Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?

  • Shoshiem

    Stronger, fitter and inches down sound pretty amazing accomplishments to me. Don't be too hard on yourself about the scale numbers - it's how you feel that counts. Even though this challenge is drawing to a close, remember it is "Body for Life" and you are only on the beginning stages of this journey. Have you read Dr. Pamela Peeke's  book? She uses the wisdom of Bill Phillips but tailors her book for women. I find her book very motivating.

    Let's all really commit this week!!!!!!!

  • Well, here we are again, finding ourselves squarely in another Monday but I guess it beats the alternative LOL!!! At least it’s officially SPRINGTIME!!! Just 5 full days to go gang! Can you beleive it?!?!?

    Worked at the shop all day Saturday, went & shed the winter grizzly fur & picked up some new cross trainer / walking shoes for hitting the nature trails. I’ve got a great set of sturdy boots for the truly untamed places but for the miles & miles of asphalt & concrete nature trails I wanted to pick up something a bit more flexible. I took a dive down some stairs in Y2K and tore 3 of the ligaments basically out of my right ankle so supportive boots are important covering uneven terrain but the one thing I’ve found is that the more I support my ankles like that the weaker they become hence needing yet more support so I try to avoid the heavy boots unless they’re required.

    Anyhow, hit a newly redone 6+ mile trail Sunday that was primarily designed as a mountain bike trail but also is posted for walkers, joggers & horses! I can’t even imagine pedaling a bike through, up, over, across, around that terrain! I know mountain bikes are tough but WOW! I did see many of’em blow by me but I never happened to be in the rough stuff when it occurred, dang it! Anyhow, after finishing that trail I covered 3 others that were all of the asphalt variety totaling up 13.4 miles for the day but those first 6 had a lot of fairly serious terrain for the delta LOL! One other thing I found out. Being that my Irish 25% happened to determine that I’m a fair skinned red head I picked up some Australian Gold pump spray sun block which proved a mistake for the woods LOL! All day I was in & out of the sun so by Noonish I decided I’d best slather up so I didn’t look like a ripe strawberry today but that sun block smelled very strongly of coconut oil which I swear attracted every bug in the woods, not to mention made me thirsty for some Malibu rum LMBO! Note to self; get some different sun block before the next hike LOL!

    Hit the gym this morning for UBWO, still formatted the PT gurette’s way, & knocked out 22,680 LBs of iron & must admit that for such a small tonnage I still feel it in both shoulders MUCH more than the larger #s I was posting before LOL! She said that by pushing larger loads the stabilizer muscles that make up the rotator cuff were being over powered by the larger muscles around’em so by focusing on smaller weights @ higher reps I’m actually working different muscles even though I’m performing the exact same motion. Seems odd but feeling is believing LMAO!

    Rock on pals!

  • @Shoshie, thanks for coming along for this part of the have made amazing progress and are well on your way to realizing your goals.  Best wishes on the next chapter.

    As for the Q2 Crew, of course, count me in as Co-Captain - or Coke captain or whatever.  You know I'm good for my 2cents worth.  

    This weekend, I had a day off diet for the first time in a long time.  Found out what an Angus Burger was and revisited a 3 slice pizza night.  Long story short, I did a marathon cardio session for two days to make up for it and actually netted an average diet intake (accounting for calories burned).

    It looks like I will be right at my target for fat intake, a little high on carbs and a little low on protein, but my reduction of simplex carbs will be the real win for this challenge (reduced by 8%!).  Not coincidentally, 8% reduction =  about 5 lbs weight loss, so I am ready to jump into maintenance mode going forward.  BTW, I get my bloodwork back on Wed, so stand by for the details.

    ...And speaking of maintenance, I would like to invite any and all of you to take a look at my spreadsheet for tracking what I do.  Just drop me a line at and I will forward the excel spreadsheet to you. (not selling anything, this is strictly in the spirit of collaboration).  From there, I can perhaps do a voice conference, powerpoint or web conference to explain it further.  I feel that this has helped to "keep me honest" as much as adding to this blog has.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Less than a week to go, peeps!  I can almost taste those KK doughnuts now...



  • Hey guys,

    I'm back.  Needless to say after some really eye opening reading on reviews of Bill Phillips book Transformation and the program he runs....I'm staying clear.

    Basically I found out that his new book is really not a lot different then his BFL book.  Thank goodness I didn't buy it.  It also seems the folks at his new website seem a little fanatical and the reviews I read confirmed my misgivings.  

    So I'm not sure what to do here...I feel like I trusted in BFL and it let me down.  I'm not sure if starting another challenge will do anything or not.  At this point I don't care about gaining any more muscle, strength or stamina.  I want to lose fat.  Period.

    What would you do if you were me??

    As soon as I can get my week 11 pics up I'll show you them side by side my week 1  maybe I just need you guys to smack some sense into me.

    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • Hmmm, Maybe the guys will have more advice than I do. I know when I did BFL the very first time (and lasted 8 weeks), I only lost 11 lbs. at that point, BUT my clothes were definitely smaller. For me personally, I have to add extra cardio into the mix in order to lose better.

    Let's see what the others have to say and look at your pics. I'm glad you're sticking with us anyway!

    Got a good cardio session in today and my stomach is on the mend after a rough weekend. Back to school today and it was hectic. Nothing unusual about that.

    Frick & Dave, as always, you're kicking this challenge in the butt!

    Hope your Monday was great team!


  • Hi there Gang!!!!  

    I am so impressed with everyone!  There are a lot that have stuck it out to the end and that takes real dedication!  It has been great following everyone on your journey!

    Roosed~Thanks for being a great leader and for your motivation.  It seems like hiking is starting to take hold of you.  You are really putting in the miles.  I agree about the ankle support.  I always do better in just a good quality running shoe.

    Shosie~  Awww hun...I am sorry for your frustrations.  I am sure you have made wonderful progress that just can't be quite measured by the scale....YET....but I can promise that it will pay off!  For me, to have a big noticeable difference in how I looked (like where people would actually say something lol) I had to be really strict about my carbs.  I cut out all those sugars...darn it... I know.  Then I went on the paleo diet for about 5 weeks.  That was AMAZING!!!!  I wish I had stayed on it!  I ended up losing about 10 lbs and for the first time in almost 10 years I looked cut!  You still have carbs, but they are all from your fruits and veggies.  Hang in there!  Losing weight is a physical, emotional and mental battle.  And unfortunately, it seems the physical part can be the easiest.

    Just an update on me.  The last month has been pretty much he*& over here.   A month ago I got the worst virus I have ever had in my life.  It literally took me out for 10 days.  I was able to slowly ease back into running and got that last long run in before the half marathon.  Fast forward to last Monday.  I leaned over and BAM...out went my back...5 days before the race.  I've been in and out of the chiro for a week now and am luckily on the mend.  The race was on Saturday and I seriously cried all week about it until I knew it was over.  

    I am feeling a lot better now and the back is getting stronger.  I'm about 11 weeks in my pregnancy and feeling ok, not the terrible nausea I've dealt with before.  

    Keep up the great work everyone!  I  hope to join you again in 6 months!  

  • Utah,

    What a bummer about the race and your back! I hope it heals before your tummy gets big enough to put a strain on your back. I'm glad you're not feeling too sick from that AND that your virus is over.

    Feel free to check in on us during the next challenge!


  • Shoshie, I'd give it another shot but tweak your carbs to natural sources & limit them as much as possible to AM as realistic. Remember that if you put 2/3 of your calories in your first 3 meals then tighten up the second 3 it helps and also tweak your workouts to be higher reps / lower weights for endurance & fat burning rather than muscle build.

    Transformations is a decent book in itself but it is VERY much more inner change / mindset / borderline religion focus but the one thing about it I liked is that Bill took the free day concept and spread it across 3 or 4 free meals across the week to avoid the food / carb hangover some experience from the concentrated free day but that really depends on the person.

    Utah, so sorry to hear of your speed bump. I'll be posting up the next challenge before weeks end & I'll post the link to it in here. Please come on along to keep in shape & keep in touch & OF COURSE that goes for all of you AWESOME team members!!!

    Rock on pals!!!

  • I'm definitely going to give it another shot! :D  Besides how could I ever leave such an awesome team who I gelled so well with?  

    I talked to a gal at EAS today and she confirmed for me that diet and Cardio are where it's at for fat burn.  She recommended a couple things.

    1. Try and do all my Cardio workouts EARLY in the morning before eating.  I guess it triggers the metabolism into burning calories all day long at a higher level.

    2. Mix up the Cardio so I'm not doing the same thing every week. (admittedly I love running so I mostly did that when I could in C1).  

    3. Feel free now that I've experienced a full challenge to mix in new exercises that I would like to try.  (I was happy to hear this because I've been wanting to try some Plyometrics and some exercises I saw in Self Magazine)

    4. She encouraged me to still fill out my packet and enter the contest even if I didn't feel I was as far as I should be.  Include everything in my packet that I did accomplish. guys are great and guess what??!  ONLY 4 MORE DAYS LEFT OF THIS CHALLENGE!!!

    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • Sho - Glad to hear you are keeping the faith.  I believe in the early morning cardio thing.  Your body goes into freak-out mode and burns fat instead of the carbs.

    Utah -  I was sorry to hear that you missed the run.  I know what that meant to you (and us!).  There will be others.  Be strong and focus on pre-natal wellness.

    Roose - as always, great advice on the diet.  For a change, I've got nothing to add LOL!

    I just got my blood work back and am happy to say that adding fish oil or oatmeal or more salads HAS improved my cholesterol.  I was a little shocked when I saw that I added  9 mg to my overall cholesterol score at 152 (from 143), but was relieved to find out that I gained 10 HDL's (good ones) and lost 1 mg of VLDL's (the really really bad ones).  Also, my triglycerides dropped another 6 mg to 61.  This is the first time my HDL's have been in the normal range in probably a decade.

    I also scored a 100% on my health assessment at work up from a 93% last year.  Tightening up on my "simplex carbs" (read: BEER) seemed to be the trick.

    That was the good news, the bad news was some abnormally high TSH reading (scary thyroid hormone. Not sure what that is yet, but I'm sure the good doctor will keep me around for a few more years.

    Well, kiddies, tomorrow is my last "official day on this challenge (C6)" before I kick over into maintenance mode.  I have a pint of Ben and Jerry's, a sleeve of thin mints and the GPS coordinates of the closest Krispy Kreme shop.  I will of course enter all intake to my food journal, but am looking forward to a long weekend of indulgence before starting back up on Monday.  It has been a wonderful journey that I have shared with you and look forward to being part of the Q2Crew.

    Cheers, Y'all


  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Well my 12 week is almost over. I'm happy with my results for this Challenge, but, I won't reach my goal, not in this12 weeks at least.~ I'm definately gonna keep going until I do. I'm not going to stop once I reach my goal. I'm just sayin ~ I think  this 12 week challenge Opened my eyes to a really new life for me, I have so many new friends now that I want to keep in touch with and maybe someday meet .~ I have been hearing that Bill has a 16 week plan. Now doing  Bill's16 week plan is more realistic for total transformation. Now that  sounds like how long it would take me to get to my goal. Don't get me wrong...I'm definately not the same person that started this 12 weeks ago!!!!!  This is my last LBWO for this Challenge, had my last UBWO on Wednesday. I have been working it very hard this week. and hoping to get my last lb off before I post my Stats up on the first of next week. Thank you all for your support  and seeing me through this Challenge~you guys helped me get up every morning and be happy  with what  I have been doing..~ I can almost see that finish line for C3W12D82......

    Boom~Chica~ Woot.

  • looking forward to being part of the Q2Crew

  • looking forward to being part of the Q2Crew

  • Hi guys,

    I have been following the thread since the start and just wanted to say well done to everyone.

    I probably should have offered support earlier, but my first challenge is over tomorrow too.

    Good luck to those doing back to back challenges.


  • OKAY CREW!!! You asked for it so here it is! Q2 Crew Challenge link is up & I'm feeling awfully lonely over there! AnneB & Frick got co-captain billing in the initial post so let's all chime in and support their bravery LOL!

    Rock on pals! Core & cardio smoked first AM today & planning a beastly chilly hike all day Sunday!