Starting Jan 17th, 2011, Care to Join Me?

  • @ Dr Mock - (blush) thanks dude.  I will keep in touch with you if you don't mind.  Will send you an email later just to check that you can recieve it!  Thanks again for the comment!  New back tatt is being drawn up as we speak!


  • MANDY! what a babe! Your look fab! Love your suit too! I need to find a new suit, when I dive in the pool mine all fall off! Maybe zebra print for me eh?

  • @finition -- I could LOAN you mine (Zebra Print) but remember mine is a One Piece!!! *wink* and YES Mandy is Totally Hot... just like YOU!!! Oops... sorry Old Man syndrome kicking in here

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • @ Mandy- You look GREAT, sister! And your inner glow is shining out thru your smile! Needless to say, it has been an inspiration to have done these challenges with drop by the new thread now and again to check on your BFL family, OK? Yes, together we ARE stronger!

    The Power is ON- BobbyA

  • Mandy way to go, looking fabulous

  • @ finition - I know what you mean about the suits, it is costing me a fortune in clothes :)

    @ Dr Mock - you are embarassing me now ;) LOL

    @ BobbyA - thanks dude - of course I will be popping in to keep in touch with my BFL family I wouldn't have got through this without you all.  Power on dude

    @ Cleet68 - thanks mate - keep it going


  • Buff Tazz! the funny thing is...when ever I vacation and there is a topless beach I am so in..even when I was a chubby momasita! My husband cant wait till our next vacation!

    @Mandy..I have spent $$$$$ on clothes too...I need to work more to pay for all me new things!

  • @Mandy - I'm weighing in a little late but you get the same good ole Southern dialect from me  - "daaaayyyyyummmmmm".  Love the suit! You're looking GREAT! I hope you do stop by the new thread and talk to us all. I hope we can make you proud!

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • Congratulation to all that completed.

    I actually never finished the challenge, nagging back injury but I expect to join the group for the next challenge.

    Once again great job to all of you...

    Go Montreal Canadiens....

  • Pal_bonds you're after my own heart! Go Habs Go! Montreal is alive with Canadiens fever right now (We even had to move a national election debate so it wouldn't conflict with the Canadiens/ Bruins game. Only in Canada)

    Mandy, wow! you look great! Good work.

    our public bike system, BIXI, opened for the season today. great way to get a little extra exercise commuting to and from work and scooting around town!

  • @BMarks --- Girl you have nothing to NOT be PROUD of... You rocked out this challenge... and the smile on your face shows it!!!!! Very stunning changes... all good... Very Very Good!!!! only thing those poses needed was ANIMAL PRINT!!!! 'nuff said....

    @Pal_Bonds -- Ya know sometimes life has a way of throwing obsticles in front of us... glad you will be joining us for challenge 2... thats the spirit.... get back up on that horse... and I am sure glad the sharks didnt get ya while you were surfing....

    @finition -- I really need to find some of those beaches... maybe I wont look like a beached whale anymore

    @BuzzMan -- Brother we are counting down.... 9 day to Cutting Crew C2-It

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Is it getting hot in here?  <tugs his collar>

    I'm two weeks into my seven week journey to 100 consecutive pushups.   BFL program has prepared me well.  

    I'm going to do 1 UBWO and 1 LBWO per the BFL program from now on to maintain.   Other than that I'm doing a ton of cardio -- rowing, biking, running, elliptical and cardio classes.   Having lots of fun.   Going to Vegas next month and then taking my mom on a cruise in Scandanavia in June...

    Be great everybody!

  • Another great CrossFit workout in the books

  • @Cleet --- go get em boy!!!!

    I came across a photo of me taken during Christmas 2009... hmmmmmmmmmm


    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Wow Tazz  you have come along way!

    Went to the gym just to keep that drive, didn't do much was happy with my bench even though we are in a cutting phase I was happy

    135 x10 warm up

    185 x8

    205 x8

    225 x8 could have done 10

    132 x10

    not sure what my one rep max is, maybe 265-275

    for C2 want to hit at least 315

    I am going to do a similar workout with Squats tomorrow