Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?

  • Hi everyone!  Just wanted to drop in and say HI!  I am still here!  We caught the worst ever cold/flu bug here at my house.  It dropped me to my knees for about 10 days with aches, fever, sinus, chest stuff going on.  I finally got the ok to start some light running again.  Coupled with being about 2 months pregnant has kicked my butt!  But I am still here!

    Today I did 20 minutes of cardio.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get in a UBWO.  My half marathon is in 3 weeks and I am nervous now that I had a few long runs taken away due to this crud.  Hopefully my body knows what I'm doing and I'll be ok, even just to finish.  I don't care if I set a pr or not.  

    Morning sickness is starting to visit a bit.  I'm hoping that keeping up the exercise and not eating sugar will help a lot with it.  Wish me luck crew!

    Keep up the GREAT work everyone!

  • Hey there!  I'm here too!

    I had such great momentum going into week 8 and something happened Thursday.  I missed a meal here...procrastinated there...missed my cardio that day too.  The next day I made my LBWO yet also  missed a couple more meals.  I pushed pretty hard doing step-ups and Squats and that evening I noticed my knee felt funny.  Tight not hurt, like it needed to be popped.  I looked it up and I'm pretty sure it was due to tight quads pulling things out of alignment.  The next day got all my meals on track again and did my cardio.  I decided to give my knee a break and do eliptical instead of treadmill.

    That turned out to be a good plan and the exercise made my knee feel better.

    Today I'm on track for meals so far and I wanted to write this note before heading out for my UBWO.

    I really really want to see this program through so I'm going to have to be extra diligent and plan plan plan!

    Anyone else who is reading this and hasn't piped in. We are here for you!!

    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • I'm still here too!

    Last week was hectic and very stressful at work. I was doing great and then let it slide the last part of the week. I've started the week off with a better attitude and many of the stressors will be lessened by the middle of next week. You would think the stress was caused by the special ed kids I teach, but no, it's the adults.

    Sounds like many of you are still going strong. This is a great team!

    Take care of bum shoulders Dave! Utah, keep that morning sickness under control. Thankfully I never had to deal with that. :)


  • WOW! Glad everybody's chiming back in!!! Sounds like we all have speed bumps but are managing to keep moving forward! Here comes the final third!!!

    Okay, so this past weekend my lousy head cold settled down into my chest & locked up tight as a drum! Slept more Friday & Sautday nights than all of last week combined LOL! Sunday I finally got loosened up to the rattle stage & got a couple miles of walking in on the hills of the neighborhood.

    Hit the gym first AM today & 50,940 LBs of LBWO iron got the Griz moving forward again!

    Tomorrow I visit the PT for UBWO shoulder consulting so we'll see what comes of that!!!

    Rock on crew!

  • So @ PT for the shoulder today the guru turns out to be a gurette with iron hands & stone fingers & thumbs! Like the Doc, first she HAD to find EVERYTHING that causes pain THEN do the same to the GOOD shoulder to compare! By the time I left, BOTH shoulders hurt LOL!

    Home exercises to do & STRICT gym instructions to cut the LBs in half & double the reps to strengthen the stabilizer muscles & rotator cuff. GRRR!!!

  • @ Grizz - glad to hear you are under doctor's orders...they'll keep you in line, but patience is a virtue here.  Don't try to second guess them.  and thanks for the reassurance about not focusing on the scale.  While I was lasered in on the scale, I took a look at some other stats and found that I added 1-1/2" to the guns (sure it was after a good UBWO, but still...).  so maybe I'm not getting fatter, I think I am just molting - LOL!  Will have to check out the BFI at the end of the week to be sure.

    I also went out and bought another 110 lbs of weights for the home gym to be sure I feel the burn at every workout.  I just need to teach my daughter how to "spot me" on the final sets.

    We are 25 days away from graduation day, people.  Time to forget about the past and make every workout, every meal, and every run worth the effort.  If you have stuck with this thread this far, you have much to be proud of.

  • Frick, way to refocus & move ahead!!! Thanks for the props on the PT. Not going to like it but if it works it'll be worth it!!!

    Got 5 hours of VERY aggravated sleep last night then walked out the door @ “0” Dark-Thirty as usual & that crescent moon was amazing but then when I rounded the corner to the commuter mobile it was covered with freaking frost!!! I thought WTF, they’re calling for 65 today & 72 tomorrow?!?!? This is supposed to be the South! GRRR!!!

    Drove north & hit the workplace gym. Ground out 68,420 LBs of LBWO iron @ 1.14 Tons per Minute and set the tone for the day!

    Rock on crew!

  • I am not MIA...though it may seem that way :( has been crazy..but still here.  I do read all the posts but can't respond for some reason until I get to my computer.  I am still here and going steady though.  We are all crossing that line together ready to congratulate each one of you!!!  I have updated my measurements and some pics.  If anyone wants to comment to me or ask me anything, please email me through here instead of posting, since it is hard to find the questions since the forum moves so quickly!...ROCK ON!!!

  • OK, worked out with the heavier weights on both upper and lower.  It feels like week one again!  Think I need to get one more set of dumbbells for my lunges/squats just to be sure, but my run today was pretty rough as I worked through Monday's lactic acid buildup (is that called DOMS, Grizz?)

    As we get into the final three weeks, there are a few things that C1 people usually do, I've noticed.  Here are a few suggestions:

    Tanning Bed/Fake-n-Bake/Spray On tans or good old fashioned sun time.  Those after pictures invariably show tan and lean. Not sure why, just an observation.

    Teeth whiteners - Also, the 14 day strips work great, so you have less than a week to start that routine as well.  Looks good with the tan.

    Low Carb diet - Body builders go on a low or no carb diet about 14 days before a show.  This gives them that "cut" look (at the expense of a nominal muscle loss).  My nutritionist recommended not pursuing this more than a couple of weeks, so do some research if that fits into your ultimate goal.

    Anyone else have something to add here?  Might be missing something.  I already mentioned birth control to Utah due to the side effects of improving your appearance to your S.O.

  • Hey Hi everyone,

    Just popping in to say Hi, Been eating clean and working out dirty and loving it , I get up now are 5:30 just to do a workout, I just love my new Bowflex.. ~ I wakey so excited to workout . LOL ~ I didn't do that before when I first started BFL. Hey is that crazy or what~...LOL~ Loving BFL more and more everyday ... Boom ~ Chica ~ Woot. 

  • Anne~ That is so exciting!  

    Frick~  LOL!  And good suggestions!  Yep, I don't think a spray on tan or teeth whitener is going to save me now in the contest, he he!  I went on the paleo diet for 5 weeks and I definitely got cut!  It was the best I've looked in 10 years (and baby subsequently followed :))  I felt fabulous too while on it!  Now I eat brown rice and corn, but I still try to stay away from bread.

    Roosed~ I'm sorry the pt visit didn't go as you probably wanted.  I sure hope that her suggestions will help long-term though.  Do you know how the original injury happened?  How are things going on the home front?

    Hi everyone!

    Obviously weight loss has gone down the toilet for me.  But my goal is to not gain too much.  I am about 8 weeks and can still fit into my skinny jeans :)  My goal for this pregnancy is to not eat white or brown sugar at all, even DH is on board.  My other goal is to keep running through-out and keep doing races.  I have the half marathon in 2 1/2 weeks.  Morning sickness is just barely starting to rear her ugly head, but it's not too bad yet (knock on wood).

    Keep up the good work everyone!  This is a great crew!  I can't wait to see everyone's before and after pics!

  • Cajun, welcome back! Sorry for the puter issues but as long as you're keeping up...BONZAI!!!

    Utah, the original injury occured when I was trying to pull a broken tree limb down after an ice storm. Shoulder gave before it did... :-( Home front is a roller coaster for sure...up one day, down the next with the occasional barrel roll or loop thrown in just for kicks but sooner or later, one way or another it'll straighten out. Thanks for asking BTW & good luck with that chemistry project you're baking! A pal has a personal trainer for a wife and they ran a half marathon when she was almost 8 months along. I thought they were BOTH nuts LOL!

    WOW!!! I’d forgotten how high rep sets send the burn clear to the bone LOL!!! Due to the extended time required I skipped core & @ “0” Dark-Thirty ground out 20,600 LBs of UBWO iron the lower weight higher rep set way like my PT gurette prescribed. Now of course I couldn’t just cut the LBs in half, iron plates didn’t work out that way so I rounded up to the nearest full plate but shhhhh!!! Don’t tell LOL!

    Rock on crew!!!

  • Cajun~ Just checked out your photos!  Wow, you are making amazing progress!

    Roosed~ Ouch, that darn tree!  I hope the pt helps you get back to 100%.  Well a roller coaster is definitely better than just a down-ward spiral.  I hope there are more ups than downs and you get some leveling out soon!  That is funny that you mentioned the friend running a half at 8 months.  There is one here in our town that I always do.  People keep asking me if I'm doing it or not (I'll be about 7 months).  Since we haven't announced IRL yet I just keep saying "haven't decided yet".  Hmmmm ya got my wheels turning now.  

    This morning I got my 30 minutes of running in.  It felt pretty good.  I feel tired, but I think it's coming more from recovering from this awful cold than being pregnant.  And I felt so great after!  I'm really going to shoot for the long run this weekend of ten miles.

  • BTW, Frick, DOMS is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness & is partly caused by the acid build up but mostly from the muscles trying to heal the micro tears from being worked.

    Utah, thanks for the good vibes young lady...the only problem with the logic is that the ups feel so nice that they make the downs hurt that much more but you're right...sooner or later it'll all pan out. Good luck on those miles too, just don't over do it early on especially.

    Rock on Crew!!!

  • Can y’all believe we’re 3/4th of the way through?!?!?

    It is done for today! 119,400 LBs of total body iron ground to dust amongst burning off 548 HIIT cardio calories while climbing 220 vertical feet in a total combined gym time of 132 minutes! Makes for one soggy Grizzy!!!

    Got invited to an all afternoon hike tomorrow, mother nature permitting, so had to blast uppers & lowers today, you know, just in case!

    Rock on crew!