Question about products

  • Hi guys!  I'm brand new to this Challenge and have a question about products.  I need and want to loose body fat, weight and I want a fantastic, defined body.  I know I have one under all this mess hiding it... Anyways, which products should I be taking?  I'm confused and don't understand what the difference is between Myoplex Lite and the Myoplex Carb Control.  I don't believe that carbs are bad but I know there's a difference between good and bad carbs.  I need advice... thx!  :)

  • I highly recommned that you call the EAS 800#, they can tell you exactly what will help you without anything extra or things you don't need.

    Good carbs are listed in the book.  If you use carb control anything, you'll need to add a good carb from the list to that shake, in example carb control shake+apple = meal.

    Myoplex lite has equal carbs and protein and is considered a complete meal, Carb control doesn't and is an incomplete meal.

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  • Awesome!  Thanks Champster!

  • Are the shakes and protein bars a must with this program or can you substitute them with something else?

  • Mrod- I believe you have to use one EAS product to enter the challenge but no you don't have to have the protein shakes, or bars everyday. The best thing to use when planning meals is the food list on page 83 of the original Body for Life book.

    Latindiva- good luck with your challenge!!!!

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