Need some ideas...

  • so far my diet is good. I have been eating really healthy and i have been keeping track of my calories. My problem is that I am not eating enough but I feel satisfied after each meal and not too deprived and I know that if i dont eat enough that my body will go into starvation mode and stop losing weight. I need some ideas to get all my calories. Here is a typical day for me:

    Breakfast: 1 whole egg and 2 whites

    Snack: some sort of fruit and string cheese or protein shake

    Lunch: either a turkey sandwich no mayo or grilled chicken salad

    Snack: protein shake

    Dinner: a meat of some sort and 2 veggies and whole grain rice

    What do you think?

  • I forgot to tell you all comes out to around 800-900 calories a day and according to my weight and activity level I should be eating 1900 a day. Also what is the recomended daily intake of protein, fat and carbs per day for this program?

  • Hi, one of the ways this program is different from others is that you don't count calories. You are missing a carb portion from your breakfast and your entire last meal.

    You should have 6 meals per day, each meal consists of a protein the size of your palm and a carb the size of your closed fist. You should also add a handful of vegetable to at least 2 meals. You can find the list of authorized and unauthorized protein, carb, and veg here:  

    Good luck!

    --- Kitty


  • Kitty's right. You need to add carbs, don't be afraid, they're good for you! Have some steele rolled oats with your egg scramble, or roll it into a whole wheat pita and add some salsa! YUMMY! :)

    You're missing a meal, you should have six!  I've been told to eat it in bed if I have to. Just have some cottage cheese and an apple. This is so that your body will have the fuel to build muscle. :)


  • kelliking,

    Everyone has given you great advice. I know it does sound weird at first before bfl I ate two meals a day lunch and dinner mind you they were buffet style meals but when I started bfl. I thought I was eating too much. You have been thought your entire life that too loose weight you have to eat like a bird. Well not so with bfl that is why you can do it for life. Also does are diet and we all know how well diets work, they don’t because when you use the word diet psychologically you are thinking for a short time. I will go on a diet to fit in this dress. I will go on a diet cause I am going on vacation. Now "Body for Life" is just that a lifestyle change. Now the road will be bumping, you will have highs and lows but your mind will change and your body will surely follow.

    Do not be afraid to eat. You are working it all out in the gym your body needs it. This is not a sedentary way of life. It is an active life style.

  • Add 1-2 egg whites to 1st meal. You are shooting for at least 20gr protein. You need to add a carb. Berries, dry toast, yogurt, oatmeal

    string cheese is not listed on the original list of authorized foods. Does that protein shake have carbs? If not, yes add the fruit

    lunch is good

    Does that protein shake have carbs in it? If not, Add

    Dinner looks good

    You need 1 more meal - Cottage cheese and an apple is a great last meal

    You must remember that you are fueling your body for this training method. If you do not properly fuel you will defeat your efforts and the muscle will not built and grow. That muscle growth is what changes the definition of your body.

    Get the 6 meals in. Use the palm/fist method. Protein & CARB at every meal. Add veggies to 2 meals. Water, water, water. Plan, plan, plan.

    I used to eat 2 meals a day and 6-10 sodas a day. It was an adjustment, but I eat the whole 6 meals now. I lost 25 pounds on my first challenge. You can do this!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)