• I am starting BFL on Monday. I know creatine is a major component of the Myoplex supplements.  I have read that there is a chance for your body to stop producting creatine on it's own if you use this alot for supplementation so this is my one and only concern regarding the BFL program.  Anyone have any thoughts about the use of creatine?  It obviously helps with muscle growth but I don't want to begin using something that my body may no longer produce one I stop using it....and I don't want to be dependent on supplementation for the rest of my life.

    Any guidance would be appreciated!  Thanks!

  • Read this and the following 6 pages.

    There is no proof that the body will stop producing.

    I am on week two and just started supplementing with glutamine and creatine.

  • Creatine is not required for doing BFL.  Plenty of people choose not to take it.  I've never heard of someone no longer producing it, but suppose anything is possible.  Also, define "a lot".  The amount you get from 3 servings of Reload per day is a perfectly healthy amount for most people.  Many feel they benefit from the supplement, but again, it's not required at all. 

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  • Thanks for that link, cp2011!

    Signed -

    A Creatine User ;)

    PS - go for it, steph! Have a good start! :)

  • Hi Jessica

    I don't have the book with me but does't Bill suggest creatine to someone in the q&a section?


  • There is a big bit in the Body for Life Champions book about Creatine being a wonder supplement. I have been taking a teaspoonful in my morning shake after exercise everyday since starting last week and so far so good.

  • Chris - Yes, it's absolutely suggested, but not required.  I use it and like my results.  Others don't like to use supplements. 

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  • I use Reload 3x daily.  I love it. 

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  • I started out taking 5 g. a day creatine monohydrate and asked my doctor about it during my annual checkup - she said I could take more with no problem. So, now I take 10 g. per day, plus Muscle Armor, and sometimes Reload...


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  • I have been mixing my creatine with hot oats - rather than a protein shake. Do you think that affects it all - the heat I mean not being with oats.

  • Antinous-

    I have been taking Creatine since the start of my BFL journey 6 weeks ago and really notice a difference on the recovery front. It also seems to give me that extra little push over the edge to get a couple of extra reps out, but that could be just a placebo i guess. Anyway my point is that the guy at the local supplements shop told me recently that Creatine Monohydrate works better when mixed with a simple carbohydrate like apple juice after your workout, so I guess there would be no problem mixing it with oats.

    He said before you workout best just to take it with water.

  • Are you taking creative on "free days"??

  • Antinous,

    I read that creatine degrades at 303 degrees Celsius therefore adding it to hot water is fine. I take it on my off days. As The Searcher reiterated, I too have been told to mix it with a simple carbohydrate.



  • Oats are a complex carb.  Creatine needs to be mixed with a simple carb for ultra quick delivery.  That's why Reload has sugar. 

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  • I stopped my Betagen (reload) a couple weeks ago 'cuz I heard that was good for picture taking at Week 12.  I think I can tell... I don't have quite as much oomph as  I used to.  For C2 I will restart the rest of my Betagen until it's gone, but I don't plan on continuing to buy reload.  Think I will look into just Creatine though.  I only want to use supplements now, but not forever.