• I'm just rolling along, been really busy with work and taxes, and can't find much time to check in here.  Free Day is definitely one of the most discussed aspects of the BFL program - there was a thread called "Cheat Day" that you can search and see various opinions.  I have to wonder why anyone would eat stuff that makes them feel lousy, and IMHO, it's best to excercise moderation with Free Days, and that's what I generally do.  I made up my cardio yesterday on the treadmill, and it felt great.  I was sprinting all out for part of it...

    Moxie, I would get the speed up at 0 incline, then maybe by week 4 or so once your legs have strengthened a bit, consider putting the incline to 1 or 1.5 and try it out.  There are plenty of workouts remaining, so you can consider it an experiment!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Hi Team

    Had a great cardio this morning.  All is well and back on track.  

    Question about the inbody scan thing...  I dont know if its the right word but thats what it says on the paper i get.  Its a free machine at gym that they use to calculate ur weight and body fat.  You stand on it holding these two arm thingies and then it does its calculations.  I dont know how it works but its what i use to determine my progress.  You get a printed paper with all your muscle, body water, fat, body fat percentage, BMI etc...  Hope this helps.

  • Hi everyone,

    Hope everyone had a good valentine's day.  Its amazing how much chocolate people tried to give me yesterday and Im a guy.  How don't know how you ladies do it especially when your trying to remain committed to a "diet".  

    I wanted to comment on the Cheat Day.  Every week I allow myself one day where I eat as much of what ever I want.  After doing a lot of research, I've found that when you commit to a structured diet that is low in calories and saturated fats the body really responds from the spike in calories and fats once a week because it “increases fat-loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate doesn’t downshift from extended caloric restrictions”.  This has proven to be true for me.  The following is how much I weighed the morning before (MB) my cheat day, the morning of my cheat day (MCD) and two days after my cheat day (2ACD).

    Week 1: MB = 279lbs, MCD = 278.5 lbs, 2ACD = 276 lbs

    Week 2: MB = 275lbs, MCD= 275 lbs, 2ACD / Day 1 B4L = 272 lbs

    Week 3: MB = 267lbs, MCD= 267lbs, 2ACD/Today = 264 lbs

    Congratulations to everyone for getting to week 2 of B4L! For all of you who are battling colds, minor injuries, and other life hurdles keep up the GREAT work! Your commitment and resilience will help to motivate me when I encounter these hurdles as I’m sure they are on the way.

  • I agree with you Act. When my husband and I did BFL, we ate what we wanted on the free day and still had phenomenal results after the 12 weeks. This time around I'm trying to stick to one meal.

    Just got back from my upper body workout. Still going strong and feeling great. Until it's time to clean the house. Then I'll suddenly be depressed and have no energy.

  • I wish my gym had a inbody scan like that.  But I don't pay a whole lot, so I suppose they wouldn't.

    I did a mid-intense cardio yesterday, and didn't cough and it felt easy, so I think I'm ready for HIIT again!  Today is UBWO after work for me.  Yesterday we had no electricity for a few hours which caused some chaos in the house, but I still managed to pack my healthy lunches and work out, which was good since I had to shower at the gym!

    Tomorrow I sure hope to get my workout in, I have another chaotic day, ending with a concert that I think will have a 2 drink minimum.  Not sure how to handle that.  Purchase soda, but don't drink it?  

    Yesterday for one of my meals, I threw together yogurt and protein powder.  I've done this b4 with whey, and it turned out nicely, especially after letting it sit for a few hours to blend and soften and not be so gritty.  This time I used my Raw organic sprout powder and after a few hours it turned to soup.  It was still edible (had to drink it), but I wondered what turned it so liquid-y.  I'm gonna have a hard time finishing this powder, it is like nutty chalk.  But it's the healthiest most wholesome powder I've got.

  • Thanks Jacium-I will start with speed!

    2drink minimum concert Opti?  Sounds fancy!  How about soda water?  I've never tried it but a friend of mine only drinks it for soda.  

    After reading a few posts here and in others, I've really looked into my protein and have decided I am surely NOT getting enough.  I'm going to up it.  

    My daughter is home sick today so I did a cardio workout "On Demand."  It was killer.  Made me think I'm not pushing myself enough either.  Ugh.  I'm feeling a bit low in self-esteem today.  I know that no matter what I do with not pushing enough or eating exactly right, it's still WAY better than before.  I'm starting to rethink things and try to tweak a bit more.  It's an everchanging process I guess.

    My husband said that he got sick of seeing BP's face on my BFL jounal so I cut his picture out and pasted in on it.  My kids (11,9 and 7) all thought it was pretty funny.  Even my hubby chuckled.  I hope you all have a great day today!


  • I am very excited I made it throughmy class valentine's party! I had to stick gum in my mouth and chew it in order to avoid sticking in all of the other goodies! I even got a text from my very encouraging husband that said, "chew chew chew"!

    So I think I am going to start trying to use EAS Reload. Lorig2727 used it with great results and my husband says he can tell a huge difference now that he has started using it. Anyone else using supplements?

    On my cardio, I kept the same numbers for the treadmill, but upped the incline to a 2, from a 1. I definitely hit a 10!

    I need to up my protein, too! I am trying to figure out how. I'd like to add a scoop of protein powder mixed with a liquid in at some point... but do i just add it to any one of my other meals?

    Oh... I went to buy my son some new tennis shoes the other day at Foot Locker and there was a cute shirt that said "EVERY DAMN DAY! Just Do it!" --- (It was a Nike shirt)--- But anyway, I loved that slogan so I bought it... That is just the feeling I have right now! I feel like I am invincible with this program!-- Just thought I would share!

  • I use EAS CLA and EAS Reload (formerly known as Betagen).  If you are going to take after photos, it is suggested you stop using Reload 10 days from day 84.  Using Reload results in a little bloating but nothing to worry about.  You will look so lean and you'll notice it by day 84 and your photos will look fabulous. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • ActAccordingly,

    Definitely do what works for you regarding the free days.    But, I wanted to point out that we're not supposed to limit calorie intake so severely that it causes the type of metabolic shutdown you mention.  A lot of folks carrying excess weight will be running a calorie deficit, but it's not supposed to be that deep of one.....I recall the book discusses this as well.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Hi guys

    Seems like the forum is dying around a little.  Hope everyone is still with us and going strong.  Had a good workout this morning.  All this talk of Valentines Day is making me feel bad.  I had a small chocolate on Monday and 2 small chocolates yesterday.  Im eating clean the rest of the time.  Since this is challenge 2 im trying to incorporate normal living into challenge 2.

    Today had a great workout.  Still giving my best there....  Saturday night my friend is leaving Korea and i have to go out clubbing to say goodbye.  I really dont want to go.  REALLY REALLY dont want to go!!!  :-(

  • I'm still fighting here!  I had a good UBWO but only hit 10s on my biceps, the rest were definitely 9.5s.  I was sweating!  I've got a long day ahead of me but I've planned my food and am going to put all the positive energy out there I can!  :)

    Dev., why don't you want to go clubbing?  Have you been before?  Do you know what to expect?  Can you plan for it?  Use it as your day off?  Or call in sick?!  Life happens.  BFL teaches us to expect it and if we can, to plan for it.  There's gonna be more clubbing to be had...what can you do to turn it into something that works for you?  Enjoy life!  You deserve all the happiness you can have!  :)  Besides, all that moving HAS to be burning calories right?  Or is the REALLY REALLY not wanting to go part about saying goodbye?  We're here for ya.  Hang in there!

    Cyanidefury-I LOVE THAT SHIRT!!!!  Every DAMN DAY!!!!

    Have a great day everyone!  :)


  • I'm still here. Been sticking to the eating schedule to a T, haven't wavered once. Very proud of myself for that.

    Already had good days and bad days at the gym. Today wasn't great because I decided to up my weight and ended up completely zapped of all energy by the last set. Got up a little later too and didn't get to completely finish. Also the people puttering around the gym in the mornings and doing about 3 reps of everything and getting in my way are starting to wear a little thin too. Do something or get out of the way! I know it's terrible but it's hard not to get frustrated with the "putterers".

    Anyway glad to see everyone still hanging strong, my wife and I are in it to win it, and I keep telling myself, as FormerlyFatMatt did, "No one is going to work harder than me". Our champs, and even non-champs (personal champs!) are very inspirational here, you guys are the best!

  • Hello everyone!

        Last couple of days have been rough. Kept up with the workouts, but had subway a couple of times too! My 14 yr old is giving my wife and I "attitude." Really affects my mental state, trying to figure out how how to deal with him. Probably just the age.

    Been struggling with cardio so I am going to try something different. I got it from a trainer named Yuri on you tube.  Gotta go for now. I will tell you about the HIIT and the awesome protein mocha that some of the ladies turned me on to! Plus writing on this phone stinks....it makes up its own words!  

  • I'm still here! I hope everyone is doing great.

  • I'm still here!  Just bee-boppin' along!  

    MattM-  You haven't wavered once!  That is impressive!  

    As far as when you hit a bump.  In the book he says if you mess up a meal, don't blow the whole day or the whole diet,  just get back on track for the next meal.  I find if you have this attitude, you're going to have a more positive outlook through this program and after.  For me, attitude is everything!!!  I really don't slip up much, but like last Saturday at the beach when I had nothing but granola bars, I just had to tell myself that it'll be okay and that my next meal will be clean.  Before, if I messed up, I would have blown the whole day, or even the week, and just said I would start again on Monday.  You can't do that!

    ActAccordingly - Thanks for posting your weights for the free day!  That's some great info!

    CyandieFury - Funny about the gum...LOL!!  It's nice that you have such a supportive husband :)

    Take Care  :)