Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!

  • I am in it for the challenge and the support.  I don't want to have anxiety so I am going to take it one day at the time... my goal for tomorrow is to eat perfect and to have a great work out.. one day at the time.. that's my goal

    today i'll eat perfect... :)

  • Just took before pictures and even more ready (if possible) to get started tomorrow! I have meals planned and some cooked for tomorrow already. I'm ready to smile again!

  • Hi my name is Lielia. I'm in on the 3rd as well.

  • I start too...with my childhood friend Rene!  I thought I had things lined out...I do have meals, exercise but feel overwhelmed on how to feed my family too!  Plus need to get in bed for 6am wake up!  

  • I'm in!!!!!!!!!  

    Planning to start on 1/3/11 as well, I have my kit downloaded, workouts planned and fridge stocked with healthy foods for the week!  

    I'm a 43 year old mom of two boys, have let myself go just a bit too much these past couple of years.  Hoping to drop about 20 pounds and get my muscle definition back!  I'm definitely not a morning person - I get up with the boys at 6:30 to get them off to school, but would much rather crawl back under the covers till about 8am!!!!!!!  My older son likes to go to they gym, so I will probably do most of my workouts when he gets home from school, as I will need to drive him there anyways!  

  • Good morning everyone, Day One for my C3 UBWO done for today and now for eating clean all day, My arms are like Jello this am could barely pick up my bottle of water to have a drink, Ohhhh yeah that's the way I like it... Rock on BFLers =)

  • First morning workout is in the record books!  Did everyone else find out to your horror just how out of shape you have really become???  We all have a better mental image of where our body is than what gets revealed under the light of reality!  Wow.  My arms are shaking while I'm typing this.  I am hanging onto the knowledge that what felt so foreign this morning will become second nature soon.  Hang in there everybody, and have a great first day eating right!

    Blessings <><


  • I started my first day with the 20 minute cardio workout! WooHoo- I can feel it in my but for sure! I was surprised that I have been up for 4 hours and have already drank 6 cups of water. I'm excited to do this and ready for the rest of the day.

  • ElsMarie said- "I have been up for 4 hours and have already drank 6 cups of water"

    Oh, I'm so glad you are mentioning water, I gotta get on that! So many changes, I'm afraid I'm going to forget something.

    Jaimee- Your story is inspiring, you go girl!  

  • Let's go official challenge 1 for me.

  • I have this exact same problem. The only solution I've found is to somehow make myself accountable for actually getting up - i.e have someone I'm supposed to be meeting to work out, or have told someone I'm doing this thing (getting up), who will hold me accountable (in some way! ;)

    Good luck,  I really empathize with you on this one.

  • Hey Quilterri!!  My best friend and I actually started January 2nd so our FREE day would be on a Saturday!  Lol  We are doing great so far!!  We both created a 3 ring binder that has all 12 weeks in it!  We are very determined and excited.  Good luck to you and maybe we will see one another on here!!

  • Hello everyone!  I started my challenge today too.  This is my second official challenge.  I did my fist March-June of 2010 and loved the results.  Then started a second one but summer and riding got in the way and well here we are.  I'm excited to give it 100% and see what I can accomplish!

  • I'm in too---this will be C2 for me.  I can tell you all that IT WORKS!   If you want to see my C1 results, check my profile.  There is a link there to my BFL tracker---a great tool if you don't have it.  :)

    Good luck everyone!

  • Day 2 for me and I am feeling sore in my UB and my HIIT today was tough because I did not remain consistent in the gym over the holidays. My eating bit the big one and I gained 10 lbs! Yes...I cannot believe it. It took me 3 months to get that off and only 1 to get it back on. So not worth it.

    So here goes the 12 weeks. I will lose 2 lbs a week for the next 12 weeks. I will be in a size 8 by March 29th. I will run a 5K in April. I only have unauthorized foods on Saturdays.

    Have a happy week all!