Starting 12/20/10

  • Starting next week. I am a teacher and have the next two weeks off. Seems like a good time to get started because I will have plenty of time to rest and get the soreness out. Anyone else starting on Monday? I have started other times and never finished. Just wasn't motivated enough. I have written my goals and started my meal and workout planning. I just have to take my before pics and I am ready to roll.

  • goskins8,

    Congratulations on making the decision to transform your life with BFL!!! You will finish this time! VIsit the forum often.There are so many great people here who want to see you succeed! Writing out your goals is extremely important. You are off to a solid start. read them every day. Knowing your goals and reasons for having those goals is a lifeline when difficult times hit during your challenge. Planning is also key. It is huge in fact. Do you have the BFL Success Journal? I highly recommend it. It has all the daily forms plus inspirational words from Bill Phillips and a success story for each day of the challenge. My Journals have kept me focused and on track. They are great!

    All the best. Have a great Day 1 on monday!


  • Thanks Orrin. I am excited. I really think I have the right mindset and motivation this time. I do not have the success journal, but I will keep daily notes throughout the process. I am also going to take pics every 4 weeks.

  • That sounds great! You can download and the daily nutrition and workout forms right from this site. Look under the 'Library' tab at the top of the page then under 'tools'. These forms really help planning. If you have your own system that is great too. The main thing is to plan your workouts and meals the day before. That way you have a plan to stick to and it is much easier to stay on track.

    All the best


  • Goskins,

    I did this challenge over the summer and finished (yay!).  But I moved about halfway through, and the last half of the challenge was really hard for me.  I think I've started to regress with the Holiday season rolling around.  If its alright, would love to join you on the quest for a healthier life.  Plus, the one thing that kept me going was my group of "26ers" (we all started July 26) on the forum.  It helps to have someone right along side, doing it  with you.  Want to work on this together?

    Very brave of you, by the way, to start so close to the Holidays :)


  • Janine,

    I would love to have someone do this with me. There is not many people starting right now. Its just a good time for me, being off for the next two weeks and all. I think starting now will allow me to adjust and get in the habit of eating clean and working out. I just finished my 1st week meal plan. The planning seems a bit overwhelming right now. I know it all gets easier with time. I look foward to going about this with you.


  • Hmm...I'm glad.  Because I actually failed miserably in the first two days.  The mornings always start off well, but then I bomb come afternoon.  Ugh.

    I know where I went wrong. I didnt plan....and I let myself be alone.  I learned from my first challenge that planning is best thing and staying in the company of others is the second best.  I was hoping that I would be able to handle it, since this is supposed to be a "for life" thing.  I guess I'm not ready for that yet.  

    Ok, day 3, here we come.

  • I also started when I had a week vacation from work, last month.  And I was glad, 'cuz I jumped into the water routine without easing into it.  Went from drinking 3 cups a day to 10.  I had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes!  Now that's something I wouldn't be able to do while at work.

    (Don' worry though, your body will adjust to its extra water intake after awhile.)

  • Janine,

    Sorry to hear that. I messed up this morning and got up late. Went to the gym and when I got back I got caught talking to a neighbor. I ended up missing my first meal. On to meal two and I'll go from there.


    I hear you on that one. I have been to the restroom many times in the last couple of days. I hope my body does adjust. Another thing, was it hard to adjust to eating while on vacation, to eating 6 times a day while working?

  • Just the first week of being back.  I packedthe night b4 and couldn't beleive all the little containers i was bringing.  But then it got easier and i can pack much faster now by habit and don't need to think about it as long.  also, keep at least 1 nutrition bar AND ready-to-drink shake in your work area.  I have those as stand-by's when I don't have as much time to plan ahead.

  • Jimmy- I found it easier when I had a steady and structured work schedule.  I would get hungry about they same times everyday.  It might be more difficult if you have a lot of meetings and such, but its good to keep those things on hand, just in case.

    I had a really good UBWO.  I hadnt lifted in two weeks and was definitly feeling my muscles after that one!  But it was a good kind of sore.  I did okay with the family visitations at Christmas.  I tried to keep those as my free days so I didnt feel deprived.  Now trying to get back to a good schedule.

    Hope you had good luck also!

  • Last week started off really good and then it went sour on Friday. My legs were so sore, I could barely move.  I did not go to the gym Friday, Sat. or Sun. due to my soreness. Had a great LBWO and great aerobics workout so far this week, a little sore, but no more missing workouts. Overall My eating has been good. A couple of very small mishaps, but no gorging or anything to that affect. I ate well Friday and did not eat too bad during my free day (other than one small slice of pound cake). I'm just trying to stay on track and keep up with the progress. I feel great and love going to the gym. I am worried about adjusting when I go back to work next week.

  • Yeah, I kind of went sour all weekend on the eating front.  Okay, its time to re-group.  We can do this.

    How did you first day at work go?

    I start class tomorrow, and I had a hard time with it in my first challenge.  Hoping to overcome it this time, though.

    If your muscles are sore (lactic acid build up), the best thing is to use those muscles again (to help remove the lactic acid).  Even if you just go for a short run, if you legs hurt, its better to use them than to sit around.

    Note* I'm a certified fitness instructor and nutrition grad student, so I feel somewhat qualified to give advice.  You can decide what to do with it.

    Getting ready to do some serious cardio.  Have a good day!

  • 1st day at work was good. Getting up early to workout seems to be the hardest part right now.

    Went to a restaurant last night with family for my father in-law's birthday and I stayed on track. I ordered grilled chicken with tomato and basil salsa, a plain baked potato, and side salad with fat free dressing. Drank water and avoided all bread. Only ate half, because thats what equaled the portions. It was really good and I felt like I won a serious battle when I left there.

    Workouts are good and I am starting to push myself to failure. I stepped on the scale the other day (out of curiosity) and I have lost 5 lbs. YESSS!. Granted, it was a different scale than the one I weighed on for my "before" weight, but it felt good anyways.

    Thanks for the advice, nice to know that you have those kind of credentials for future reference.

    I am still mad about the way I look and feel more motivated everytime I go to the gym. I cant wait to actually start seeing the results in the mirror.

  • You did well at the restaurant!  It sounds like it was delicious too!   I always find that eating out is the hardest part...mainly because I LOVE bread.  no joke...that serotonin rush gets me every time :)  

    Congrats on the big 5!  Thats great.  Remember that you are losing fat weight, but also gaining muscle weight.  The scale isnt always the best measurement of success.  Inches and strength are a great measure.  On the bright side, you lost more than 5 lbs in fat weight.  Yay!

    Dont be mad at yourself!  Be excited that you have made the decision to change!  Do you ever watch the biggest looser?  Its one of my guilty pleasures.  I  get inspired by the contestants who are looking to change.  Sometimes, though, I look at them and dont see a difference.  Yet they lost 20lbs in one week!  Just because you cant see it yet doesnt mean that you arent doing great and getting healthy.  What gets me through my day (especially when I look in the mirror) is to tell myself that this isnt about getting "skinny" (whatever that means), its about getting healthy.  I find that I'm  much more successful when I think about it that way.

    I have been having a great couple of days too.  My workouts are good and my eating is much improved.  That almost makes me nervous.  Whenever I find myself feeling good, I have a tendency to blow it within 2 days.  I cant explain it, but it happens that way pretty frequently.  Its almost like my brain tells me that I dont deserve to be happy and I punish myself by skipping workouts and eating a bunch of the "off limits" stuff.  I dont get it.  But I want this time to be different, thats for sure.  

    Keep up the good work!