To enter the BFL Challenge or Not?

  • Hello my name is William and I am 48 years old, I am 6ft 5in tall and 280 lbs. I will soon  be 49 in April.  I have done the BFL challenge before but did not enter the contest. I was 40 when I did the BFL challenge the first time and I was only 250 lbs at the time. I followed the program for 12 weeks and lost 30 lbs and I felt great. I wanted to continue but I had to stop because my wife had become ill and I had to stop to take of her.  Anyway here I am at 48 and 280 lbs.  I am going to do BFL the challenge again and I want to the most out of the BFL challenge as possible and more. My problem is the $$$ part. I do not just want to do the BFL challenge, I would like to enter the BFL challenge. The products that EAS requires you to use are expensive and I can afford to buy the products for the whole 12 weeks.  Any sugestions?   I am going to do the BFL challenge!  I am just trying to decided if I can afford to enter the contest, because if I am then I Really want to make sure I am following the program as best as I can. Also I want to lose weight about 40 lbs but I would like to replace it  with 30 lbs of muscel, Any ideals as to the best way to do this?   Any advice would be greatly appricated!                 William

  • William - Welcome!  I would highly recommend you officially enter the Contest.  It really does impact accountability.  When not in Contest it's too easy to have an "extra" free day here and there and next thing you know you're more off than on.  You are only required to use 1 product.  You can even order a tube of L-glutamine online and that will take care of your obligation.  That's about $15.  Keep in mind that you pay for food now and I'm sure that includes snacks.  Getting one EAS / Abbott product is far less than that.  I know it's not cheap to eat healthy so certainly I respect that.  Remember that it's more affordable than bad health.  All the best to you.  Please let us know how you're journey is going. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Hi Jessica and thank you!  I thank you for the advice and will think about doing that, but what I also want to know is if there is a EAS product that I can replace the individual rtd shakes with like a tub I guess you would call it, like maybe a powdered shake mix that would go a lot further that I could use that would give me that result as the individual powder shake packets or the rtd shakes and use as a meal reaplacement. Thank you! William

  • EAS makes the Myoplex in powdered packets and that's called MRP (meal replacement packets).  It's a savings and if you have enough of them it adds up, but they are still pricey to many.  You can get a tub of whey protein powder.  That's not the whole meal, but that and an apple make a meal. 


    Enter the Contest!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Thank you Jessica!  I will considerate!!!!!  Any other adivice would be welcomed. Thank you again!!!!

  • I know you didn't want RTD's, but Advantedge cost less than Myoplex, and I like those for busy hectic days, just shake it and peel off the top.  I can even find them at my Walmart for $4-5 for a 4-pack.  tthey are an EAS product as well.  

  • Hi OptiGirl!  Thanks for the advice!  I would love to be able to take the RTD shakes, but I can not afford as I am unemployed and looking for another job. I am right now in the process of reading the Body for Life book and planning out my exercises and meal plans so that when I am able to start the challenge that I will be able to give 110%  when I start.