Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?

  • I'm in! This is my 2nd challenge.  The last one I started was interrupted by a baby!  She's 4 months now so I've been itching to get back in.  Can't wait!  

  • I am on board! My weighs and bench are in and I am ready! January 3rd in 6 days :)

  • Alright, I may have to start a little early.  The "For Life" thing is really getting to me.  I need an endorphine rush that only hitting the 10s can do.  My diet has been completely in the trashcan for about a week now.  Time to get down to business....

  • I had my year of being a sloth; eating trash and gaining 20 lbs, TV for a best friend.   Know what it got me?  Weak and sickly! It's embarassing.  Just count me in.  I hope the protein drinks work......  

  • I'm in. 2 babies in 2 yrs, that's all the motivation I need. Jan 3rd. Ready, Set, Go!

  • I'm in too!  I will be starting Jan. 2, 2010.  I need alot of motivation and support, I have a LONG way to go.  This is my first challenge, but I know I can be successful.


    While I'm still over here in the Smokey Mountains I snuck into some free WiFi and wanted to see how our troop was forming up, looks GREAT so far! If I can keep my head fully in the game this challenge, I intend to post daily like in C1l. C2 saw some dark and crazy weeks in my life and I can't promise y'all that they're over yet but that's part of the beauty of this BfL deal, it truely is "For Life" so if I miss a day or two here and there just keep grinding it out and keep the diet TIGHT! You'll find that, in all honestly, diet will prove to be 80% of your results.

    Now, for ALL of you who haven't been in on my first 2 challenges I want to avoid causing you ANY confusion. Although I've dropped 53 pounds on the scale in 2010, when I run the numbers (you WILL see I'm a numbers freak) I've actually shed 74 pounds of FLAB but have added 21 pounds of lean muscle so the program I'm following is basically what I like to cal "BfL Heavy!" I'm not so focussed on the scale as I am on getting back to being SOLID not Jello! I lift more as well as longer than the book calls for but I follow the diet and HIIT cardio portions most days to keep the faith!

    Get your end game in mind, chart a course, don't be affraid of course corrections (they WILL be required) and EXECUTE!!! Don't give up either!!! The scale can be your WORST enemy if you don't take religious full body measurments to see how you're rearranging what's there. There WILL be weeks when you GAIN LBs but if you check your measurements, provided you've kept the diet tight, you will usually find you're adding FLAB GOOBLING LEAN MUSCLE!!! DOnt' fret the scale unless you're full body measurement stink too...if that;s the case DO NOT get depressed, lose motivation or anything else...use that set back as motivation to refocus and ROCK ON! Get ready to rock pals!!!

    See y'all on 03 JAN 2011!

  • Me too!  I so need this

  • Dave, hope you're enjoying every minute of your vacation!

    I found out my cholesterol numbers are way up so part of my goal is to get those back down. I'm on lots of meds and we have a serious family history of heart disease so that's part of my next challenge. They've been good before and I can get them there again. A bonus will be to lose some fat along the way!

    Happy New Year!


  • this is my first CYCLE, and i am a newbie.... i was researcing fitness and came across the woman Laura London, who lives 20 miles North of me in Boca Raton, FL. i saw her mention the BFL site, and was hooked from there. i am COMPLETELY ecstatic about this new 2011 Journey in my life, and would greatly appreciate any and all advice, insight, MOTIVATION.

    lets do this CHAMPIONS..... :0)

  • I cannot WAIT for the New Year!  I am so ready to start anew and get my BFL body back!  I haven't done a SERIOUS challenge since around 2005 and I have gained around 20-25 pounds.  Plus, I'm a new grandma this year and I'll need all the energy I can get to keep up with my grandson.  Out with the old, in with the new!  

  • I am in!!!  1st time and need lots of help staying motivated!!!

  • January 3rd is it!  Did a challenge about 14 years ago.  Time to begin another and keep it for life! Look forward to reading your posts roosed. Here's to keeping each other motivated no matter where on the journey we are!

  • I'm starting on the 3rd as well!  My first time and I'm excited to get going. I need help staying motivated throughout the 12 weeks!

  • Slow day at work today so I am going to spend my time putting a 3-ring binder together with my workouts, nutrition, measurements, etc. I will be working out at home, so I'm going to need some variety to keep me motivated.  My new Zumba DVDs should help out.  I've already tried them out and they kick much fun!

    Get on board everyone....YOU CAN DO THIS!