New Year - New Outlook - Start Jan. 3rd :)

  • Kelli and Heather-

    I would like to join you in the Sunday weigh ins!

  • Stayed up last night preparing meals for the next few days to store in the freezer - though in the process I managed to pick up a bug - probably cross contamination from the chicken while cooking.  I was careful but obviously not enough.  Spent the day in bed with stomach cramps and chills...much to my dismay.  Unable to eat or work out - I willl just push through until tomorrow and move on... :(

  • Hey Kellireed,

    If you'd be willing, I would love to have someone to share my weigh-ins with too.  I think it would help keep me honest.  I'm somewhere in the 30-40 pounds goal too.  

  • Hey guys,

    I have a question that I'm posing to the group.  I have 3 children, ages 16, 13, and 12.  My older 2 are excited about working out with us (my husband's doing it too) but my daughter is not at all interested.  How does everyone go about feeding their family during the challenge.  I know good health and nutrition are good at any age, but since I'm looking at doing a 180 on what/how I cook, I'm wondering how to get my youngest on board.  Any suggestions?

  • Shavijhn:

    When it comes to feeding my family (I have a husband and a 16 year old son), they eat the same things I do (for the most part).  My cooking did a 180 as well but good food is good food.  I've tried (and are still trying) new recipes that we all enjoy.  The only difference is my son may have garlic bread (one of his favorites) with dinner or plain pasta once in awhile (another one of his favorites).  Once your youngest daughter sees the rest of the family working out together she may come around and want to join in as well.  When I did my first challenge, my family was supportive but we weren't working out together but after a couple of weeks, my husband joined me and now he exercises at home as well.  My son doesn't do the home workouts but now claims he wants to go to the gym with me.  I think it's great you have such a supportive family and hopefully your youngest will come along in time.

    Best of luck!

    Heather O.

  • Hey Sunday weigh-in people. Make sure to weigh yourself in the morning before you let yourself go free. Oh and don't make the mistake of mixing free day with free 24 hours. I use to let my free day begin midnight Saturday night and end midnight Sunday night. It is not a good idea and not what is meant by free day.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Made it through Day 1 and Day 2 is looking good so far.  I have planned out nd prepared all my meals and I already got my work out finished for the day!  Feeling pretty good so far!  There will be big food temptations at work today, but I just plan to stay out of that area and eat my planned out meal!

  • Good morning everyone Day 2 of this 12 week, Challenge, having DOMS setting in on the upper arm and shoulders, Loving the good sore.Did my HIIT this am. Thought I was going to get sick. I have this sore throat and when I started to run on Mr, Milly , That's the threadmill. I thought Wow this is making me sick. Haha . But I got through it tho, ohh but my calfs now that was sore so I did some calf raise I know I do them tomorrow but they where sore from running on milly. Hey Duchess92 ~ That's awesome that you got the plan down and you are going to finish this Challenge ~ Rock on you got this...~ I hope everyone did there HIIT this am. If Not GET TO IT AND GET IT IN ..OHH  AND DON'T FORGET YOUR ...I'LL SAY IT AGAIN WATER WATER WATER WATER....  Have a get day everyone and work it hard...=)

  • What can I eat if I have to eat out at Subway or something?????

  • I have made the committment to begin my challenge today... My motivation is my 6 week old son and my 35 lbs of post pregnancy weight... i have heard this is amazing and it will feel good to be back in my old body and have my amazing son next to me! I could totally use the support from any new momies out there!

  • I would like to Join the sunday weight in's as well!  

  • Regarding the free day: I just had a free meal/treat instead (it was usually ice cream).  It worked for me because I was still rewarding myself but not letting it turn into an all day feeding frenzy like I had done in the past.  I really looked forward to Sundays because of it!  

    Heather O.

  • Rameyrock:

    Hope you feel better soon!  I haven't been able to work out the past couple of days either.  I'm hoping to get back to it tomorrow!  

    Feel better!

    Heather O. :)

  • Abdominals

    Hi there! Day 3 already!!

    Am planning my lower body work out and wondered if anyone had any ideas about how you apply the intensity principle to Abs? Before doing the progamme I usually did three sets of 50 ab crunches with feet raised on a Swiss ball so the 12, 10, 8, 6 plan seems a bit tame.

  • Day 2! Ate clean! Did CARDIO twice actually. Walked the dog for 15 min's prior to the actual interval training. Phew! I'm out of shape! My daughter rode her scooter with me. She's so darn cute! So far eating clean has not been hard for me. I think I'm SO sick of feeling bloated and crappy! I hope everyone had a fabulous day! Moving on to Lower tomorrow. God Bless!