Starting Jan 17th, 2011, Care to Join Me?

  • @Robyn..can't wait to see your pic's!

  • Robyn! Can't wait to see your pic's!!!!!

  • @finition thanks! I had a great day, with the bonus of having dinner with some friends who hadn't seen me in a little while. They showered me with compliments about my weight loss :)

    But, YOU, my friend, are an inspiration. You're looking sooooooo awesome! I'm so impressed! I hope I can look close to as good as you some day :)

  • @elvenbane I use the same app Buzz mentioned: 12 week fitness. I find it really convenient, more environmentally friendly, and I love crossing off all the little Xs. It's designed for BFL-style workouts, so it's pretty great.

    There are several pretty great apps to log your diet, too, but none designed for BFL specifically.

    It'd be great if BFL came out with some official apps one of these days...

  • Well two more days and one week of Active Rest will be over... I am seriously considering starting back in the gym next week... NOT the 2nd challenge but rather to get my body used to the routine again.... I am amazed at all the comments I have received in the past week or so from customers who havent seen me in a year... like ... "Where did the rest of you go?" or "I didnt even recognize you, you look great!" and of course everyone of them ask me "How did you do it?" and so I tell 'em Body For Life and YOU can do it too...

    I like to look straight down the front of me and see my feet and the floor WITHOUT any obstruction blocking my view... such a simple thing that brings joy to my heart... My Blood Pressure continues to be spot on as well... 121/72 .... who could ask for anything more... I wonder... "What will the next 12 weeks bring me?" wonder indeed???

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • It's nice to be able to see your toes again. I know the feeling... LOL

    @Robyn - I've done the first two sessions of kettleworx (3 - 20 minute workouts per week - every other day). So far, I've built up a really good sweat from using the kettlebells but not as hard as I thought it would be. So after my third session (1st week), I'm going to increase the weight to really "feel" it. Having said that, my butt and hamstrings were pretty sore after the first session. I believe the fact that I've finished C1 has actually made this type of workout easier than what it would have been had I started "cold turkey". I actually like doing it and it goes by quick... just need to feel the burn a little more - (increase weight).

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • I have been going to the gym :)

    I've just been trying out some new things...working in small muscles on machines, doing light cardio...I do Bollywood dance on Monday's now, and going to Zumba on Wednesday's, doing  some light shoulder is still torn up and not a lot I can do there...but if you guys want to hit the gym do it! This is BODY FOR LIFE!!!!! Just don't over do it...Tazz go take a you have pure strength classes at your gym? You'd love it!!!! Have some fun..your just not in training mode!!! BE active, live!!!!

  • Thanks Newsie..I know you are going to be looking how you want when you are done! I can feel the aries fire!!!!! You got this girlie!

    Glad you had a great birthday, and got showered with praise! Best gift ever!!!!!!

  • Everyone....I haven't been on in a bit...but I want to explain something.  I am so frustrated and discouraged with Abbott/BFL/EAS right now.  I was excited and working on submitting my package and read where submitting the pictures and narratives actually transfer the rights to the pictures to Abbott and they can utilize them without any further permission and no compensation is needed.  Not only did they remove the prize money after we all started our Challenge #1, they now have the rights to the photos and our essays and everything else we list in the packet.

    I know many of you followed and even joined in my successes and challenges throughout the first 12 weeks and you know how much of an advocate I have been...but I am sorry to say that I am not competing in the Challenge because I refuse to not be able to ulitize my own photos and my own story.  It has actually pushed me harder to tweak the things that I know work and what needs to be added (I know you guys questioned how I made so much progress in just 12 was supplements that I used and the type of exercising that I was doing in combination of a few other things that I am merging into my In A Pinch program---and all of my clients are experiencing the overwhelming transformation that I also experienced--and my program will be converted to a 100 day program).

    So...I am sure going to try to check in on you guys and gals that I have come to know through the last Challenge, but please find me on Facebook....under In A Pinch LLC (it is in Denham Springs...and will notice the profile pics are my before and after pics).  Or you can email me at (yes that is a LLC).

    Love you guys and gals and wish everyone the best!!!!

    You guys who completed your 12 weeks ROCK!!!  Love the photos!!!!

  • Hi all

    Sorry I have not as yet posted my end of challenge pics, but I have been at work all week and still have 3 nights to go!!!  I will try and get the pics taken today or tomorrow and will try to get them up by the end of this week.

    BFL is awesome as far as I am concerned and it is the easiest eating and exercise plan that I have every done (after the initial 2 weeks of getting used to it).

    @ finition, BobbyA, Dr Mock - have taken a look at your pics boy you guys look awesome, I am extremly impressed.  keep it up in Challenge 2

    As I have said previously I have now come to the end of my offical challenges as I do not have anymore weight I want or need to lose and it is now just all maintenance for me.  However I will be keeping up with all of you guys and gals from time to time whilst you are completing C2.  If any of you want to keep in touch with me directly (please do not feel that you have to), my home email address is

    You guys and gals all rock, congratultions for making it to the end of C1.  I will post my pics as soon as I can.

    Take care.



  • @Mandy aka Chuckles -- thank you for the compliment... what did ya think of the Zebra Print? Cant wait to see your pics.... I am pleased that I am maintaining my weight loss throught the first week of Active Rest.... I have decided to slowly work back into the gym beginning Monday so I will be ready for April 25th and challenge 2... just so folks know I am doing this for MY HEALTH and NOT FOR ANY CONTEST... I could care less about that, but what is important to me is my quality of life... it so far things are very good... I guess that was the only motivator I needed....

    One to our new thread and challenge #2 only a week away folks.... get your goals and routines set for it!!!!

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...

  • Hi guys.  I'll try to load my pix again - looking forward to C2 with you all on the 25th!!  Pixture loading was unsuccessful - I am able to send them to an e-mail address (they're on they're way to ASHANNE as we "speak"

    Good job everybody - I'm looking forward to C2 as I could easily "stray" without some discipline again.  Have a super weekend. . . . . STILL winter in MN!



  • @Bmarks -- I dont get to see em???? :~(

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  • Hi all

    Well photos are now on my profile for all to see.  I am loving my new look to be honest, BFL ROCKS!

    @ Dr Mock/Buff-tazz - I looooved the Zebra print - let me know what you think of mine?  I am also with you dude in regard to doing it for YOUR HEALTH and NOT FOR ANY CONTEST.  I am not even eligible for the contest, but I have 2 challenges under my belt and feel and look so much better for it.  The results speak for themselves - they also stay OFF which is what I have found is the problem with any other programme I have ever tried.  As far as I am concerned YOU are a sure fire winner, you have been a great motivator to us all.

    I would also like to say that the bikini bottoms that I am wearing are a UK size 8!!!!!!  I have never been a size 8 in my adult life!!

    Please let me know what you all think.


  • @Mandy -- what can I say... ONE HOT!!!! MAMA!!!! Dayam girl... you are totally rockin that animal print... I am proud of you... hope one day I can look as good as you.... Love the Tatts!!!!  Please keep in touch... my email is in my profile as well... would love to know how things go with you....

    Learning to be Happy with Where I am in Life...