Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?

  • Oaky, by January 3rd it'll be time for C3 on my end & I need a team to motivate and be motivated by!

    Let's make 2011 the year we regain control!

    Kicking off a challenge Monday January 3rd, wrapping it up Sunday March 27th.

    Any takers?!?!?


  • Yes Yes Yes!!! Im with you!

    This will be my first challenge - I am super excited!

    And well done to you for your 3rd challenge... that's excellent.

  • Frick checking in - actually, I just wanted to be on the first page this time....

    Welcome Malacie, you beat me to the punch.  Enjoy the holidays, because Roosed will surely motivate you to be all you can be.

    I'm with you, Roo.

    Maintaining my routine is the goal for 2011 (6th challenge!), but am happy to provide insite from my previous challenges to newbies and learn from the experience of other multi-challengers.

    Bring it on!  Let's kick it in 2011

  • I am starting on Jan. 3rd as well. 1st challenge and super excited to get motivated!!!

  • Yep, I'm with ya Roosed!  

  • I am in!

  • Am on it.. and I need a lot of motivation too :)

    today i'll eat perfect... :)

  • I'm in and starting today. In dire need of a major change in my excercise life. This will C2 for me and a long time coming as last one was 10yrs ago.

  • Fantastic!!! Looks like we're putting together an awesome troop of BfL'ers!!!

    Get ready to rock folks!

    Looking forward to it!!!

  • I'm in! This will be C2 for me! I wish I could start today, but I know with Christmas being this weekend, and New Years the next, that would not be a great idea!

  • I am in.... starting challenge number 1 on Jan 3rd

  • Count me in! First challenge but ultra-super-motivated.

    Live life with passion!

  • I started on Monday. I tried once before and did not finish. This time I am in it for the long haul.

  • I'm in and plan to follow through this time! We have a great leader here!

  • Okay I have replied.  Starting Jan 2011...Looking at gyms today and then going to GNC to find myoplex.  Oh my I am a little nervous.

    Joanne J