• is there a topic or main link on the forums for Canadians?

  • I don't think there is a topic or link for Canadians, but it is a good idea. There are quite a few of us here from all parts of the country. I live in BC. You?

  • Vegreville, Alberta Canada, about an hour out of  Edmonton, that's why I find these online forums really useful living in a small rural community.

    I usually go onto the Canada site.  but the forums are really basic... nothing like this here.

  • This forum is full of positive and supportive people. I live in Osoyoos, BC which I also a small town. This forum is great for keeping in contact with like minded people. Where are you in your challenge?

  • I did a really great 12 week challenge and entered in 2009... since then a lot of LIFE has happened.  I am planning on starting a 12 week challenge on Monday, Jan. 24, 2011 - and You?

  • I completed two challenges in 2010 and have continued to eat and train BFL style since. It has totally changed my life! I was brave and put pics on my profile. LIFE does happen. That is part of the reason I stay active on this forum. It is a way to be accountable and keep healthy living a priority in my life. I do not want to go back to that lazy man I used to be. You must be excited to start another challenge! My second challenge was hard but very rewarding.

  • good for you Orrin. that's another reason I really like these forums.  understanding people. support, and getting a glimpse of the "end of the tunnel" through other people experiences.  It makes it something to look forward to, it seems more real

  • Welcome to the forums Lynda. Always nice to see another Canuck around here.

  • Absolutely. When you look at the before and after pics in the BFL book you think "Can I do that?" Then when you show them to friends and family there is often a lot of negative feedback like "those pictures are photoshopped" or "it takes two years for a transformation like that". But this forum is full of real people who changed their lives with BFL.

  • Fine words of wisdom as always from Orrin.

    I'm gearing up for my second challenge. Got to finish the job for beach season here in the sunny Okanagan.

  • Hi BCbill, Orrin, and good to see you on these forums too Lynda.  Winnipeg here.  Did a challenge in the spring of 2010.  Started a second challenge in the fall but a fishing injury put me out of commission for a few weeks and then just couldn't get back into it properly.  Hoping to start another one on Feb. 7th but I have a knee x-ray tomorrow so it will all depend on that.

    Train to grow, not for show!

  • Mustafa from Ontario - dont ask the city because now days I am bumping all over the province :)

    Glade to see fellow Canadians here, I already exchanged forum messages with Luckylynda and BoltsFan and really looking forward to meet up with many more Canucks like Orrin and BCbill.

    Orrin - really liked your transformation pics, awesome.

    I am familiar with BFL from quite a few years but never actually went for it though now I have decided to give my best.

    Was planning to start on 1st of Feb after interacting with a few forum members now I strongly feel that I need to spend a at least a couple of weeks learning about different things related to Nutrition, Workout, Supplements etc. etc. in short how to successfully adapt and follow the life style that can help me to get awesome results.


  • Hi All, Claude here from Ottawa, this is my first real challenge doing with my daughter 17 and son 14. So far still working out the food plan. Started Jan 3. I think the kids are starting to get the eating part finally. My daughter is understanding the weight training but it goes against the way she is wired meaning to train to failure, she told me last night after our workout that if the plan say 12 she has to do twelve even if it means stopping and continuing. Still tying to get her to train to fatique ( failure in her mind.).

  • Saskatchewan born and raised.

  • wow this is really great so far... so many Canadians for support.  Of course I don't mean to exclude any of the wonderful US friends, but Canadians (I feel) have a general underdog mentally, like we are sometimes excluded or left out of special offers, buying online, contests, etc...   it's just a refreshing way to connect with other Canadians who may feel buried in by non stop snow... (this is going on in Alberta right now) etc.. etc...

    Already there are many people I recognize from the forums, this is great!!