Looking for a partner in Ponchatoula, La.

  • I am starting BFL on Monday 12/13/10.  Why wait till New Years?  I would love to have a workout partner through this transformation.  I did BFL 10 years ago and was in the best shape of my life at 35.  I am 45 and in the worst shape of my life.  I have 25 to 30 lbs to loose and I'm not sure how much body fat, but it's a lot!  If anyone is in my area and wants a workout  partner please contact me s.kraemer45@gmail.  I am motivated and have read the bood a couple of times.  Have my journal and now this website.  All the tools are in place and the knowledge is there!  I'm ready for success!  Are you?


  • I just loaded my Before pic.  How embarrasing!  I'll be glad I did in 12 weeks though!  I'm in!!!

  • this is not a joke, but are you talking about a workout partner?

  • Hi I'm Lu,

    I'm 36 and female.

    I'm in Las Vegas also looking for a workout partner.  I'm about to commence week 3 of body for life and doing well.  I'm looking for either someone to train with or to train me.  I'm a member of the LVAC.

    Anyone willing out there?

  • Yes!  A Body-for-Life workout partner.  Why?

  • cause you never specifically said workout partner.

  • Pet lover, I think it's implicit that you mean a workout/BFL partner, but if you would like the title of your post to be more specific, click on the little green pencil icon under the first post and you can edit your title.

    Also you might want to edit out your phone number and have people send you a personal message (PM) if they would like to call.

    Best wishes,


    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • i doubt she has anything to worry about in regards to phone number.

  • Thanks Sara!  I forgot about the "Charlie's" in the world.  Maybe he should try eharmony instead of BFL website!   Sorry Charlie!

  • Thanks Charlie.  Get a life!

  • what? I think yo owe me an apology. My point was simply to be clear on what you are talking about. I am awaiting your apology.

  • Like I said, "Sorry Charlie!"

  • wanna play like a child, fine, here we go.

    1. You insinuated that the "Charlie's" of the world in a demeaning manner and insulted my name.

    2. Then you comment that I need seek out eharmony

    3. You then tell me to get a life

    4. You completely blow off the fact that you do owe me an apology.

    All you had to do state your apology, yet you chose the child route. I didn't think head injuries prohibited one from apologizing.

  • Look Charlie, you started this silly conversation and insulted me and said I had nothing to worry about in regards to my #.  Go back and read your words!  

    Now I'm on here for support from other BFL participants, not people like you!  So let it go and move on!  Go work out or something!

  • what? That was not an insult at all. I clearly meant that by having your phone number on a site like BFL, where everyone is here to  lose fat, build muscle and be better, that you would have nothing to worry about in regards of people calling you up out of the blue and harassing you. We are all here to be the best we can be and I in no way, shape or form was insulting you about your phone number.

    So you are on here to get support from people unlike me? Oh? Considering when it comes to success I am a walking poster board for BFL. I shed my body fat % from 52% to 16% in 18 months. From 335 lbs to 208. I also train people who want to do it as well. So if you want to write me off as " one of those people" then go ahead, but if you actually want some insight on any issue, then I can actually help.