Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?

  • I'm excited to be on board. I used the plan for a few weeks before the holiday but then didn't follow through. I AM NOW COMMITTING FOR THE 12 WEEKS!!!

  • I am in for the challenge. Planning week 1 now and then heading to the store. I've kind of tried before, but this is the first time I've really joined in and committed. Let's get this party started!

    "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." ~Thoreau

  • Hi Gang! I would love to join you guys for my first BFL challenge if it's not too late. I like the fact that this group has a good mix of experienced BFL'rs and some newbies like me. I've got some lofty goals, but after reading the book through twice and lurking on these forums for the last month or so, I know this is the place to be and that I can count on the positive encouragement and accountability I'll need here.

    I'm 42 and have finally decided my psuedo-sedentary lifestyle is not for me anymore. A recent physical was encouraging in the fact that other than my doc saying I could stand to lose about fifty lbs (currently weighing in at 272 on a 6' athletic frame) every other aspect of my body was healthy (considering).

    I also have a little added motivation from a secondary challenge that begins today at a 5pm weigh-in. A bunch of neighbor friends have decided it's time for a "biggest loser" style contest for a nice little cash jackpot! LOL. So it's time to get the game-face on.  BUT...while that would be nice, my biggest motivation is to make a change...FOR LIFE!

    Looking forward to sharing with all of you! Good luck!


  • BEST WISHES TO ALL OF YOU TOMORROW.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  I want to see you all back here in 12 weeks posting those Awesome inspirational pictures for all of us to see.  If you haven't already, make sure you plan your workouts & menus for the week, and get some food prepped and ready!!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I also want to see your progress...How exciting! If you work will work for you! Yahooo!


  • I started challenge 6 (C6) today.  No marching band and fireworks, just a quiet UBWO and a couple of salads.  Looking forward to a nice run on the beach tomorrow.

    Here are my Goals for C6:

    BFP <20% (abs are the new pecs, LOL)

    Simplex Carbs at < 15%

    25/30/45 Fat/Carb/Pro percentage

    32" Jeans

    Lose 0.5 lb of Fat / Week

    Stretch Goal - Gain 5 lbs of muscle

    1 whole grain/4 fruits veggies

    Track all food - even day off

    Cholesterol <140

    @Mark, my money is on you in this one.  You have a cash incentive.  Hope you are going off of % lost.  This process will burn the lbs off if you stick with it.  Just look at Steve's (roosed) results.

  • @Frick - Thanks for the vote of confidence! I like your goals for C6...I look forward to my own future challenges when my goals are more like that...toning and shaping vs. major weight loss. Good luck to you as well and keep us all posted.

    Yeah, I don't think these neighbors of mine know what they're up against this time...I'm fired up!  Should be a winner's payout of somewhere upwards of $1K! And yes, it is based on % lost.  Ironically, at the initial weigh-in today I was at 265.5...down 7lbs from my physical last week (must be the scales, cause I haven't started BFL until tomorrow morning with my first UBWO and day 1 of BFL diet), but at least on that scale it's a lower starting point.  I took "before" photos today and hope to have them posted soon.

    I'm looking forward to my My wife and kids were in shock over my excitement tonight...coming home from the grocery with all healthy foods and teen-like anticipation of kicking off my 1st challenge tomorrow. Reading of many of the transformations has inspired me...I know it works (if I work). In any event, my workouts are planned, meals are planned...the gym is waiting. Day 1 begins in 8 hours! Good luck all!

  • Hi, i also want to join your team on Jan 3rd. I will be on C 2 and going to need all the modivationa possible. I lost 10 pound on C 1 and 3% body fat.

  • Let's get ready to rumble!  

  • Good morning everyone, Day One for my C3 UBWO done for today and now for eating clean all day, My arms are like Jello this am could barely pick up my bottle of water to have a drink, Ohhhh yeah that's the way I like it... Rock on BFLers =)

  • Alright kiddies!  Hope everyone got off to a good start!  Those gyms are going to be full of posers this week (with their new sweat suits, ipods, and fancy neon water bottles...).  Hope everyone gets their reps in.  Like Roose says, go early and beat the rush, because Murphy will find a way to keep you from getting your workouts in.

    @ newbies on their first challenge (C1) - These next two weeks will be the roughest.  Not only will you feel muscles you long ago forgot about, you will be tested in making this a habit.  I think Woody Allen said 90% of success is "just showing up".  Make that effort!  In the words of Bela Karolyi, "Yooo can dooo-eeettt"

    I'm off to the beach for my first HIIT run of the year.

  • Hello everyone.  Hope everyone is having a great day one.  I awoke b4 my alarm rang - I guess my body is as excited as my brain is.  Pretty good D1 - didn't know how much weight to work with for the 1st day - some were lower than they should have been others were higher.  7 hours later and I can feel my shoulders and upper back - so wasn't too bad of a workout.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Stick to the plan.

  • Today is the first day of my first challenge.

    I am definetly going to need some motivation from others.

    I'm justgoing to stay focused and keep my eye on each week's goals.

    I'm so excited for everyone!!!  It's time to start feeling good about myself again.

  • Holy cow!! Did I just make it on Team Roosed?!!!

    Started Challenge 2 today Looking for a team :)

    Yeah.,.. Frick... Every year I always skip the first two weeks to miss the craziness at the gym. This was my first year actually going. It's crazy in there even at 5 am. It was fun to watch all the usual crew react to the new people. We've got our routine. :)

    Welcome everyone! To the new ones just starting.... it's worth it. and keep at it. You will not regret it!

  • It's great hearing how everyone's Day 1 has started. I got my 1st UBWO in first thing this morning and followed it with a protein shake & berries for M1, Myoplex Lite bar for M2, and just finishing my own creation for M3, tuna lettuce wraps with pepper and Frank's hot sauce (not bad tasting if I say so myself!).

    At about 7:30 this morning I remembered why I lifted weights 20 years ago (and also why I quit! haha). During the workout I was in the zone and it felt great, but afterwards I could hardly lift my water bottle to my mouth. I guess that's the sign of a good workout huh?  Toughest part about it was finding the proper weight levels to give me the correct intensity zone...on some exercises I didn't really know where to start weight-wise.  I'm really looking forward to working out the "kinks" so that my intensity 6's don't feel like 10's and my 10's feel like 15's!!!!  But it's been a blast.

    On a funny note, I'm seeing a lot more of my co-workers this morning as a result of the constant trips to the kitchen for all the meals and to the toilet thanks to all the water...they're all getting a good chuckle out of seeing me act like an excited kid as I run around here!

    Everybody chime in with your D1 stories! Glad to be part of this group and to be making new friends with the same goals....Good luck everybody!