New Year - New Outlook - Start Jan. 3rd :)

  • I'm starting tomorrow as well. Excited to be a part of this group and hear how folks are getting along!!!!!

  • Well first workout done. But much longer than 45 mins!

    Kept on forgetting to time the breaks between reps and messed up quite a bit by chosing the wrong starting weights so by the time I got to the 8 reps I found I couldn't complete the full set. Sad I know but I took photos on my phone of the different exercises in the book in sequence in case I couldn't remember them which proved to be the case so that part worked out well.

    Gym weights such a mess too - all over the floor and dotted around the gym so hard to locate. My random act of kindness is clearly going to be taking on the regular marshalling of the weights on the racks I can see....

  • Best wishes for your success for ALL of you during your challenge!!

    Antinous-do whatever works, I lugged around my journal with everything written down with the exercises in them. Once you get the hang of it, things will go much smoother. Good on the random act of kindness...will set a good example for others! =)

    Himmkimmie-sports bra is fine. Whatever will show your progress. The pics are very important too for motivation. I made up a book yesterday of all my before/afters of my 3 successful challenges and I NEVER want to go back to the 1st pic!!

    Help each other stay accountable by posting to this thread often! It really helps!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Good morning everyone, Day One for my C3 UBWO done for today and now for eating clean all day, My arms are like Jello this am could bearly pick up my bottle of water to have a drink, Ohhhh yeah that's the way I like it... Rock on BFLers =)

  • Heather-I have 30 pounds I am working on also! Maybe we should weigh in weekly and report to eachother??? Let me know what you think!

  • Would you like to do weekly weigh ins too? I have 30 pounds to lose too so maybe we should check in every Sunday to tell eachother outr progress!!??

  • Day one - Upper body workout complete! Enjoying a post workout EAS shake as I was bad and have not gone grocery shopping yet! HAVE to go today so I have enough to eat around this place. Meant to go yesterday but time ran away from me! I am DETERMINED to get rid of this FAT body that I was NOT meant to live in. I knew I was big, but the before pics REALLY grossed me out! Have a FABULOUS day, teammates!

  • Good morning fellow BFLers!

    I am very excited about starting our challenge today.  The only downside so far is that I couldn't go to the gym this morning.  I've been battleing bronchitis for the past month and the slightest exercetion sends me into coughing overdrive.  Anyway, I am going to try to use weights at home today and maybe even some hula-hooping (great way to whittle the middle).

    I would like to share a couple of things that helped me complete my first challenge:

    1) PLANNING is the most important thing you can do (both meals and exercise)

    2) Journaling (I kept a daily journal and would write a few thoughts at the end of the day)

    3) {This one is the teacher in me coming out: I had a sticker chart.  I would get a happy face if I ate well and exercised, a half sticker if I missed either of those two things, and a big X if I didn't stick to it at all.  I put it on the fridge as a reminder (my husband also saw my chart and helped keep me on track).  There were a couple of Xs along the way, but not too many...mostly full happy faces!}

    4) I also put a picture of a former champion (Kelly Adair 1998) on the fridge, in my office, and in my journal.

    If anyone else has ideas they would like to share I would love to hear them!

    Have a happy and healthy day!

    Heather O. (I believe there are two Heathers in our group)

  • Do you do a lot of running?  Are you training for anything? My goal is to do a marathon in October.  I have done triathlons and half marathons in the past, but never a full one!

  • Kelli and Heather -

    I would be interested in Sunday weigh ins.

  • Living in Texas can really turn you into a wimp when it comes to cold weather!  Needed to lift weights today but mine are in the garage and it was so cold this morning (to this Texas girl anyway) so I decided to do my Sculpt and Tone Zumba DVD inside.  Next time, I'm just going to bundle up and hit the weights but at least I got a workout in.  On to day 2....don't look back!  Hope you all had a great first workout today!

  • Duchess - My goal is to run a half marathon in the spring after my challenge.  I LOVE to run and have ran many 5K's.  I'm hoping that I can build enough stamina to complete it.  I am very competitive and push myself hard on the 5Ks.  I'll need to learn to slow it down a little until I get some endurance.  Plus, I haven't ran/worked out regularly in a LONG, LONG time.  I'll really have to work hard to get back in shape!  WE CAN DO THIS!

  • Amyismynamy-  You will be able to do it!  I never thought I could do a half and now I want to do a full marathon.  My boyfriend thinks we are cray, but he is going to do it with me.  I know that it will be much easier if I can drop 10 - 15 pounds.  That is my BFL for this round.  How much do you want to lose?

  • Good Morning Everyone! - Good luck today.  My most dificult part of this and any challenge is breakfast.  Today I had breakfast burrito's.  They were great even though I am not a fan of turkey, I tried the turkey sausages.  Getting ready to do the UBWO.  Looking to lose as much as I can.

  • Duchess-

    My friend at work is trying to get me to run a (short) marathon with her in the spring.  Any advice you can give me would be appreciated!  I'm going to start training now...we'll see how it goes!