuff) http://www.hussmanfitness.org/html/TSInsideOut.html.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • OptiGirl - What tiime do you workout?  Is it possible for you to workout before everyone gets up in the morning?  This way you get your workout in (your own personal time) and you don't miss family time.

    So you don't forget your meal times, set alarms on your cell phone and your computer.  :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Kurtzy - What is it about cardio that you are struggling?  Try keeping a bar in your car.  If it's warm weather where you are use a cooler.  I usually keep one in my purse so I don't miss an authorized meal.  Also see if you can copy and shrink either the food list in the book or from this website.  Fold it up and keep it in your wallet.  This way when you are caught without a meal and have to eat out you can stay on track.  Just remember to use your hand to determine your portion sizes. :-)

    As for your teenager, I hope you figure it out.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Don't get down on yourself develope! Like what many others have been saying here, the scale can be a source of much anxiety. Have you considered measuring yourself with a tape measure, muscle weighs more than fat so the weight gain that is depressing you is most likely the lean muscle gains.  Before you get your inbody scan, measure yourself at the neck, chest, and  your belly button and/or any other areas then check again the next time you choose to measure, weigh and scan yourself. Don't beat yourself up!

  • I have a question for the panel.  I've figured I need approx. 32g of Carbs and 32g of protein per meal.  Can I over carbohydrate or over protein(ize) at a meal?  For example, this morning for breakfast I had one of my favorites.  1.5 cups of vanilla yogurt (42g of carbs, 10g of protien) mixed with a small sized orange (12g carbs) grapes, half an apple, a mix of vanilla protein powder (25g protien) and topped with 1/3 cup oat and honey granola (24g carbs), and a small glass of nonfat organic milk (10g protein).  I'm at about 45g protein and 78g carbs in this meal.  All good, healthy food but is it too much? I couldn't find anything in the book.   Any thoughts? This discussion board has been so busy, I thought I'd let the dust settle before posting another question.  Hope everyone is progressing forward!

  • EdwardR, glad to see you are still here!  How have your workouts been?  Have you weighed in?  Are you doing okay?  Don't be a stranger!  The more support we see here, the better!  

    I've never really scrutinized the whole carb/protein thing.  I've just eaten proportionately the foods that are approved.  This time though, I am looking at labels and really trying to get more protein in.  So I'll be looking forward to hearing responses.  Your breakfast sounds yummy!  :)

    Checking in everyday keeps me accountable.  My husband could care less about my workouts and what I ate.  He's missing out on a huge part of me right now and it could be so easy to give up.  So I need this board to keep me going.  As I'm typing this, I'm just realizing it.  I wish I could get him on board!  He said yesterday that he got on the scale and that he's 266lbs.  It's what he's been at for like 5 years.  He said, "Isn't that good?"   I asked him if he was happy with it and he said no, but that he was happy it wasn't more.  I just stayed quiet.  He's in denial.  I don't know what to do about it.  He gets very defensive and it's a sensitive topic.  But at least he got on the scale.  Warmer weather always makes him antsy to do something.  So I wait patiently.   Sorry to rant.  But this is why I need everyone here.  And I plan to keep you accountable and support your efforts too!  

    My Dad used to say this all the time and though it irked me as a teenager (it was on a post-it on our bathroom mirror), I love it now.  "Your attitude determines your altitude!"  Game on!


  • I started on the program on 7 Feb and the whole its been good so far, even it does mean getting up earlier and going to the gym before work. I am determined to go all the way on this program and achieve goals of losing weight and gaining in muscle. All would say to people who started on this program to keep going no matter what.

  • Hi everyone,

     Feeling very frustrated.  Out of work sick all week with bronchitis and flu symptoms.  Missed two cardio workouts because of severe shortness of breath and coughing spells.  I'm not giving up. Did UBWO and LBWO as best as I could being as sick as I have been.  Have stuck to meal plan.

     Nutrition question:  I bought two cases of EAS carb advantedge premade shakes before I actually read all about the program.  These shakes only have 5gms of carbs.  Is it ok for me to use these as a meal replacement or should I be adding another carb source?  I am 36% body fat and have lots to lose.  Any recommendations?

     Good job to all!!!  

  • Any of the shakes that say Carb Control or Carb Advantage on them needs to have a carb added.  These are not considered complete meals otherwise. :-)  As for what carb to have, check the food list in the book (page 83) or on this website under the Library tab above.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • moxiekidsmom - I bet by you doing what you are with BFL and your husband seeing the results he will come around and join you after (if not sooner) your 12 weeks.  I've seen that happen on these threads.  So keep on keeping on you'll be a walking BFL billboard before long. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Ouch, my back is still stiff, I hope today's UBWO and walking around will loosen it up.  I've been feeling super stressed lately, but don't have a reason to!  I don't know why I'm letting myself get like this.  It's not like I have an excuse, well except for worrying about money, but I always do that.  Other than that, I don't have a large family to take care of, I just have the 1 fulltime job at the moment, and nothing drastic is going on.  I was working an extra job b4 this challenge, but was so busy I never had time to cook, and a good portion of what I made went straight to takeout food and convenience services.  

    Dev.--I am sure that your weight gain is nothing to worry about.  Remember, sometimes we'll gain, sometimes we'll lose.  It won't always be consistent.  But in the end--we always lose body fat!  There are some people that seem to lose a little every week, but I don't think everyone is like that.  I bet anything your muscle is starting to accumulate, and that along with other little factors is making the gain.  Remember to take those tape measurements!

    moxie--I'm so sorry about your husband, I know I've said it b4, but I just feel for you.  I can almost relate to you, I know when my husband talks about some new goal that he wants to accomplish, there's this part of me that expects he won't follow through.  that sounds bad, and I can never tell him that.  I try to stay patient too, and when those moments come where he talks about getting in shape, I support him.  And when they're gone, I just go 'oh well.'  Nagging my husband WILL NOT work, so I don't even try.  Mine stepped on the scale too after my first challenge!  He wasn't happy with the number, then said he wanted more healthy food in the house.  At the same time, he asked for certain junk food items from the store!  He gets digestive problems and sick all the time!  It gets so frustrating.

    He did recently start a new project (not fitness related) that involves setting goals and planning his time efficiently.  We're sort of on the same wave length regarding making good use of our time.  If he stays commited to this goal, it may actually give ME more 'alone' time to get all the stuff done I need to do.    

  • whoa, 4 new posts went up while I was typing!

    Sharon--I work out at all times of the day, whatever works out with mine and my husband's schedules.  We both have always changing shifts, sometimes 1st shift, sometimes 2nd, any day of the week.  It usually works out well.  Sometimes my suppers are at a good time like 6pm, other times they're late and then I carefully select what I eat for that supper.

    I see a lot of people wake up at 5 am, to always get their morning workouts done.  Does that mean you all go to bed really early too then?  AT night is usually family time and planning tomorrow's workout and meals.  I wish I could go to bed earlier.

    busynurse--I use the carb control shakes a lot too as one of my 6 meals for the day.  But after a workout I like to use a balanced protein/carb ratio.  I am a little releived now to hear that I could add a little more carb to them!  I tend to get carb heavy on some of my other meals, so maybe this will balance out.

    edward--it almost seems like too many carbs in that breakfast?  1 1/2 cups of yogurt?  I think it sounds good, just too much of a good thing?  But I don't know I'm female and wouldn't be able to eat that amount of food.  Have you tried Greek Yogurt?  It has like double the amount of protein than regular yogurt.  And you can find it in vanilla flavor.

  • OptiGirl - I'm usually in the gym between 4-4:30 a.m.  I'm up between 3 and  4 am it just depends.  Most of the time my body clock gets me up.  A good bedtime for me is between 8-9 p.m.

    I wouldn't worry about how late you eat.  As long as you are eating the BFL way and working hard when you exercise, you'll be ok.  My last meal is usually right at bedtime.  I eat that and go right to bed.  It hasn't been negative experience at all.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!