New Year - New Outlook - Start Jan. 3rd :)

  • I'm still here as well!  Had a rough end of the week because we had to move out of our house for 3 days while our floors were being refinished.  I was able to take some of my meals, but I did have to eat out a couple of times.  I tried to make good food choices, but was limited at times.  I didn't gain any weight, but didn't lose this week either.  My clothes are for sure fitting better and can tell my stomach is flatter.  Trying not to focus on the scale!  Who else is still going strong with BFL?


  • Hello fellow BLFers!

    Had another good workout today (focused on back and abs) and managed 20 minutes of cardio (had extra time due to snow delay).

    Eating has gone well so far...hopefully it will continue!  Thank god my afternoon meeting got cancelled.  I'll avoid the tempting snacks AND be home earlier for dinner!

    Have a great day!

    Heather :)

  • I'm still here also! I've just been insanely busy and I've actually had to shift my focus from reading a bazillion blogs and success stories to actually working again! LOL I got WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY addicted. Last week was an OK week. I didn't eat TOO bad but I did go to an Indian Buffet and Saturday I went to a Thai restaurant. Monday my portions were wack AND I couldn't work out because I sprained something in my shoulder Saturday from too much Linkin Park concert excitement! BUT today MY WEDDING RING FITS and it's NIGHTTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll have to see if it fits for the rest of the week to see if it's really true and real. LOL


    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Hello fellow BFLers!

    I had internet problems over the weekend, thanks to the router.  Hopefully that has been resolved now. Anyway, I had a really good week eating and exercising.  Saturday was my "free day"`.  I had ice cream with hot fude and whipped cream-DELICIOUS!  I had a good UPWO today.  Snow is in the forecast AGAIN for the next two days.  Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the gym before it comes tomorrow!  Enough is enough already!

    Have a happy and healthy day!

    Heather O.

  • Hi guys! So happy to be able to post- I have had a hard time getting on for some reason! Starting the 5th week today. My eating has been pretty dang good and my workouts arent perfect but Im still trying to do my best and I think Im getting better!  I still WILL NOT weigh. Im curious but still scared of being discouraged by numbers! I feel great though and I am sure I look smaller. Today is not good though because I am sick :( so no UBWO for me! I had a fever last night and slept all day. I think I will combine my UBWO with my cardio tomorrow- sick or not! I wish I had this forum worked out a little better- I have a thread but I dont really like it as much because I cant reply! Anyway- we are almost half way there! We can do it! Hope everyone has a great week. Antonious- Be Careful! You are in Egypt right? Praying all is well with you and all my friends in the BFL Challenge!

    - Alicia H.

  • Sorry for not being in touch guys.

    As you might have heard I am in the middle of a revolution here in Egypt. Golds has closed but I am just about keeping with the food side of things.

    Thought things were getting better yesterday but we are now seeing Mubarak's wrath unleashed on the peaceful protesters.

    Horrible horrible horrible.

  • Got an e-mail today to say that Gold's is planning to reopen tomorrow so will try and get in early and get back into the workouts. I have decided to treat last week as a pause in the programme so even though I have kept to the diet, I am going to keep going and add a week on to my finish date. Have really missed the workouts - can't believe that is me saying that but being cooped up in the flat watching the country fall apart on CNN has not been much fun either.

  • First day back in the gym! am down 2.3lbs without any exercise! but really enjoyed doing an UBWO.

    Am I the only one on the forum. Has all the group given up as we approach the halfway mark???

  • I'm still here Antinous!

    I started on the 4th Jan 2011, and am going to enjoy my free day tomorrow with a day off from the gym and a night in with the girls! :)

    I'm not measuring my progress with the tape measure or the scales, I am just trusting the program will work and not letting the numbers get me down.  I have dropped a dress size in 5 weeks and am now getting called "Shrinking Jules" at work lol!

    Life has tried to get in the way over the last couple of weeks... Started a new job in a different department and it disrupted me a bit but I carried on and told myself, this is your "you" time and nothing should get in the way of that.

    I tend to start my week with cardio rather than weights, as I like to think I'm burning off my free day with my HIIT.  Did my UBWO at home with dumbbells so I could follow a few youtube tutorials at the same time.  New exercises as I'm getting to used to my current ones, and boy did I feel sore doing them!!!  Its funny how I enjoyed it more because I was doing something different.  Also changing up my LBWO next week.

    Keep going, glad you're enjoying it and you will probably be sore after a week of no workouts.  I miss the DOMS!!!


  • Hey guys! I am still here but I will tell you- a couple of days last week were rough! We have been snowed in- so all the kids were here and my husband got pizza! I told him he was evil- HA! Anyway I fought through it and have been sticking with my eating clean and have done very well. I weighed the other day for the first time. I have lost 10 pounds! 10 lbs in 5 weeks sounds like pretty healthy weight loss to me. But of course I wish it would just fall off! Today is my free day. Ive had Mexican food and a hot brownie sundae (pretty small one- much different than the old ones I used to eat). I dont know why so many people have quit posting. Starting week 6 tomorrow- YAY US! :)

  • End of week six!!

    I have now lost 7.5 pounds - a bit disappointed at that to be truthful esp hearing that others have lost 10!!.

    I wonder if I am getting the eating part of this thing right. Have sort of resigned myself to the need to do another challenge at the end of this one to get where I want to be.

    Roll on week 7.

  • Another week over! Seems to have gone so quickly. 115.9Kg on the scale this morning!

  • Well end of week eight!! Only four more to go. Seems like I have been eating eggs for a century!! :-)

  • Just back in Cairo. Can't believe the 12 weeks are almost up. Very hard keeping the diet and exercise going while travelling! Am going to have to work on that a bit more for C2.

  • Well Challenge 1 finishes today. I weighed in at 115Kg which is 253.5lbs - I started at 265 so that is a loss of 11.5 lbs. To be honest not as much as I had expected but I am still pleased with hanging on to get that. I know I have put on muscle as well. (Need to get on the body analysis machine at Gold's tomorrow.) But, we did have a revolution here in Egypt, and then travelling for work knocked me a bit off plan - hopeful I only need to learn how to deal with the latter for Challenge 2.

    Challenge 2 starts tomorrow!!

    Thanks to everyone on this forum for advice and support. Got a bit quiet towards the end on this group. If you did drop out early on - join me on the next challenge!