Getting started with free weights

  • Getting myself ready for 3 Jan start so I have been going though all these planning charts for the workouts. Feels like a lot of paperwork....

    In the ones in the Champions Body for Life book it suggests you plan which size weights you are going to use before you go into the gym. But I am not really sure what is going to be a good/reasonable weight for a guy my age and size to start to plan with. Wont the starting weights be different for the different muscle groups???

  • Of course the starting weights will be different for each group and unless you have weight trained before you will really not have a clue. That  is FINE!! And it is really more about know WHICH exercises you'll do, at least before you know your limits.Go in with a plan for exercises and then when you go in the first few times, test your limits. Start with a weight that is reasonable and build from there. The other way you can look at it is try and figure the max amount of weight you can lift (your "9" ~for your set of 6 and 12 and "10"~ for the second set of exercise for the body part for 12 reps) and go down from there...

    I go into the gym and do better then the best I can each time. Challenge yourself. That is the key.

    Kudos to you for starting this and REALLY thinking and planning things out!!

  • Thanks ayummymommy. Sort of can't wait to start and sort of terrified of what the next 84 days will bring!

  • No problem. We are all in this together. We may be at different stages in our journeys but we all share a common goal: have the best body, mind and life we can.