Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!

  • I think we are all amazing!!!  This group just fricking rocks!

    Keep it up everyone...I have added my ending week 10 numbers.

    Looking forward to each day as March 27th gets closer!

    I have scheduled my end of Challenge photo shoot...I decided I might as well let a professional do it this time.

    I will post those final shots as soon as I get them.

    Keep up the posts!

  • Happy St. Patricks Day !!!!

    Well, I finally hit the 2 miles on the treadmill.  After cooldown it was 2.01.  Yippee!!!  I am so excited.   I am looking forward to posting my end result photos.  I am going right into C2.  This really is a way of life and I want those ABS bad.  Everyone is doing extremely well.  I am proud of the success and how everyone supports each other.  Anyone going right into C2?  Again, thank you all for the support.  By the way, I started giving all my pants away.  I am now a 33 waist.  Can't believe it.  

    Have a Great Day.


  • Happy Thursday Week 11!

    HIIT was really good and tough this morning.  Made 2.02 miles right at the 20 minute mark, then cooled down until I hit 2.25.  Kinda nervous about the 5k, which is silly but I have always had a very competitive, perfectionist attitude toward anything I undertake.  I've always been of the mind "If you can't do it WELL, then stay home or do something else!"  Something the Lord is working on in me.  You have to be willing to do YOUR best, even if the rest of the world scoffs - especially the ones who do what you are doing very well!  I'm going out to run my first 5k, and I know that a competitive amateur time is around 23 minutes vs. my best time so far of 31.3 minutes.  And so what? 12 weeks ago I couldn't run a block without falling over gasping, and NOW I'm gonna run 3.12 miles.  So no matter how slow, no matter how unimpressive to the running world, it will still be a milestone in my life! (Thanks for letting me pep talk myself there...LOL...I feel better now!)

    SCOTT - Several of us are starting again, sort of immediately.  We have agreed to take ONE week of Active Rest and start C2 on Monday 4/3/11.  That puts us finishing C2 on June 26th.  However, June 26 is both the official END of round 2 and the start of round 3 on the challenges this year.  So if you were going to "officially" enter more than 3 challenges this year, you will have to skip our week of Active Rest and forge ahead, or you won't finish C2 in time to officially enter C3 on 6/26/11.  Personally, I'm skipping round 3 (I will still be following the program though) and then officially doing round 4 this year.  You should consider taking some Active Rest, as the articles suggest your body does some pretty awesome improvements during the rest period because of the extra muscle recovery time.  You don't just go completely inactive, but you still maintain some cardio and stay active.  You just aren't pounding out the weights and HIIT for a week or two.  Think about it.

    CAJUNBLUEZ - You are funny!  I like your comment that our group "fricking rocks".  You are right!  We have one of the best, most supportive group on this forum than, I dare say, any other forum on this site!  We are all just regular folks trying to fight our way out of the body we've built living the "American Dream" of regular visits through McDonald's drive thru and our mindset of "instant" everything...including gratification!  This lifestyle removes all that crap, and gets you back to the basics of good physical life:  Balanced eating, Regular exercise.  Just like they taught you in elementary school....right before they loaded you onto a bus and went TO MCDONALD'S DRIVE THRU!  How hypocritical!  You frickin' rock cajunbluez!  LOL

    Blessings to each of you today,


    Blessings <><


  • Cajun...I am in awe. You rock!!! You are amazing!!!

    Scott...I love your enthusiasm. I can tell you are more confident and feeling good. I bet you look amazing.

    Stephon...I love that you hit or surpass your goals on the treadmill. Very encouraging. I also loved your comments about BFL being a way of life and not instant gratification like going through McD's drivethru.

    Since revamping my eating, I have lost over 3 since Sunday. I can tell that my diet needed work and it is improving! I am still not hitting 10's because my back is still sore. I WILL NEVER DO THE SITTING OBLIQUE MACHINE AGAIN!

    I put a shirt on that I bought a few years ago after having my 4th little girl. I never did lose enough weight to fit in it...WELL TODAY IT FIT! Woo Hoo! It is encouraging to see changes in my body. Also while in Mexico, my husband commented on how well I have been doing and that he can tell I am more confident in my body because he gets to see me with less clothes on. TMI I'm sure but it made me feel good to know he is noticing and he seems happier about it too. He isn't doing BFL but has started getting up in the mornings and doing our elliptical or push ups and sit ups and has decreased his portion sizes. His beer belly is almost gone and he looks dang good!

    I hope you are all having a great St. Patricks Day. I made my girls green pancakes this morning and they thought that was neat. And they all looked darling in green today.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!!


  • Wow Team, time for some shout-outs!!!!!

    Jaimee:  Way to get back on track, 3 pounds is fabulous, especially when you are still dealing with your back issues and having to back off on the exercise!  And isn't it fun it is to go "closet shopping" and realize things that were not options now look great..........I was just closet shopping last night in fact, hoping to not have to buy any new clothes for our trip, but to be able to wear the ones I had given up on.  Yipeee, most of the summer pants and shorts now fit!!!

    Scott:  Woo hoo, welcome to the 2 mile club!!!!  Way to go!!!!!!!!!  So glad you are joining us for C2, but definitely read the Mike Harris article about Active Rest (AR) before you make your decision about whether to continue straight into C2 or take a break.  Just type Mike Harris Active Rest into the search box, and it will come up.  Lots to think about.  I'm going to do the week of AR, and start up on April 3rd............we are still on vacation till Wednesday night, I'm going to cut myself a bit of slack the first couple days of the challenge!  

    Solidrocker:  Good luck on your 5K this weekend, you are such an inspiration to us all!    Look how far you have come in just 10 weeks............and you are the only one in the group with the guts to attempt the 5k this early!  Don't be comparing your times to those of the other runners who may have been doing races or training for the runs for years - just keep concentrating on beating your OWN best time, and constantly improving, you will do great!  By the way, if I could "like" your 10:20 am post on Wednesday,  like you can on facebook, I'd click "like"!!!!!!!!!  Team, we are going to cross the finish line with our shoulders back, heads held high, and fists pumping for each other! 

    Cajunbluez: I don't even know what to say - 48 pounds lost??????????????  Girl, you are amazing!!!!!  I bet your sons are so proud of you!    I really hope you go on that caribbean cruise you mentioned, you are rocking this challenge and have earned it!!!! 

    Candace:  I hope the kiddos are feeling better and you are getting more sleep and back in the groove again!   You are fighting a much tougher battle trying to get your workouts in than those of us without babies to care for, so be kind to yourself! 

    Brent, Jules, AnneB, Mazjaz, yummymummy, and all the others:  I hope you are just busy and haven't posted lately  but are still BFL'ing with the rest of us, you are part of our team also!

    Okay, I now have to confess what a dork I can be.  I had a total, hormonally induced carb binge yesterday...........we are talking pizza, crackers with butter, mac & cheese, tuna on wheatbread, breakfast cereal, banana with peanut butter and chips and salsa.  I have NEVER had carb cravings like I did last night, and about 1800 calories later was totally disgusted with what I had done.   I knew what I was doing (but didn't care at the time, those hormones are POWERFUL sometimes!!!) but just felt yuk afterwards.  Needed to remind myself that I hadn't blown 12 weeks away, just this week maybe.  To give myself a kick in the pants, I went up to my sewing room (I love to sew), and pulled out my "body double" dress form.  Set her up on a table and proceeded to measure myself, then her, and cranked the dials so she shrunk down to my current measurements.  The last time I had adjusted her was pre-BFL, it was a pretty good visual reminder of how far I''ve come, even if I did blow it that night.  So there you have it, I can be such a dork! 

    Was really pumped on my HIIT again this morning, hit 2.07 again, and have eaten PERFECTLY today.  So THERE, CARB CRAVINGS!!!! 

    Have a great day all, and keep fighting the good fight!


  • Hey all,

    I was going to wait until the end of the 12 weeks, but I HAD to go pant shopping.  All my work pants looked SO baggy and awful and I had to keep hiking the suckers up all day long. So I went pant shopping.  I am back into 12s!   I haven't been in 12's since college!

    ANyway, I am really excited and proud of everyone's progress. Keep it up! Do not worry about the small defeats, just do not let it make you give up.   I keep telling myself I have made so much progress thus far, and I am making my body for LIFE. I am not going to just stop this lifestyle coz I get to a healthy weight. A small hiccup in the big scheme of things.. it will happen. Accept it  and keep going.  

    SOmeone may have asked this before, but I am just going to repeat it. Are we starting a new thread when C2 begins?Have a great night!

  • Thanks for the inspiring comments!

    Wow...we are getting so close to graduation :)

    I'm in for C2!  What are the dates?  Are we taking that week off between C1 & C2?

  • Happy Friday Week 11!!!

    Hey Team!  5K is tomorrow, and I'm as nervous as a schoolgirl the day before prom!  LOL.  Will be picking up my packet today so I don't have to fight the crowd early in the morning.  Really looking forward to beating the crap out of my current 5k time.  I think the adrenaline alone will pump me along for at least a couple minute the competitor inside me when I see someone out ahead that is within "passing distance" waiting for a sign of weakness!  LOL.

    CAJUNBLUEZ - "Graduation"...COOL. I haven't heard that word pertain to my life in a few decades!

    MOMOF2 - Way to go on the new pant size.  I had the same experience a few weeks ago when we went for a weekend in KC MO.  I had 38 waist which were looking like "clown pants" I went out and bought 4 pair of 36 waist "slim straights".  I've never bought ANY clothes with the word "slim" in them, and this week I'm already thinking they are fitting a little loose, but I'll hang on as long as I can!

    MNMOM - You crack me up!  I wouldn't sweat what you are viewing as a "dorky, hormonally induced carb binge".  Just roll with it and get back on track.  You ladies have got a much tougher "row to hoe" than us guys.  Your bodies throw you so many chemical "curve balls" that, honestly, you just have to keep it as between the lines as you can until it passes.  What you have to look at is this:  Looking at the entire course of your journey are you GROWING (in a good way) and moving closer and closer to what your goal is than you were when you started?  If you can say "yes" to both of those things, then you ARE making overall improvement.  It's just like the Christian life:  Do you still SIN as a Christian?  Absolutely!  Do you go LOOKING to sin and planning for it?  NO.  You are only periodically "falling" into sin against what you want for yourself in your heart and mind and against what God wants for you.  What is the true measure of a Christian Life in the end?...

    If you are a saved, born-again Christian - Your life isn't judged in a scale of "does the good outway the bad ?".  You are seen by God as PERFECT because Jesus' perfect, sinless life was put on you; and ALL of your sins (Past, Present, Future) were put on Jesus and PAID FOR on the cross!

    If you can look at your LIFE and see that you have GROWN in holiness, submitting to God through the ups and downs to mold you more and more into the image of Jesus by the end of it; then no matter what sin you fell into along the way - then got back up and repented of it and moved on - you lived a good Christian life.  

    If you haven't done that (Repented of your sin and put your trust in Jesus to pay your fine for breaking God's Law) then think hard about it today, and don't waste time getting on your knees!  You don't know how many heart beats you have left to go!

    I know...."LOOOOOONG message Steph" - Sorry.  I'm a preacher at heart! LOL



    Blessings <><


  • FUN STUFF!!!!!

    Here's a picture of my "Goody Bag" items picked up for the 5k run!!!  The shirt is a mesh running shirt and not just a T-shirt (yay) also got Burts Bees lip balm, Skin Slik anti chapping/windburn spray, Emerald Almonds, fine line Green click Sharpie, Water Bottle, Frisbee (?), PowerBar, CarbBOOM carb gel, all in a Walmart reuseable shopping bag!!  Cool huh?  I'm number 403, I have my timing chip that I attach to my shoe laces prior to running.  I got to "hobnob" with fellow entrants at the pick up booth, and was happy to find several there were also "first timers", I feel like a REAL athlete!  LOL

    Enter a 5K!!  Pick a good charitable cause too.  You not only help out that cause (this one is Cerebral Palsy), but you get to workout while helping!!  YOU CAN DO IT!

    NO GO....Don't just stand there with your mouth open!



    Blessings <><


  • Stephon!!!! I am so excited for you for your 5k tomorrow! I love the photos and your enthusiasm. I want to hear first thing tomorrow how it went. I am so motivated by you that I am actively searching for a 5k myself. This is because of YOU. Thank you!!!!

    Momof2....I am so happy that you were able to go clothes shopping!!!!!! That is definately an encouraging aspect of losing weight. Awesome!

    Well today is my free day and I had 2 pieces of pizza and 2 pina coladas. I think I got hooked in Mexico! Dang It! Oh well...they are yummy and I feal GREAT!!!

    Hope you all have a fantasic weekend. I intend to weigh and measure even though I didn't get to exericse much this week due to my back. I am hoping to do a full UBWO on Sunday and HIIT on Monday. We will see how it goes!!

    THank you all for being such great friends on BFL. I just really look forward to reading your posts.


  • Hey Team -

    For anyone who is still up out there in cyberland............I just had an idea:  Let's run with Stephon tomorrow!   His 5K starts at 8am (I looked it up online with the info in the picture of his treat bag), how cool would it be if we did our HIIT at the same time???!!!!!  And mabye a slow jog till we hit the 5k distance, for a total of 3.1 miles?  

    I'll be on the treadmill at 8am, if you are still up and want to join me chime in........I wish I had been able to post this earlier when I thought of it! 

    Stephon, we will make you run faster and harder,  because we know you are a competitor at heart!!!!   Go get em, make us eat your dust, we are cheering for you! 


  • Great Idea MN MOM...I wil join you in my local gym.....LET'S GO...Stephon lead us to the finish line.

  • MN the sons are actually shocked.  Two live away from home and haven't seen me in about 3-4 weeks.  I hope to see them after my photo shoot on next Sunday.


    Good Morning Team!  Well, it is 7 am here and I am suited up and heading out to the 5K.  I have really been touched by all the messages you all sent last night!

    This is an awesome, supporting group to be a part of.  I will run MUCH harder this morning knowing that some of you are getting up SPECIAL just to run 5k distance with me!  Let's go take this event!

    Will write as soon as I get back home,


    Blessings <><


  • Hey Team...I SURVIVED THE 5K!!!

    I hope all of you survived yours too if you ran this morning!  My first 5K stats:

    28.18.5 overall time (That is a little over 3 minutes better than my best on the treadmill!!!)

    10th place in my age group (45-49 yrs)

    78th place overall out of a field of 138!!! (and a LOT of the 60 people I beat were way younger than me, I LIKE THAT!!)

    Here's the only pictures I got with my blackberry:

    Just after completion!!

    Shot of the times posting showing I'm 10th place in my Age Group!  First place was under 20 minutes!  Also, notice First and second place in the next OLDER age group...a 59 year old guy ran a 20.28 time, and placed 10th out of the whole 138 person field.  Yikes, I got some work to do!!!

    Here's a shot showing my overall placement at 78th!!  Notice the ages of just the 10 people who finished BEHIND me!  Some of them are over 20 years my junior...and I BEAT THEM!  That, my friends, is ENCOURAGING!!!  And THANK YOU ALL for being sooooooo supportive and encouraging too!

    Anyway, Blessings to all of you on this Saturday!  I took part of my Free Day last night at dinner in order to "Carb UP" for this morning (yeah, good excuse Steph!).  But we went to this awesome restaurant we love that is operated by Mennonite families.  Great home cooking!  I had smoked brisquit, baked potato (with sourcream, butter and cheese thank you) and steamed mixed veggies.  And then the crowning glory of the meal!  They make this bread pudding with handmade REAL whipped cream and a sugar/butter sauce poured over and around it that is worth the guilt!  Three of us shared a single serving of this which is like 4" x 4" x 4" is mammoth!  I must say, I probably got more than 1/3 of it though!  (Hehe)  But it was yummy and I was fueled up to run this morning!

    Get ready...HERE COMES WEEK 12!!!!


    Blessings <><