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  • Hi, everyone,

    My wife and I just started the BFL program on the 24th and we're really excited about it. She started with her upper body workout on Monday and I did the cardio in the meantime. On our second day(today) we switched, she did cardio and I did the UBWO. Half way through I started having some nausea and I even threw up. After this I had some water and finished my workout.

    I was just wondering if this has ever happened to anybody else. My workout was pretty intense, which may have been the cause... even though I followed the guidelines from the book (with lower weights, of course).

    Let me know what you think, what could I do differently to avoid this in the future. I didn't have anything to eat before my workout just 2 cups of lemon water.



  • Hey Levi, congratulations for starting BFL you have made the first step to a better looking and feeling you!

    Sounds like you had a great workout! If it has been a while since you have lifted (or in fact never) then your body sometimes goes into 'what the heck just happened?' mode. It has happened to me on a number of times when I start back after a rest or if I have a gruelling session, although I have never puked. I do know of many guys who have though, I guess it's all down to how strong your stomach is. I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens again. As you get used to the weights and you increase them) a lot of the early pain goes.

    Just be careful as there is a lot of flu going about at present and a sweaty gym with all those barbells is a heaven for germs to breed. I carry ant-septic hand lotion everywhere and I always wipe down before and after I use a piece of equipment.

    Good luck and I hope you reach your goal!

  • Levi,

    Embracing an exercise routine that your body is not used to is possibly giving you the nausea. It's a sign that you are exerting yourself to the max. Nausea is the bodies way of reacting to something it's not used to.  When your blood sugar drops significantly after extreme exertion that's what brings on the nausea.

    Make sure you do not hold your breath when training as this will raise your blood pressure and cause dizzyness or nausea.  Also I would suggest that you hydrate yourself extremely well. Take your training down a notch and see how your body reacts.

    Take care,


  • Thanks for your reply.

    It is true, I have never really worked with weights before at least not in such a conscious and organized way. I've had a set of 15 pounder under the bed for a while...

    That early pain just starts kicking in, so we'll see how long it'll last:).

    Fortunately I don't have to worry about the flu part since we work out at home with dumbbells and an elliptical.

    I won't have UBWO for a couple of days, so we'll see what happens.

  • Thanks Lori for your input!

    I do feel that I pushed myself to my limit on my first day... I guess I really want to win the challange:)

    Lori I saw your transformation pictures and I have to say HATS OFFbefore you!!!

    Did you ever eat before you did the weight training? Or you did in on an empty stomach?

    I have to drink more during the excercises as well...

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Levi,

    I love your enthusiam! I had to eat before weight training and cardio or I would feel light-headed. Thank you for your compliments. Just imagine, in 84 days you and your wife will have energy from sunset-to-sundown  look fantastic and be the best you can be. Pace yourself so you don't burn out.

    Make it happen!


  • I don't think there's a reason to take the training down a notch.  Plenty of high performance athletes train until nauseous or even until puking.  You want to make sure you're safe of course, but it's often just a sign you are working it.  That's actually when you are burning the most.  I'm pleased when I walk away from my workout feeling somewhat sick.. 

    You aren't used to working out like that and your body reacted.  Assuming your doctor feels it's safe for you to do a program like this, you are all good.

    Some can't workout on an empty stomach and that's fine, but most can and if possible, do so. 


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Jessica-Mighty Max,

    Work out till your sick? You feel pleased when you walk away from your workout sick. Is that what body for life promotes? I never heard of such a thing... Throwing up.... am I missing something?

    He should take it down a notch.


  • Lori,

    we're both looking forward to the energy from sunset-to-sundown:)... with two kids (2years and 4 months) we really need all the energy we can get.

    BTW my wife would like to know what ab excercises you used to get those abs. Those "after" were made right after the initial 12 weeks?

    Thanks for taking time and replying.

  • Jessica,

    Thanks for your reply! I think I will do the same reps and weights next time, too. If I puke again, than I'll make adjustments. I feel that if I take it easier I may slow down my progress.

    The other thing that may have caused the nausea is that I may have rushed a little before changing weights and not waited 1 minute... I think this is an other thing I have to watch next time.

    The problem is we have a limited time before the kids wake up in the morning (we start at 5:30am) so I had to finish quickly...

  • LeviA, please define the lemon water. Is that water with lemon or flavored carbonated water? Water with lemon could have made your stomach too acid especially if you hadn't had anything to eat. And carbonation, well that can do all kinds of things to your digestive tract.

    I have sometimes felt nauseated after intense cardio, but never following weight training. I think that throwing up is a sign that you need to adjust something. If you don't have any other symptoms of illness, I suspect it was your choice of beverage.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Saralynn,

    Lemon water is basically 2 cups of spring water and half a lemon squeezed into it with a teaspoon of honey. Lemon water actually has a lot of health benefits:

    We drink it mainly for detoxifying our bodies and also because it aids weight loss.

    Sodas have been on our no-no list for the past 5 years.

  • Let me clarify - I walk away feeling queasy (not actually sick) and yes, that's a good thing.  That's a fat burning zone.  I only puked once and at the time was working out with a trainer.  He gave me a high five. 

    Levi - Just in case you are doing this, do not take vitamins before working out or on an empty stomach.  Many have gotten sick from this.

    Don't take it down a notch, but do listen to your body.  If it's good form (a must) and you are not light headed (which is a concern) then proceed my friend. 

    You already picked up about the cadence.  You don't think you need that minute, but you sure do!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I like lemon water myself, I'm just sayin' maybe not on an empty stomach right before vigorous exercise. Try drinking plain water before your workout, and have the lemon water after you have cooled down or eaten breakfast. if it doesn't make a difference, you can go right back.

    Regardless of the merits of puking after exercise, good lord it is unpleasant (and not just for the puker). I've speculated many mornings whether the real reason for waiting to eat until an hour after cardio to eat was to avoid it.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Hi Levi,

    You certaintly do need extra energy to keep up with your little ones!! On how I would love to hold a 4-month old!! I have a wonderful teenage daughter but miss having a baby around.

    I finished my 12-week transformation in November and am now in maintance mode.

    For abs I perform hanging leg raises, bender ball crunches, twists with 15 pounds, and reverse crunch. I change it up weekly. Although the bender ball crunches are not essential I like them because it does not strain the neck. Here is a link that shows the exercises with the ball.

    Make everyday count!