Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?

  • Looking forward to getting to the gym tonight after a 2 week break over the holidays.  Should be interesting to see the new faces...  

  • Just finished my first workout!  Gonna be feeling it tomorrow.......I haven't cheated today but I must admit my tummy is rumbling!  Time for a myoplex bar!

  • You're all off to a great start! I just got off the TM and threw in a few extra minutes plus some inclines.

  • Whew, day one was crazy! I'm actually on vacation (well, stay-cation, so I'm home), so I spent the day with the bf. But, I feel like I really did well (egg white veggie omlette for breakfast; fruit, nut and cheese plate for lunch/snack and homecooked dinner).

    Since this is my first experience, I have a question for the veterans. I'm training for a 10 mile race that, coincidentally, is in 12 weeks. Any comments on heavy cardio and lighter weights sessions?

    "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." ~Thoreau

  • Hi Crew!

    It sounds like everyone is off to a great start!  Keep up the great work!

    I am excited to start this round!  I am a SAHM to 4 rowdy wonderful kids under 7.  I like to run and just finished a marathon a few months ago.  But after running it, I just stopped doing anything and ate whatever I wanted.  At that point I still had about 15 lbs to lose and then I gained about 10 more over the holidays.

    My goals and approach for the next 12 weeks:

    -Check in every day for accountability :)

    -Keep the eating clean, keep the carbs low, and no sugar, even on my free day.  If I eat a dessert I will make it with honey or some other natural sweetener.

    -Fit in at least one UBWO and one LBWO a week.

    -Ballet class once a week

    -Run about 20 miles a week

    -Ultimately lose about 25 lbs

    Today was  a good start!  I did 3 miles of running on the treadmill for about 40 minutes.  The meals I had were really clean, but I found out that I do not really enjoy ground turkey.  

    Margot~My plan is pretty cardio heavy too.  I do want the benefits of shape that comes with lifting weights though.  


  • Toni, when I make my ground turkey I put taco seasoning on it and then put it over a salad w/salsa. Just a thought for something different.


  • Toni-

    Glad to know there's another runner in the group. This is my first race of any kind, so training tips are definitely appreciated. I'm more of a gym rat, so I'm satisfied with my muscle quality, but I'd like to shed some fat/weight for health and appearance.

    Since others are sharing goals, I'll add mine:

    -Track every day (especially on off day)

    - Measure portions

    - Plans in advance (and have backup plans!)

    - Run 4x weekly (following training plan for 10 mile race)

    - Plyo/yoga 2x weekly

    - Lose 14 lbs

    On to day two!

    "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." ~Thoreau

  • WOW! Look at this team tearing it up! I just got my first full blown, official LBWO in this AM and WOW!!! I think the iron gained wieght over the Holidays!!! That's gonna hurt SOOO good all day! Got my weigh in done and kicking off 2011 @ 353 but have to get my full body measurments in tonight as last night had some domestic issues which required attending.

    I'm really excited to facilitate this challenge!!! The last one kind of tailed off in the middle due to a few dark weeks on the home front but I'll do my level best to keep up with y'all better this go round!

    Rock on team!!! Let's show the world what this program is all about and what the "For Life" part REALLY means!!!

  • LBWO out of the way for today.  I added the P90X ab workout to the routine and it is quite tough.  I had been doing 4 sets of 4 different ab routines (192 reps) and thought I was on track.  Boy was I wrong.  Am able to get through abt 60% of the 349 reps in this DVD.  Looking for progress there in the coming weeks.

    I just did some stats and found 11 lbs I could have lost in the last challenge (bad diet choices like beer and chocolate).  Realistically, I expect to cut out more like 6 lbs (21,000 empty calories!), but that is close to my target for C6.  Modifying diet and kicking up intensity of workout should knock out my numbers in short order.

    Discussion question for y'all:  Creatine - Yes or No?  What are the pro's and cons of taking this suppliment for someone who wants to build muscle?



  • I take a pre-workout suppliment that i think has Creatine in it called NO-Explode.  I mosty take it for the caffiene / energy boost to get me through my workout at the end of the day.  

    However, I believe it is nearly impossible to build significant muscle mass while losing weight unless you are on steroids or totally new to working out.  Better to focus on getting lean then give yourself 10 lbs to work with to build back muscle (with a calorie surplus.)  That is my plan.

  • Frick, I have taken a couple different Creatine & Arginine supps and they do seem to help with DOMs after a cranking ironfest. They both help build dense muscle mass through supporting muscle tissue repair, reducing the pain you feel after a serious grind session!

    Kahoona, I must have to disagree with you about not being able to add lean while reducing flab. I won't disagree it might slow overall "scale" progress BUT when I run the numbers for 2010 I lost 53 LBs on the scale overall but when I add in the actual bodyfat change I actually lost 74 LBs of flab but added 21 LBs of lean so it can be done.

    I finally got my C3 starting stats dialed in tonight and they are as follows:

    353.0 LBs

    45% Body Fat

    59" Chest

    19" Biceps

    55" Hips

    62" Waist

    25" Thighs

    18.5" Calves

    13" Forearms

    55" Shoulders

    21" Neck

    Now to see what C3 can do to improve those!

    Rock on team!!!

  • Kim~ Thanks for the turkey advice. It's always nice to have something to mix it up with!

    Margot~It is fun to have another runner here!  I'm debating on trying for a half marathon during the spring or not.  I need a goal to work towards!

    Day 2 in the books.  Today was the UBWO with some yoga thrown in at the end to stretch a bit from running yesterday.  Eating was completely clean.  I was feeling a little down watching my  kids eat cheese and crackers, but after looking at some of the transformation photos on here, it pumped me up again!  I can tell support and inner motivation to change will be huge for me in this venture!  

    What are some of ya'll s favorite EAS products?  I have not tried any yet, but plan too.

  • Hi Roosed

    I want to be on your team!  I started this past Monday January 3rd and I want a cool group to help motivate me and for me to be motivated by too!

    My name is Shoshanna aka Shoshie and I'm totally serious about making this happen.

    I have a Success Journal and the Champion's Body for Life Book.  I want to be a Champion too!

    This is my first challenge but I have already spent time getting fit and losing weight on my own. I lost 20lbs so far but I want to kick it up a notch and really reach my fullest potential.

    Will you have me a your teammate?

    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • I like the Myoplex Lite protein - chocolate cream.  You can make fudgesicles with it too.  I followed the recipe in the Eating for Life (several years ago) and they were very tasty.  I also like the Myoplex bars that are crispy - I didn't get any for the challenge because if I have sugar I want more - was thinking might buy one at a time if I wanted something sweet on Free Days.

    I agree with you - the transformation pictures on this site are a real boost!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ii don't live near any gyms so I bought a weight bench from craigslist.  I've been using it but very inconsistently and now with this challenge, I've promised myself to follow the alternating weights and cardio according to BFL.  And clean up my eating patterns.  Cardio yesterday, today, lower body weights.  

    Wishing everyone great success!