Starting Jan 17th, 2011, Care to Join Me?

  • Hi All,

    I am starting my very first challenge Jan 16 - very excited! I'm in the same spot as a couple other first-timer's on this thread, big time prep mode right now!

    I'm already a gym nut, so I feel confident in that respect. The meal plans are another story. I'm trying to figure out delicious and nutritious meals that fit with the program. I'm not much of a cook, so I feel a bit out of my element even just trying to create some of the simple meal ideas I've found in the book, and from the forum as well. Any suggestions for making cottage cheese edible? I'm trying REALLY hard to like it because it requires zero prep work, and I know how good it is for me, but I just about gag every time I try to eat it! So far I've tried mixing it with vanilla yogurt and berries, but even that didn't help. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated :)

    Good luck to all on their challenges!

  • Starting date (revised) of Mon, 10th here. Was going to begin this last Monday (3rd), found I was rushing to make it, didn't have my act/plan together well enough to kick off and feel good about it, then a couple of things happened to make me back off. One was telling some friends about it and they wanted in, so I figured it was a 'sign' of sorts, am using the intervening week to get them and me up to speed and doing this Challenge right to begin with... :)

    Anyway, locked and loaded for Monday, ready to charge large and excited about it. :)

    'Good work' to all of you, since luck won't factor much. A friend told me: "And when you don't feel like doing it, do it anyway." Sounds solid. :)


    On a lighter note:

    I did take my Before pics* on Sunday (2nd) night. O. M. G. Won't be sharing *those* until some real progress has been made! :D

    *(will be redoing those this Sunday)

  • Hi everyone and thank you to CapnK for pointing this thread out to me!  I would like to join this January crew and I will be starting on Monday the 10th.  Gonna try to keep things very simple and by the book for this go around, here's hoping i'll be ready to sport a bathing suit by summer!

  • I'm starting on 1/9/11.   Looking forward to the challenge!   I've been stagnating for the last 6 months or so and need a change.

  • Hello everyone,

    It's nice to hear everyone getting geared up.  Lauhles, CapnK, Martani, & TimF, I know you all have to be especially geared up as you're starting the week ahead of everyone.  Your start day will be my last day from challenge 1 (I'm taking a week off)  Regardless, get your head in the game, plan....plan....plan and you will succeed.

    Have a great one everybody,


  • Hi everyone,

    hope you're all doing well.  As for me, I'm just getting over being sick (fever & chills), not the best ending to my current12 week challenge but I'm still making headway by just eating right.  Anyway, I will have completed my first 12 weeks on January 9th, so I'll make sure to keep you guys posted with how all that went and then we're onto what is challene 2 for me on the 17th.  Gear up and get ready.....together we will succeed.

    Have a great one everybody,


  • Hello everyone,

    Glad to see we have some new challengers.  Welcome ClaireK, CapnK, Martini and Tim!  I have just completed my first challenge and have to say I have learned so much from it.  I didn't reach my goal of losing 20 lbs due to some food struggles and to be honest, I thought I could cheat the system and still get results!  Not the case lol.  I did have some improvements in body shape and tone but just wanted to stress that I learned that eating clean is definitely a HUGE part of the success people have on this program.   I've learned my lesson the hard way!!   I'm staring challenge 2 this Sunday.  I hope for you all great success!  We can do this!


  • i am starting the 9th. I can change it to the 17th. I am trying to get ready. Also...I am allergic to soy and gluten. Are there any of the products with out soy?

  • Hello Brian!!!

    I just Registered and everything is new to me right now!!! I gotta to get a picture done.  But I am with you!!!  

  • Hey Everyone!!  Challenge one is just about over and I was going to wait until the 17th to do another but this past week has been terrible!!!  So Im starting on Monday but Ill still be here with all of you!!!  Ill just be a week ahead!

    We will all succeed................together!!

  • Hello everybody,

    it's nice to see so many people participating.  Tommorow is my big day, pictures and what not, so I'll post those once I have them.  For the people starting on monday, I just wanted to say good luck.  I'll be picking back up with you on the 17th.  

    Have fun,


  • Congrats Brian! Good luck tomorrow, and have so much fun. Can't wait to see your pictures!

  • Good to see everyone getting charged up!!! Tomorrow is "B(fl)Day minus 1" for the Jan 10th starters like me. I'm going to devote part of the day to planning out the next 12 weeks - marking a small daily planner with the days of cardio/days of weights, get my meal plan for the first week together, take my (yuk) measurements and (yuk) pics, and visualize the upcoming week...

    Gonna print the pics, and hang em where I can see them every day. Motivation!

    Guess at what the first week might bring, and compare that at the end of it... :)

    Come up with some "prizes" for certain accomplishments - like, 'made it 4 weeks, no cheating'... :D


    Always said, that I would do this someday.

    Monday, is Someday. :)

    Can't wait!

  • Hi everyone. I just sort of stumbled into this thread and felt a really good energy!

    Congrats Brian on what I am sure has been a successful challenge! I look forward to seeing your pics and hearing about your great results!

    One thing I noticed as I read throught he post so far were a few comments about food and planning. What you eat is 80% of a successful challenge. 15% happens in the gym and 5% is supplements. What you eat is so very important! It is a big mistake to think 'I am working out so it doesnt matter waht I eat' In fact the opposite is true. When you are working out hard, BFL style, it matters even more what you eat.

    Planning is key for both workouts and meals. I continue to use the BFL Success Journal everyday to record my food, my workouts and my daily goals. You can download the daily reoport forms from this site but I also highly reccommend the Success Journal. It has a success story for each day as well as inspirational words from bill phillips each day. It is very motivational and helps keep me on track.

    I don't mean to jump in on a thread here. I just wanted to share a few things that have helped me so far on my BFL  Journey. I am not in an official challenge. I completed two challenges back to back with two weeks of active rest in between and continue to eat and workout BFL style. BFL has become a lifestyle I live every day. It has totally changed my life! It will for everyone here as well!

    You have the strength within you to finish all 12 weeks and totally transform your life!

    All the best to everyone and their challenges!

  • Hi everyone!!! This will be my first challenge, its nice to see the support that everyone has here. I'm preparing to start my challenge on Jan. 18!! Everyone will look and feel great!!!