starting again 03jan11-goal to lose 50lbs of fat in 12 weeks-no freedays

  • Hi

    I will be starting again after xmas on 03jan11, I know people will try and convince me to start now but im not ready mentally to do what im planning to do, im 295lbs and 40% bodyfat, I am nearly a member of the 300lb club and at only 6ft tall thats very very unhealthy, I have known about Bodyforlife for years ,I know exactly what to do, I just need to do it,I believe I can lose 50lbs of fat in 12 weeks because im starting at quite a heavy weight and my calories will be quite low for my size at 2000, basically what im going to do is eat and exercise as bodyforlife outlines ,however I wont be doing my workouts on an empty stomach due to my work shift pattern and besides I dont think its offers much benefit anyway, i am also considering paying a photographer in advance for my after photos and let him/her keep the money even if i dont show


    here is an outline of my plan

    m1-9.30 myoplex 

    m2-12.30 chicken,brown rice,veg

    m3-3.30-lf cottage cheese,lf yogurt

    6.00 workout

    m4-7.00 myoplex

    m5-9.00 baked potato,lean steak or salmon,veg

    m6-11.30 myoplex

    wish me luck ,I appreciate your support



  • good luck man

  • thanks charlie

  • By the way the reason I have decided not to take freedays is because I want this weight off and I want it off fast, sure I could take a freeday and I probably would lose 20-30lbs but I would still be fat, 12 weeks is a very short amount of time and if I can just focus on staying clean and working hard ,I know the weight will just fall off me, I just know it

  • 6packmission... I agree start when you are really ready yet one thing I would say though is follow plan. Let yourself one day a week fullfill some sort of craving in ONE MEAL vs ONE DAY . The reason I suggest this is if you go too hardcore out of the gate you may be setting yourself up for failure. You may feel deprived and like you are "on a diet" and life will be so mundane.

    This is only my opinion from past experience. I know you can succeed like many others have. Just don't be too hard on yourself or too restrictive. It does not work. If you were prepping for a competition that would be one thing but really I think you are "prepping for life" and life is not NEVER having some chocolate, beer, wine or birthday cake.

    Think about it ;)

  • ok stop right there turbo. You said you are 40% bf which is 118 lbs of fat mass and 177 of lean mass. If you lose 50 lbs you will still be as you put it "fat." I;m not saying that to insult you, but to be real. I had a free day, which was really 1 free meal on sunday, and I lost 40 lbs in 12 weeks.

    The problem with the mindset of I'm not taking a free day for X amount of weeks is that when you do this, and a lot of people actually have the willpower to not eat any junk for 3 months, is when you do finally allow it, and you will, you will binge like no tomorrow. I am speaking from experience. You think your fat now, in Feb 2008, I was 50 lbs HEAVIER than you are today. My bf % was 52%, I know what I am talking about. You see if you are trying to fit into a size shirt or pant for a wedding, then go crash course yourself and do the yo-yo thing. If you want a new life and to be lean then eat well for 6 days and once a week enjoy some other foods IF your body is craving them.

    For a lot of people who are obese, it's just that 1 binge that makes them relapse going in a downward spiral and the worst part of this is not the weight gain, but the mental damage it does to one's confidence and self esteem. You will feel like you just wasted your time and that you are a failure, when in reality this is not true.

    So take my advice or not, this is what I advise people to do.

    Eat right 6 days a week and when your free day arises, IF your body wants some other foods, go eat it. Some free days you will definitely want that double bacon cheeseburger, so go have it. Other free days will arise where you have absolutely zero desire for any junk whatsoever.. This is about building your body, so listen to it.

    You do not get the body that you want by doing it as fast as possible. You get it by being smart, diligent, consistent and working hard.

    Please listen to someone who has been there before.

    Charlie Wigington

    2011 Body-for-LIFE Champion

  • What is this "even if I do not show" nonsense? There is no room for that kind of defeatist attitude in a successful challenge, so get rid of it now. Of course you will be there for your after pictures.

    Setting your start date for January 3 is fine. That gets you through the holidays and gives plenty of time for thoroughly reading the book, planning, shopping, throwing out junk food and so forth.

    It is commendable that  you have set specific goals, but be careful that you are not making your challenge parameters so rigid that it's impossible to maintain them. For instance instead of no free day at all, why not schedule a free meal? You can still choose to have a BFL meal instead - that's what the free day is all about - but the option is there.

    Also, will you consider the challenge a failure if you lose 30 or 40 pounds instead of 50? It troubles me a bit that you think that cutting out free day will increase your weight loss from 20-30 pounds all the way to 50.

    Best wishes. I'm looking forward to reading about a successful challenge.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Saralynn,

    You missed my point, what I meant by saying I will be paying the photographer in advance and letting him keep the money if  I dont show up is that I will be adding self imposed pressure on myself to actually be there,its giving me added to incentive to complete the challenge because i dont want to lose out on something i have already paid for,get me

  • the photographer is not the issue. please read what i wrote above. dont take a free day, put yourself at high risk and i can guarantee you wont need to worry about a photographer.

  • Actually charlie im not sure if that bf% measurement is correct as I got it from my tanita scales, ive gotten a measurement of 31% from other resources, to be sure im going to get a dexa scan done

  • i may go ahead with the freeday but i really need to either stop or really cut down on my alcohol consumption

  • Thanks for clearing that up, 6pack, that's not how your message came across to me. And yes, if you really want to burn the fat, cut out the alcohol - that's truly empty calories.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • then cut out alcohol. i did it 3 yrs ago. assuming you want to see your 6 pack like your screen name says, you are going to have to lose more like 100 lbs. point is not get in a rush. Shoot for 2 lbs a week, make this a year long goal.

  • Goals need to be SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.  The goal in this post, IMHO, is not achievable or realistic.  My bio covers how I lost the first 45 lbs. or so - simple tricks, some covered in BFL, some not, so good luck.  I suggest taking the pressure off by not focusing on the timing part of this goal, and focus instead on making a lifelong transformation - it's worth it 6-Pack.  So, just do the challenge by the book for the 12 weeks, and see what happens. 


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • No more alcohol for this kid. I looked at this as... what is more important to me? This is why writing down my goals were so very important to me. It's a hard decision but a no brainer for me. Just as Jacium stated "Goals need to be SMART"