1st week for me!

  • My husband and I started Body for Life on Monday.  I am having a hard time with the symptoms that are coming along with the change in diet.  Headaches, stomach aches, etc.  I think my body is in shock!  I was having SO much sugar before this week that I think it isn't sure how to react.  I ended up eating more carbs than I was 'supposed to' last night and this afternoon to curb the pain.  Anyone else having the same problems?

    The workouts are awesome!  I hired a trainer on Monday to teach me the upper body workout and it was well worth it!  I am so sore! 

  • Sara,

    I've been there before.  The first week is often the hardest, just remember why you started.  The symptoms will go away.  Headaches are very often a sign of chemical withdraw.  While it may be carb withdraw, it could also simply be lack of caffine / sodium which was in your diet before.  You will get over it and perhaps more important, you will feel better.

    Don't be surprised if a week from now your joints don't hurt.  Simple sugars and carbs are bad in that regard as are carbonated beverages.  Really it's just growing pains and I would encourage you to push through it, it will become more manageable.

    Additionally, I would also like to say that I've started a thread: "Starting Jan 17th, 2011, Care to Join Me?"  It's not just for people starting on the 17th, it's really for everyone starting in January.  Already we've a 5 to 7 people who launched their program on te 10th and I would encourage you to participate.  



  • Sara,

    Best of luck to you and your husband!!!

    It will get better...that's just all the junk leaving your bodies : )

    Great advice from Brian...just remember the WHYs and you'll do fine!

    All the best!


  • Sara,

    Sugar addicts unite! Sugar withdrawl was something I presonally went through. The first two weeks were brutal, I had headaches, cravings and fatique. Once you get through the first few weeks fruits and other natural foods will taste sweeter and you body adapts to the change.

    If you slip up, forgive yourself, have some protein to stabilize your blood sugar, brush your teeth, drink a cup of mint tea, take a walk or do whatever it takes to get back on track in a sugar-free groove.

    I enjoy cake decorating and believe it or not I can make a 3-tier wedding cake and not even want a taste. Hang in there- you can do this!


  • "I enjoy cake decorating and believe it or not I can make a 3-tier wedding cake and not even want a taste. Hang in there- you can do this!"

    Lori... you are my HERO!! I wish I could say the same. So I just don't make the wedding cakes :(

  • Sara - stick with it, don't let the 'carbodemons' win! They don't have your best interests at heart. :) I plan to hire a trainer for a couple hours once I get my exercises down, so that they can help me find the most effective/efficient form. One of them pointed out to me today that I was stepping too far forward when doing lunges. Great tip - my quads started burning more right away. :)

    Thread Hijack - for good reason, tho!

    Wow, Rob-n-Jen - just checked your blog - GREAT progress so far! (Good blog, too!) Keep it up!